The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Freestyle is a snowboarding modification half-life 2.

Customizable players:
Since everyone has their own uniqueness, players will be able to choose from
a selection of characters, and each player will have customizable goggles,
shirts, gloves, pants, boots, even the snowboard they ride. So you will be
styling down the mountain.

Gameplay Modes:

Freeride- Players will be able to cruise the levels either solo or with others
finding tricks and shortcuts. This gameplay mode also supports the
ablity to compete for points.

Race- Players will spawn at the top of the mountain and make their way to the
finish. Points will be distributed based on the ranking you recieve when
you complete the race.

Tricky-Players will run in groups of three down a circuit.There is no right or
wrong way to go, it all depends on the style of the player. Players
scores will be based on the amount of points picked up during their run.

Half-Pipe- Players will all ride together in a huge half-Pipe. The goal of this
mode is to accumulate the most trick/combo points to take first place.

Big Air- Each player will go down a slope alone and attempt to pull off as many
tricks/combos as possible. Player rankings are based on the ammount of
trick/combo points accumulated.

Rivalry- Players will be able to challenge other players to races around the
mountain. Points are accumulated on the amount of wins the player gets
during his/her challenges. Players will recieve one additional point
per player challenged that they beat.

General Gameplay:

Gameplay will consist of playing from 3rd person and for those of you who
would like to play in 1st person we will be sure to include a 1st person

Players will be able to setup their characters and customize them to fit
their style.

In Freeride when you get down to the bottom of the hill you can hang out
and wait for the other racers or you can just jump on the skylift and
ride your way back to the top of the mountain and find another path back
down to the bottom!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via AIM (Limpbizkit13431) or email

We are currently looking for Team members in all spots listed below:

Character Animation
Sound Designer
Concept Artist
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Ok guys we finally got a coder, and another mapper, i would like everyone to welcome them to the team :) and come by and check out our forums oh and btw if you guys are applying for a position please send emails to , old email was stolen from me,

Updates galore will be coming shortly check out our forums and join them! we are always looking for info and suggestions from the community

Site Finally Up!

News 1 comment

Well the site for freestyle mod is finally open. You can acess it here Without the dot anyways ya we finally got the site up. We hope you like it and...

Website update.

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Sorry I am taking forever to get our main website up but it isn't just me.I have the main website done I am working on getting our host 100% up.Reason...

Huge News Update!

News 2 comments

This is the Final Post here all other news will be posted on our website from here on out! Ok so first things first, Thanks to Trauma our Web designer...

SKI LIFTS! yes i said SKI LIFTS!


In Freeride when you get down to the bottom of the hill you can hang out and wait for the other racers or you can just jump on the skylift and ride your...

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It sounds really cool, i hope its not dead. Because if it isn't i can help you out with some maps and stuff!?!

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The mod was ok but aim didnt show much support. He kept coming on and off about the mod and it ****** us off. So we all left and tryed to get our own going but that failed since we didnt have a coder. But I think I will try and learn some coding so I can get some **** done. But I doubt I will learn it anytime soon but I want to sometime.

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It sounded cool

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I dont know how u can say we slacked off? I worked my *** off making snowboards and crap, and trauma made the site and forums and kept it running and Tang made sounds. You are the one who was never on AIM and couldnt be contacted and YOU are the one who sat around and made someting like once a month and then came up with a new mod idea like 5 times. But whatever, we have moved on and our mod is going good. Good luck to you.

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Lets see why we pulled the plug first you thought about changing the mod. Then you wanted to switch back you couldnt make up your own damn mind. After awhil we did do good for like a month or so then you decided to not talk. So then I discussed with everyone if we should just up and leave. So thats what we did. END OF STORY

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Aimbotist Creator

makes me sad that this is dead now, some reason the team decided to pull the plug and everyone stopped talking to me? i dunno what to tell you guys, my appologies i thought this mod would come out on top, stay tuned for more into on a different kind of mod, I will probably just link to a new one and hopefully have a better team that wants to complete stuff and not slack off, my applogies again

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Aimbotist Creator

thanks for the questions, I can make a FAQ now :)

Ok well we are probably going to shoot for 5 we will probably end up only doing about 2-3 though , they will be completely customizable as stated in the profile though, so it wont be boring. and yes each mountain will be a map, so its kinda like the way how counter-strike will work for the time being where you play on a map for so long then it switches we will have point sets and such that will switch out so the leader doesnt get to far ahead and the game becomes dumb. We are also going to probably include a /stuck but we are shooting for the ssx3 sort of thing where if you verve to far off the track into restricted areas it will respawn you back on the track, and if you get stuck behind something it will move you or there will be a button to press to reset you. I hope this answers your questions.

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First big release will most likely be only 5 characters. Im not sure but I think thats what where going for.

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So did I get this right?

Each mountain (If your going to have many) is a different map. There are ski-lifts to take you up after your down.
When the map changes, same starts over.

Anyways, I'd like a /stuck command that "teleports" you down. It would be frustrating to reconnect everytime you get stuck. And, how many "basic" characters is there going to be? I mean the characters you can customize.

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