Update March 2005 Version 1.2 In light of having learned a lot since I made this map, I have decided to carry out a major update to clean up some of the code. I have converted it to 'Mod' status and put in the menu interface so that it is no longer necessary to manually swap the pj.py files to select Player. The magic pools in the East Courtyard work much better now. The throwing projectiles can now be carried and used from the Inventory. The previously acessible shortcuts have been shut off. 8¬) There are no longer double the number of crows in the savegame. Restructured the music. Arrow power is dependent on Player Level (and NPC) and Fire Arrows can be used more freely as they cast no shadows. Bows can be dropped, but you can only carry one of any type. Arrow damage is set according to bow type. Player-type enemies have had their behaviour modified. Fixed bug that prevents picking up full quivers if you have three types in inventory. You can throw Dal's Sword. No longer...

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Too good... Prospero's work at it's finest.


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