Four Empires is a total conversion modification for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne that turns the four vanilla races into different ones. The Universe in which the mod takes places is one of my own imagining and has nothing to do with the Warcraft universe.
The mod currently doesn't have any AIs, so you should play with friends on LAN (I cannot tell you to try Bnet since I don't know how if it will work, or even if Blizzard allows mods on Bnet). If you do not know how to do that, you should try Hamachi. Here is a guide for Windows 7

Follow until step 11. It should be enough.


Humans are the HOLY EMPIRE

The Holy Empire formed relatively recently after the Emperor clawed his way out of the Hell to reclaim his throne after his assassination before he was crowned ruling monarch of what was only a Kingdom. No one knows how he escaped the Netherworld but after he returned to the land of the living he began conquering the neighbouring kingdoms and eventually conquered the entire central continent, creating the Holy Empire. The Emperor governs atop a throne of gold that rises like a pillar from a pit of boiling lava, damned arms reaching up the edifice trying, vainly, to pull the Emperor down back to Hell. He radiates light that is said to render people speechless with awe, and his powers can be witnessed throughout the entire Empire through the Imperial Channelers that form the backbone of his civilisation.

Orcs are the DOOM MARCH

Demons have always been able of travel to the land of the living, but always with heavy mystical restrictions that make the task extremely difficult. With the escape of the Emperor, however, the natural wards that protected the world have weakened considerably. Not fond of having such a powerful soul escape from their realm, the Demons have massed into a colossal army and opened portals to the lands of the Emperor, marching to reclaim their prize like an ominous wave of chaos and destruction.

Undead are the BLACK LEGION

Off to the west of the Holy Empire lies a group of large islands that are inhabited by vampires. Decades ago, when the vampires took over and ate the last of the humans, they began to starve, and while some journeyed east to the larger continent, most stayed behind trying to master their Bloodthirst... and the answer came to them from another world. In a parallel dimension, a race of enigmatic demigods called the Eidolons were contacted by some vampires who were seeking liberation from their vampirism. The Black Cult had been formed, and eventually, as more and more vampires fell into the worship of the Eidolons, it grew into the Black Legion. Now, most vampires of the world are part of the Legion, and those that defect or resist are branded Apostates and condemned to live out their Bloodthrist until their last breath.

Night Elves are the SYLVAN GUARDIANS

With the arrival of the Doom March the fey kind that inhabit the continent reeled from the sheer corruption that the Demon brought with them, and promptly reacted by calling to them the denizens of the wild. Their army is whimsical, mystical, and deadly, summoning forth ancient powers of the world to cast back the demonic influence back into the Netherworld.

Four Empires is played pretty much like any other warcraft 3 map, but it does have a few things that have been altered.


The Champion is what I call the Hero. In this mod you only have access to 1 Champion and must pick him/her/it at the very start of the game. All Champions begin with 2 passives that level up as they themselves level up (one is personal and the other is aura), and can learn 4 other hero skills. They are stronger than the taditional wc3 heroes which makes up for the fact that you can only have 1.

Once you pick your hero, you will notice that under you hero's icon is a deactivated mana-shield icon. This is where you obtain your secondary resource, Krin.


Initially, the mod only use gold for anything, but this proved to be quite boring and over simplistic, which is why I brought back the second resource, but changed it to fit with the theme of the map. Krin is my answer to replace lumber. You use it just like lumber, but you gather it differently. Krin is obtained by converting gold to Krin at a rate of 10 gold for 10 Krin per second. You can do this by clicking on the icon under your hero at the top-left corner of your screen, which will change the icon to an activated state (currently it's mana shield), indicating that Krin is actively being generated at the cost of gold. Click on it again to deactivate the gradual resource swap. The system works, but is quite inelegant so if you have any alternate solutions for it, I'm all ears :)


Your builders all summon buildings Undead style, and can switch between General Buildings and Defense Infrastructure modes. All the defense-oriented buildings are in this second mode, like walls and towers.

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Four Empires ENB

Four Empires ENB

2 years ago Graphics Tool 0 comments

NOT REQUIRED FOR FOUR EMPIRES TO RUN. THIS IS MERELY A VISUAL ADD-ON. A graphic modification that will make Warcraft 3 more vivid and contrasted, as well...

Four Empires v0.1

Four Empires v0.1

2 years ago Full Version 0 comments

First release of Four Empires. This is technically still beta, but the mod is more or less complete. More to come in the coming weeks.

