Freelancer: Mostly Harmless

An 'Elite' mod for Freelancer by Matthew Guy (aka Stormprooter)


Version 0.2c

The objective of this mod is to get the original 'Elite' universe into the Freelancer game engine.
A copy of FLServer with the correct version number has been included so you can run your own multiplayer games.

This release includes some graphics enhancements in the form of higher-definition textures
How to Install

You'll need a clean install of Freelancer.
Add the mod folder to FLMM's mods directory and use FLMM to apply, or do it the old-fashoined way with a clean install of freelancer, remember to backup then delete your saved games and merge the folders contents.

What's Missing?

1. Mining - There are no mineable asteroid fields in this version of the mod - there will be in the next version
2. Jump Drive / Mass locking preventing passage to stations - There is no such thing as a 'jump' drive in the vanilla version of Freelancer, fast passage around systems is achieved with tradelanes. That said, I have not implemented any tradelane attacks (where the tradelane is disrupted by pirates). I am also aware there is a plug-in available by Adoxa which can to some degree simulate the Jump Drive from the original 'Elite' - I will look into this for the next or future versions, the next version will definitely have tradelane attacks at the very least.
3. Hyperspace mis-jumps - this is where you end up in Witchspace surrounded by nasty Thargoids, this experience has been shaped to suit the vanilla game engine, you can get to Witchspace via Jump Holes hidden in Nebulae - it's up to you to find them - where there is a nebula, there is a jump-hole to witchspace. Again, I am aware that there is a plug-in available to do hyperspace mis-jumps, I will look at this for future versions.
4. Rotating Stations - Not having done any 3D modelling for nearly 20 years, this is something I will be definitely getting done for the next version. The station models provided by Gibbon and Griff are great, but in Freelancer you can't have them rotating because the game engine will not be able to dock the ship as it cannot natively support rotating the ship. I intend to get around this by splitting the stations up into a central static cylinder containing the docking bay, with the rest of the station rotating around it - just need to spend some time getting it done. Also, I would like to have 'The Blue Danube' music playing around station zones.
5. Bounties for pirate kills - although you will get paid for killing pirates on missions, there are no bounties awarded for killing pirates in general encounters. There is possibly a way to implement this for future versions.
6. No 'Elite' rating / ranks - just haven't found a way to show this in the player information screen as yet.

So what is in the mod?

Every planet and station from galaxy 1 in the original game is in this mod. I thought about implementing it as one planet - one star system, but that would have made individual systems a little too similar, instead I vae taken the 256x256 grid from the original game and shoe-horned it into a 16x16 grid, this means you get star systems with between 1 and 5 planets (and stations), and means the universe map is reasonably similar (if somewhat simpler) to the original game, i.e. systems in the top-right of the original game, will be in the top-right of the universe in this mod, and the relative positions between systems will be more or less the same, with a few exceptions.
The planet names, funny descriptions, tech levels, government types and Green Slimy Lizards inhabitants are all here. Market prices will be of a similar stamp to theoriginal game as well, though in this mod everything is multiplied by 10 as there are no fractional credits in Freelancer - so where a tonne of food may be 5.5cr in Elite, in this mod it would be 55cr - this multiplier applies to equipment and ships as well.

Commodities for Trade

The following commodities are available for trade:

Commodity Unit
--------- ----
Food 1t
Textiles 1t
Radioactives 1t
Slaves* 1t
Liquor/Wines 1t
Luxuries 1t
Narcotics* 1t
Computers 1t
Machinery 1t
Alloys 1t
Firearms* 1t
Furs 1t
Minerals 1t
Gold 100Kg
Platinum 100Kg
Gem-Stones 100Kg
Alien Items^ 1t

* - illegal items, if scanned by the Police you will be ordered to drop the cargo or face the wrath of the space rozzers!
^ - never available to buy anywhere, can only picked up as loot (usually from destroying Thargoids)

Ships for Sale

Different bases sell different ships, this was randomized when the mod files were created so even I don't know where they all are.

Ship Class
---- -----
Adder Light Fighter
Anaconda Large Freighter
Asp Mk II Heavy Fighter
Boa Mk I Freighter
Boa Mk II Cruiser Freighter
Cobra Mk I Medium Fighter
Cobra Mk III Very Heavy Fighter
Constrictor Medium Fighter
Fer de Lance Heavy Fighter
Gecko Small Fighter
Krait Very Heavy Fighter
Mamba Medium Fighter
Moray Starboat Heavy Fighter
Moray Medical Ship Heavy Fighter
Python Freighter
Orbital Shuttle Light Transport
Sidewinder Small Fighter
Transporter Transport
Viper Medium Fighter
Viper Interceptor Heavy Fighter
Worm Light Transport

Thargoid Warships and Thargons are not available to buy in this version - I may add them to future versions, as well as more ships from Frontier: Elite II (like the Eagle Mk II).

