Fortress Forever is a Source mod inspired by the earlier versions of the Team Fortress series (Team Fortress Classic and QuakeWorld Team Fortress). Our all-volunteer team has created this mod entirely from scratch and continued to develop it for over 5 years now. It was originally released in September of 2007. Fortress Forever involves two or more teams, each with 9 available classes, competing in a variety of map-determined objectives (capture the flag, territorial control, invade and defend, etc). Each class has its own unique abilities and strengths that offer extremely varied playstyles. The gameplay ranges from fast-paced, competitive, and deep to absurd and chaotic.

  • Totally free; only requires a Steam account with Source SDK Base 2006 installed.
  • Fast paced, team- and class-based gameplay
  • Faithful to the spirit of Team Fortress Classic (TFC) and QuakeWorld Team Fortress (QWTF), meaning Fortress Forever includes offhand grenades, bunnyhopping, etc
  • 10 Classes (9 + Civilian)
  • Training level and in-game hints
  • Extensive map scripting/customization using Lua

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Class Lineup FF 2.46 Gibs FF 2.45 Preview
Blog RSS Feed Post news Report abuse Latest News: Fortress Forever 2.5.0 released on Steam!

5 comments by squeek502 on Mar 27th, 2015

Fortress Forever 2.5.0 is now available to download on Steam for free!

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Abbreviated Changelog (v2.46 to v2.5.0)


  • Added different kill icons for unbounced rails, single bounced rails, and double bounced rails
  • Added airshot detection
    • Airshots show in the console like so: player killed player with weapon (airshot)
    • Airshots are logged to file like so: "player" killed "player" with "weapon" (modifier "airshot")
      • The (modifier "") string only gets added if there actually was an airshot, otherwise the entire parenthetical is absent from the line
  • Added sparks/dust to the feet of rampsliders (cl_rampslidefx cvar for toggling the effects on/off, and cl_rampslidefx_* cvars for controlling how it looks/behaves)
  • Added team-colored trail to flags
  • Allowed bounced rails to collide with their shooter
  • Added hud_weaponselect cvar (briefly shows the weapon select menu whenever switching weapons when hud_fastswitch is enabled; defaulted to enabled)


  • Lowered the hard cap from 180% to 171%
  • Flag touch bounds have been decreased somewhat significantly: touch height is now ~65% of flag height, and touch width is now ~100% of flag width (flag touch bounds used to be larger than the flag itself in both dimensions)
  • Added a middle bhop cap - when you are over it, reduce speed by more. Currently set to 1.55 speed (620 for scout) and it has a lower pcfactor (0.3 rather than 0.65). This means downtrimping is good for one jump and reduces successive conc skim jumps without reducing the hard cap too much
  • Made HH explosive grenades (frag/mirv) work like they do in TFC (HHing a gren now simply adds 1000 speed in the direction that you're currently moving (or 950 speed straight up if you're not moving at all)
  • Capped jump pad + conc horiz and vert speed separately
  • Set jump pad horiz boost to 768 (was 1024 in 2.46)


  • Removed the single shotgun from the hwguy, medic, and pyro (see #82)
  • Removed nailgun from sniper
  • Made the sniper rifle use nails to avoid shared ammo between sniper rifle/autorifle


  • Slimmed down the number of maps included with FF
  • Improved base_shutdown.lua
    • Added built-in support for trigger-based buttons (blue_security_trigger/red_security_trigger)
    • Added built-in support for Lua-defined security shutdown length (SECURITY_LENGTH)
    • Added built-in support for turning on/off lights, brushes, trigger_ff_clips, and trigger_hurts
    • Added some helpful team-oriented trigger definitions in base_teamplay.lua
  • Added a timer on the HUD that reflects how long security is down for on all security maps
  • Reverted all IvD maps that used the time-limited-round-based system to the default IvD system (only switch teams after all caps have been captured)
  • Removed the objective icon on the flag for defenders in IvD/AvD maps (it always points to the cap point that needs to be defended instead)
  • Changed the team names in ff_dm to something more appropriate
  • Removed the map guide menu as it has never been utilized
  • Allowed the speedometer to show while spectating someone