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jedwardxbox360 Oct 7 2014 says:

When I'm selecting a map none of the races show up. What's wrong?

+1 vote     reply to comment
jedwardxbox360 Oct 8 2014 replied:

Nevermind, got it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
michoisman May 12 2014 says:

and can u try to make the AI to work i really want them to build and do fights not just stand still and dont build

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spellbound Creator
Spellbound May 14 2014 replied:

AI is really difficult to make, and try as I might, I can't figure it out. Unless someone is willing to help me on this, I can't make AI work.

+1 vote   reply to comment
michoisman May 12 2014 says:

hey when i open ur mod and i want to select a race there are the same races human/orc/night elves/undead not holy empire/doom march/black legion/SYLVAN GUARDIANS and i have the latest wc3 TFT 1.26a

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spellbound Creator
Spellbound May 14 2014 replied:

Someone had a similar problem, but I don't know if they actually managed to fix it. This is what I suggested they try:

- Try 'Run as Administrator'. Sometimes a program won't run properly if it doesn't have the necessary privileges.

- Four Empires.exe can't locate War3.exe. This can happen if you didn't reinstall the game traditionally and copy-pasted it from, eg, a backup on another hard drive. Try putting Four Empires.exe in the same place as the War3.exe.

- A virus protection program is preventing Four Empires from running because it's detecting the process as opening another file (war3.exe) and may think it's a malicious software, therefore bypassing it. Try switching off your firewall/antivirus and run the mod to see if that fixes things. Create an except in your antivirus software if this happens to work.

If this still doesn't work, then as a last resort you could try reinstalling and patching wc3.

+1 vote   reply to comment
garudamin Feb 22 2014 says:

hey, i cant seem to install it, dont actually know why, it says ¨unable to locate the target to patch¨, dont know why this is, i have warcraft installed in ¨C:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III¨

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Feb 23 2014 replied:

Try placing the file in your Wc3 folder (where Frozen Throne.exe is located) and that your frozen throne is patched to 1.26a. If when you run the exe the error still pops up, try re-patching your game. Something else you can try is maybe running the mod in administrator mode. Otherwise, reinstalling Wc3 and TFT is the only thing I can think of.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Saxeltez Feb 14 2014 says:

Oh. My. God. I have to say am completely in love with your mod right here. The four races are exquisitely detailed and the gameplay mechanics are incredibly fleshed out for a beta. I absolutely love the variety between the four races and how the balance out with each other. I URGE you to keep on continuing this mod, whoever that might be. This has some extreme potential. And you could publish this mod on Hiveworkshop or wc3c for more publicity because it seems not much people seem to know this mod exists. ;/ but in all honesty, Keep up the good work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Feb 18 2014 replied:

Thank you! I'm very happy you like it, especially the detail on the races because I have spent so much time making everything look good. You could say it was actually my focus when making the mod, and I tried to make the mechanics as familiar to vanilla wc3 but yet be different, especially with the resources. The Krin system is kinda iffy, but I'm not sure how else I can make it work.

As for Hiveworkshop, the mod is actually already there. Here's the thread
I also published it on wc3c but the thread didn't get any comments for a long while and I think the mods deleted it, so yeah :(

There aren't a lot of people who play Warcraft 3 anymore it seems, least of all mods like mine. I myself am actually moving over to Starcraft 2 modding where the engine just allows me to do more things, like custom UIs and a simpler way to make attachments. It has a steep learning curve, but it's so much better. You can expect a similar mod like this one in a few years if it all goes well :)

I can't promise I will finish Four Empires, but I will see if I can iron out some bugs that people have pointed out to me. AIs for the computer players are probably never going to happen because making them is just beyond me, and there doesn't seem to be anyone out there who's interested in making one. I would know, I asked lol.

Once again, thank you for that wonderful comment. It really made my day.

PS: Which race is your favourite?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Saxeltez Feb 25 2014 replied:

I think my favorite so far has to be the Sylvian Alliance. XD Either way, keep up the good work.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spellbound Creator
Spellbound Mar 22 2014 replied:

Wonder why I hadn't seen this reply earlier ^^'
The Sylvan, I think, have to be the prettiest of all of them. I was quite liberal with the attachments, and rather happy with the end results :3 So I'm glad you like this race :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
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