FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Vehicle Menu Stats/Description (Revised #2)
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Very Cool, something told me the ratings were wrong in the stock game.

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Vetron Author

The stats stored within the vehicle info is now the 10-point based system that previous versions of FUEL: REFUELED use. I basically had to benchmark every vehicle.

Tests were done on the salt flats in The White Flats Zone. Top speed was conducted by seeing the top speed reachable and acceleration is the 0-100 km/h time.

Braking and handling are not easy to benchmark and thus left at stock. Reliability may get a re-work in future as I delve into reworking the durability of all vehicles.

All values recorded were translated into a 1-10 based system. However the way I've entered such information allows for the vaules to be then translated and shown on the stock 6-point sytem used by the default menu themes.

I have a few ideas on how to present performance information differently in some new themes, but that will come later.

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Cool, I'm looking forward to your progress.

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This menu theme is no longer a concept and actually fully implemented. It took nearly 300 lines of additional code to improve the looks of that bottom description bar - but I believe it was worth it.

Other changes include shifting the entire bottom bar downwards slightly and displaying the revised (corrected :P) vehicle stats. You'll notice that some vehicles will be displaying different performances to what they were before; some faster and some slower, however no actual vehicle parameters have been changed. This was just about displaying the correct stats in UI - as the ones from the stock game (nothing to do with my mod) were wrong in many cases.

The rating (performance rating) at the bottom goes from F to X (FEDCBASX), with a slow vehicle like the Psychotic Fox getting an F rating, a fast vehicle like the Sidewinder getting S rating and the Damocles getting an X rating (it has a rating of its own). These were calculated and given based on the performances of vehicles speed and acceleration. The point of this is for fair gameplay - so online everyone could select an F rating vehicle and therefor be similar performance.

In addition once I get my Career Race Editor finished, you will be able to set the AI to only use vehicles from a specific performance rating. Thats when this will come into more use with single-player races.

Right now I just have the tedious task of writing out the text for each of the 75 vehicles for each of the 5 supported languages :P

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