  • Added Spanish translation by VMX and Firefox11
  • Added (incomplete) Russian localization by Gordon
  • Added Portuguese (BR) translation by Gemini Saga
  • Defaulted hud_fastswitch to 1
  • Made 0 prematch the default when using ff_restartround without a parameter (ff_setprematch is better for cases where you just want to add prematch)
  • Added hud_fastswitch and hud_weaponselect to the Fortress Options "HUD" section
  • Reverted back to the 2.4 menu background because it was pretty cool
  • Removed the map guide menu and make the Flythrough button go directly to the flythrough
  • Improved HUD font: add Latin-1 Supplement and other missing chars (adds things like custom accented chars, #, &, $, ~, etc)
  • Optimised Lua HUD network messages (send a number ID over the network rather than a string)


  • Fixed spectators not getting their kills/deaths/fortpoints reset on restart round
  • Fixed getting a frag added when using the 'spectate' console command (it used to be to compensate for the -1 frag from suiciding)
  • Fixed grenades disappearing after falling too far
  • Fixed flags getting stuck in ceilings
  • Fixed ff_training not showing map loading info when launched from the main menu
  • Fixed ff_restartround resetting twice when called with 0 prematch time
  • Fixed unicode character support in VGUI/HUD elements
  • Fixed materials/ff/ff08_sign_up_green material using the yellow texture instead of the green one
  • Fixed the glass material in ff_dm
  • Fixed conc speed being limited for too long after using a jump pad (#80)
  • Fixed Lua HUD timers' seconds getting truncated in the wrong direction when counting down
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FF 2.46 Patch Installer (2.45 to 2.46)

FF 2.46 Patch Installer (2.45 to 2.46)

May 6, 2013 Patch 0 comments

This exe file will update Fortress Forever 2.45 to 2.46

Fortress Forever 2.46 Full Installer

Fortress Forever 2.46 Full Installer

May 6, 2013 Full Version 9 comments

This exe file will fully install Fortress Forever 2.46

Fortress Forever 2.45 Full Installer

Fortress Forever 2.45 Full Installer

Dec 9, 2012 Full Version 3 comments

This exe file will fully install Fortress Forever 2.45 for client players

FF 2.45 Patch Installer (2.44 to 2.45)

FF 2.45 Patch Installer (2.44 to 2.45)

Dec 9, 2012 Patch 1 comment

This exe file will update Fortress Forever 2.44 to 2.45 for client players

Fortress Forever 2.44 Full Installer

Fortress Forever 2.44 Full Installer

Dec 16, 2011 Full Version 3 comments

This exe file will fully install Fortress Forever 2.44 for client players

FF 2.44 Patch Installer (2.43 to 2.44)

FF 2.44 Patch Installer (2.43 to 2.44)

Dec 16, 2011 Patch 1 comment

This exe file will update Fortress Forever 2.43 to 2.44 for client players

Post comment Comments  (510 - 520 of 574)
therealjarett Aug 19 2006, 2:39pm says:

Wow, I've been an active "comsumer" shall you say of the whole system of updates and tons of community works from all around the globe for a long time. This is the first time I have registered after so many mods downloaded from here and a sincere yet independent support for all communities involved in such a wonderful field that anyone can get into; video games. I got into mods, of course with the game Half-Life and thereafter experimented with mods such as Action Quake 2, The Opera for Half-Life, Unreal Forever, Superheroes Quake, Battlefield: Interstate 1982, and the list goes on and on... TFC was an oldie but goodie, I got into it when I got my first copy of Counter-Strike back in 97 or 98. Anyways, this mod looks like you guys are actually making a pretty decent replica of a great strategic game that I might even go get on Steam and download right now for the hell of it. But anyways, run-on sentences and all, don't let us down on this one guys. This mod already looks awesome just from the screenshots I can feel the gameplay already, it looks so sweet and I just hope it brings back the same type of memories we all got from the old TFC...
Except better.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Descent Aug 11 2006, 5:10am says:

I miss TFC a lot, theres not many good servers for it these days. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we really appreciate what your doing guys, no rush. :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bish777 Aug 10 2006, 12:21am says:

Qutoe Straight from their site:

"Lastly, today we finished our third coordinated playtest in three weeks. What does this all mean, you might ask? It means we're on track to have a working Fortress Forever beta version ready during the first week of August (yes, August 2006). From that point on, all FF changes will be tweaks based on playtesting, bug fixes, minor model-related updates, additional maps, etc. More news to come on that later!"