Equipment for Sale

1919A4 Pulse Laser
M1928A2 Beam Laser
LF90 Military Laser
HM3 Missile Launcher
HMX5 Missile Launcher
Energy Bomb Launcher
ARM64 Mining Laser
Quirium Cascade Mine Launcher
Light Transport Turret
Fighter Turret
Freighter Turret
Large Freighter Turret

Defensive Equipment
Standard ECM
Naval ECM
Light Transport Shield Mk I
Light Transport Shield Mk II
Light Transport Sheild Mk III
Light Fighter Shield Mk I
Light Fighter Shield Mk II
Light Fighter Shield Mk III
Small Fighter Shield Mk I
Small Fighter Shield Mk II
Small Fighter Shield Mk III
Medium Fighter Shield Mk I
Medium Fighter Shield Mk II
Medium Fighter Shield Mk III
Heavy Fighter Shield Mk I
Heavy Fighter Shield Mk II
Heavy Fighter Shield Mk III
Very Heavy Fighter Shield Mk I
Very Heavy Fighter Shield Mk II
Very Heavy Fighter Shield Mk III
Freighter Shield Mk I
Freighter Shield Mk II
Freighter Shield Mk III
Large Freighter Shield Mk I
Large Freighter Shield Mk II
Large Freigher Shield Mk III
Shield Battery

Engines / Propulsion
Light Transport Engine
Adv Light Transport Engine
Light Fighter Engine
Adv Light Fighter Engine
Small Fighter Engine
Adv Small Fighter Engine
Medium Fighter Engine
Adv Medium Fighter Engine
Naval Medium Fighter Engine
Heavy Fighter Engine
Adv Heavy Fighter Engine
Naval Heavy Fighter Engine
Very Heavy Fighter Engine
Adv Very Heavy Fighter Engine
Naval Very Heavy Fighter Engine
Freighter Engine
Advanced Freighter Engine
Standard Thruster
Adv Thruster
Jackrabbit Thruster
Adv Jackrabbit Thruster
Naval Thruster
Adv Naval Thruster

Power/Energy Units
Light Fighter Power Unit
Adv Light Fighter Power Unit
Naval Light Fighter Power Unit
Small Fighter Power Unit
Adv Small Fighter Power Unit
Naval Small Fighter Power Unit
Light Transport Power Unit
Adv Light Transport Power Unit
Medium Fighter Power Unit
Adv Medium Fighter Power Unit
Naval Medium Fighter Power Unit
Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Adv Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Naval Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Very Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Adv Very Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Naval Very Heavy Fighter Power Unit
Freighter Power Unit
Adv Frieghter Power Unit
Heavy Freighter Power Unit
Adv Heavy Freighter Power Unit

Navigation / Tractor
Scanner Mk I
Scanner Mk II
Scanner Mk III
Scanner Mk IV
Tractor Beam Mk I
Tractor Beam Mk II
Tractor Beam Mk III
Tractor Beam Mk IV

Whatever class of ship you have, there is plenty of scope for upgrade and customization. This will be expanded further in future versions. As in the original game, the base Tech Level will determine what equipment is available for purchase.


Ok so you've traded your way up to a decent level of cash, you've upgraded your ship with a decent power unit and shields, and perhaps even a beam laser, you are now in a position to take on some bounty missions to earn a bit more cash a bit quicker. Missions are available from all bases, and have differing difficulty based on the system you are in, but to be honest, none are too easy.

Where do I start?

You start at Lave Station of course, but not with a Cobra Mk III (which is quite a powerful ship in this mod), you begin with a basic Adder fitted with a pulse laser and 5000 cr. Go make your fortune!

The game is meant to get more difficult, the further away from Lave you travel.

Hope you enjoy the mod!

