FL is just a stupid troll mod. It was made just to mess up the whole half-life. Don't have fun playing it.

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This is funny


Просто высер малолетнего долбоёба.

This is the ultimate so bad it's good mod. In the future, they should invent a pistol that fires like the one here. :D!!!

It needs alot more content in it. I'd love too see this with more screwed up models, weapons, sounds, ect.

this will be the MOTY or i am not alive the creativeness of such a developer is truly amazing at his creations this beats any oposoition with its amazing graphics and growndbreaking features such as:
- shooting
-and more

so... what are you doing whatcing this review and go download it now
its your duty


Game Of The Year!


DoctorAmazing says

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Boom 2 : Mission mcpoker

Don't waste your time

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