Well even though the first week is over, and knowing that the whole crew is not on a payroll, I hope no one gets all pissy at this people for it not being out just yet (least not of when i post this 8/10/06) but I am sure that a publis beta will be released from them sometime soon, and if not a release, at least an update of when to expect one.

Looking forward to the Beta guys. We all know you want it perfect so we know you wont rush it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Qwertyz Aug 3 2006, 12:30pm says:

Is Fortress Forever releasing a public beta in August 2006?

+1 vote     reply to comment
the_refridginator Jul 29 2006, 11:36am says:

i dont have much to say about the controversy between the two games...

but i can safely say that right now im in favor of FF. you guys definitely have my attention over TF2, seeing as how i havent seen an ingame trailor for TF2, nor have i even heard about the gameplay. all i have seen is one or two screens, and the official trailor that only shows brief spotlights of each individual character. even tho i think both games will be fun in the same respect, TF2 just doesnt have an atmosphere im willing to settle with.

i really hope you guys continue with this project, since im seeing that a majority of TF fans having negative thoughts about the sequel. plus, im one of the guys who will have both TF2 and FF, but im really only buying the ep. 2 pack for ep. 2 and portal. However, i will always give TF2 a try, being open to new things. and most likely, when the time comes, i will post a review on both games here or your official website's boards. but dont be prepared for a greatly written one by any means lol, its just to let fans know about what one player thinks about both games seperately and in comparison.

so, i hope you guys dont halt this mod, because you still have support from me, and others that you can see that commented before me, and we have our reasons which you guys happen to put us in favor of. good luck with this and hope everything goes well with the development and with all the releases. you guys surely would make alot of TF fans happy and satisfied.

+1 vote     reply to comment
smfk Jul 20 2006, 5:51pm says:

I'm glade this mod was started. After seeing the cartoony direction TF2 is going I'm glad to see their will be a game much closer to a true sequel in developement.

+1 vote     reply to comment
F0RG0773N Jul 20 2006, 11:12am says:

I probably get both TF2 and FF, then play FF for that classic feel.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DeadlyContagion Jul 20 2006, 1:14am says:

I think the cartoony look of TF2 is great, I mean, how many realistic tactical modern shooters do you REALLY need? Anyway, FF looks great too, I'll give em both a try, and maybe even play both, depending on how each one plays.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Bish777 Jul 18 2006, 11:56am says:

"i think the announcement of TF2 has done nothing but make FF even more popular, as long as FF releases before TF2. " By thursdizzle

I agree, I have not seen so many posts on this mod since i discovered modDB. I am glad to see so many people still paying attention to it and i am very excited to the fact that beta will be coming out next month. thanks for the update guys.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Undying_Zombie Jul 18 2006, 11:20am says:

I know more about some things than you realise. I have seen more than 1 "screen shot" but I wont go into details.

Lets just say I think they are going to run it into the ground if they keep it the way it is at the moment.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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This mod makes me feel as if I was playing Team Fortress Classic!

Jun 6 2011, 4:02pm by nikorasu_san

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Instead of taking team fortress classic and improving it in a new original way without it being a copy paste of TF2... instead they decided to remake team fortress classic... exploits and all. Scout still feels weak, medic is still unusually powerful. The maps are rather underwhelming.. Bunnyhopping, all I want is a option to disable it. Any server that has disabled bunnyhopping would automatically have a tag that says "bhop off" so it wouldn't hurt anyone. Quake was designed for strafe jumping…

Dec 9 2012, 3:38pm by TheUnbeholden

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