Please send any bugs or feedback via the facebook page : Facebook.com

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1 comment by Stormprooter on Jun 1st, 2015

First order of business is the weapons overhaul, which I may have mentioned before. The 'Beam' weapoins systems do not really 'fit' properly into the Freelancer game engine, so these will be replaced with laser cannons - energy projectiles (like the vanilla game). I am also hoping to add a few more choices for weapons, including ballistic weapons (multi-cannons, auto cannons and big cannons) which will require ammunition, which in turn will take up cargo space. Also more powerful energy weapons (plasma accellerator) which will deal big damage, but will be slow moving and use large amounts of energy to fire, possibly will add a form of plasma weapon which can home in on slow moving targets - but I will need to test this thouroughly to make sure it's not totally OP and not totally useless either. I also intend to introduce more variety on missiles; In addition to the current homing missiles, which are really torpedoes (will stay as they are - perhaps a few tweaks), I intend to add a smaller class of 'dumbfire' missiles, large magazine size, rapid fire, short-ish range and low-ish damage, intended to be more effective against hull than shields. Also expect ship hardpoints to be increased, for example, the Cobra Mk III will now get 4 gun/missile hard points (in addition to the missile launcher and energy bomb torpedo launcher), I want loads more pew-pew! I am getting rid of the quirium cascade mine (it's just too OP) and replacing this with a selection of smaller mines more suitable to the game engine.

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Freelancer: Mostly Harmless Open SP 0.2b & MP

Freelancer: Mostly Harmless Open SP 0.2b & MP

Dec 12, 2013 Full Version 0 comments

Updates 1. HD Textures. 2. Comms chatter and human names have been removed from the Thargoids 3. Witchspace systems now have unique names - to help identify...

Freelancer: Mostly Harmless Open SP 0.2a & MP

Freelancer: Mostly Harmless Open SP 0.2a & MP

Dec 5, 2013 Full Version 1 comment

Not compatible with saved games from version 0.1 (sorry) An 'Elite' TCM mod for Freelancer. This is an open single player mod with FLServer included so...

Post comment Comments  (0 - 10 of 27)
pucko1994 Jun 19 2015, 1:26am says:

IS this dead ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bartolomeu Jul 1 2015, 9:15am replied:

Check the latest videos.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Miggy4000 Sep 18 2014, 3:33am says:

This is a mod I am really looking forward to :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
abmmhasan Jan 30 2014, 1:10am says:

A Google+ community for Freelancer fans is available.

+1 vote     reply to comment
darkdaz Dec 30 2013, 9:10am says:

just to let everyone know the mirror gamefront is the only one that is downloadable,
the others EG MODdb are saying either file deleted or not found...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Nov 13 2013, 6:49pm says:

I have downloaded and installed your Mod every which way I can and it will not run,clean install of Freelancer,Mod manager 1.3,then i tried without FLMM and just copied the files after extracting them into the Freelancer directory, no go!The Mod starts O.K. and the Main Screen sits there for a few seconds and then the game just stops working and crashes to the desktop saying "freelancer has encountered a problem and has to close".By the way Freelancer itself runs perfectly,its only when the Mod is added that it crashes. I hope you can sort this bug out as I'm dying to shoot some Thargons!.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Stormprooter Creator
Stormprooter Nov 21 2013, 10:51am replied:

Please try the newer version released on Nov 14. There were some pesky left over flmmbak files in the previous release which would have interfered with the mod application. A few others had the same issue, the newer version resolved the problems.

+2 votes   reply to comment
LordSpadge Sep 29 2013, 8:28am says:

I can't get the mod to work. I have tried uninstalling the reinstalling freelancer, unistalling the mod, resoring backups and clearing the mod cashe. Any suggestions?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Guest Nov 6 2013, 9:24pm replied:

Install Freelancer and launch Freelancer without any mods active.

That done, close it down and fire up Freelancer Mod Manager, applying the Mostly Harmless Mod. Now go to the Save game folder (Normally under "My documents\My Games"and clear out the Single player folder of everything in there.

Once that's done it'll stop the crashing after the splash screen issue with Mostly Harmless.

The core issue is that for some reason FLMM doesn't always clean out the savegame folder and if Freelancer has information in any of the save files (including restart.fl) it doesn't recognise - remember that Mods change what it recognises - then it will crash to desktop upon reading them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
paravantis Aug 21 2013, 3:47am says:

What a great idea! Taking a fantastic game like Freelancer and adding to it an Elite flavor! I have the game running great on Windows 7 64 bit on a Toshiba Ultrabook with Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics (as powerful as an older graphics card, to my amazement) and I am downloading the mod as I type these comments. Thank you very mush Sir and kindly keep up the great work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
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