Full Invasion 2 is a co-op module for Mount & Blade: Warband where you and your friends battle countless waves of invaders and bosses with the goal to survive as long as possible. Build defenses, dig in, and team up; it’s going to be a long fight.

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I am one of those guys who just happen to have followed along this franchise for quite some time now
I started with a group of friends one or two years ago who were just looking randomly for some multiplayer mod that we could skrew around with for a day or two, but ended up finding Full Invasion 1 to which we spent hours and even full days endlessly trying to get to level 50 and win the map for each attack faction : P

Then came our briliant sequel Extra Invasion, this mod really took the cake for me and my boys, With the addition of legendary weapons such as the axe and the sniper rifle, we had a blast with all of the attacker and defender factions, the random boxes became something that you wanted to use and, TBH, the Cades were not so much of an issue untill around 30 as Legendary weapons were uncommon but not rare, which made the gameplay very fun and quickpased as a group of 10 would stand infront of 100 bots and mow them down one by one, twenty by twenty, the diversity of that mod was something special, which is the reason why it held the #1 Warband mod for almost all of its existance; However, the use of content from other mods and games was something that i personally did not trully aprove of, but i would never hate the game itself. There was a few issues with otimization where the starting screen would use 3GB or 4GB of processing, which wouldnt be a problem if that wasnt more then the actual size of the game, and more then when the game was playing :/

Now i come to the latest and as of yet most impressive work,
Full Invasion II
This mod offers a wide veriety of maps and factions, allowing you to experience a new faction and almost certainly a new map every time, coupled with a extensive around the clock working mod team like these who at this time have pumped out three or four massive updates containing multiple factions and maps and other key fixes and optimizations. Overall this mod is in key to become Incredible, while not Perfect yet, Its always a 10

Very fun mod to play, regardless if you are good or not. Nice factions, and a lot of maps, and some hilarious ones too (ponies comes to mind). Will recommend to anyone looking for a multiplayer mod.

THE best mod on Mount and Blade: Warband!

One of the best mods I've ever played. Great work!

This mod is absolutely amazing


CapiOfMalta says

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I love this mod, really (EPIC!!) ^^

Easily one of the most fun mods I have ever played! Check it out forsure!

the mod is the best Dev too thx to him and my brother now i can run it at all u rocks !!

Alex and his team made a great work turning already awesome Full Invasion into a one of the best mods ever.

Well this is by far the most awesome multiplayer Humans vs. Bots experience I have ever played. There is so much choice you would never have seen all in all. But I still wish to see MTW2 Medium and Weak Infantry style armours and maybe some more Persian clothing which isn't arabian-sarranid style (eg. 300 like Persians with these large shields and headclothes)

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