Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon (FHSW) is an unofficial continuation of the famous Forgotten Hope (FH), a Battlefield 1942 modification. We say unofficial since FHSW is developed by FH fans, not the original FH creators. In 2007 it started as a small addon but since then it has grown to be one of the biggest mods of all time!

What makes this mod special is that it adds lots of - but not only - Secret Weapons which saw limited or no action at all during WW2 like jet fighters and super heavy tanks. Some of the maps feature "what-if" battles like a landing operation on the Japanese mainland or attacking a secret German base in the African desert.


  • Over 650 different vehicles at land, sea and air featuring lots of Secret Weapons of WW2!
  • 130 maps, from tight infantry action over pure tank and plane combat maps to full scale naval battles. Or everything at once!
  • 150 hand weapons with new reload and moving animations for all (AT) rifles, bipods for MGs and (reworked) deployable weapons like mortars and heavy machine guns
  • 12 nations: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Soviet Union and USA
  • Completely overhauled, more immersive sounds and effects
  • New techniques: switchable ammo, towable AT guns, altimeter for planes, napalm & cluster bombs, bayonets and much more
  • Heavily modified combat to enhance realism while not being overly complicated
  • Unique gameplay: Control the mysterious 1000-tonne tank "Ratte", use the Me 323 to transport tanks to the front line, fly Kamikaze missions against heavily armed Battleships or ... simply take a horse.

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FHSW Europe

Active: Every weekend at 8 pm CET


Active: Every day at 8 pm JST

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FHSW 0.552 released!

After a long wait the FHSW devs have finally released version 0.552. There was also 0.55 and 0.551 but I skipped them because they were very buggy and laggy and the devs said they would release a bugfix very soon.

I'll list all the news since the last release to give you an quick overview of what has been added:

But there are also a lot of things added which haven't been mentioned in any news yet or we didn't cover properly on moddb like the new Panzer II late variants or Japanese tankettes. Also see the pictures below for some examples.


(thanks to MinefieldJoe for the translation)

New level bombing mechanic

One huge gamplay related addition is the new bombing sight which allows proper level bombing for heavy bombers. On the minimap you can see two new icons which show the current position of your plane (reticle) in relation to the horizon (half blue/black circle).

If you go for a bombing run both indicators you have to be aligned which means your plane flies level.

Use then the bombing sight (left mouse click) to aim at your target. The center of the reticle is where the bombs will approximately hit.


Be aware that bombers with this new bomb sight can't be used as dive bomber anymore. Because of a built-in game mechanic you'll always miss the target. Practice and stay over the clouds! Then flak and fighters will have a hard time shooting you down.

How to install?

Please follow the instructions of this guide.

In short, you need:

  • Battlefield 1942 1.61b (CD) or 1.62 (Origin)
  • Forgotten Hope 0.7
  • Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6
  • Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552

Gamespy shutdown?

As you've probably heard Gamespy shut down the online support for BF1942 which means either your game locks up or it doesn't show any servers when updating the in-game server browser. But as always the community puts EA to shame and within days a solution was available, huge thanks to the creator s[sk]. I included the fix into the FHSW installer so no additional steps are required to play online. Go to here if you want some information about the changes he did.

Where to play?

As you might or might not know FHSW is a pure multiplayer mod, the game crashes if you try to play singleplayer. There are two servers but you'll only see players on them on specific times.

The European server hosts events regularly with a lot of people participating the next one is right around the corner, see you there! To avoid any timezone confusion use this timer as reference:


Alternatively there's the Japanese server which is always full at about 8pm Japanese time. Be aware that you'll get kicked with a high ping which you usually have when connecting from Europe or the America East.

FHSW 0.55 released
FHSW 0.551 released
FHSW 0.552 released

[F|H] FHSW Campaign #1 "Blood and Iron"

[F|H] FHSW Campaign #1 "Blood and Iron"

1 year ago News 3 comments

Forgotten Honor announces its first FHSW campaign, set up in cooperation with FHSW Europe. It features heavy tactical & teamplay based gameplay on...

Forgotten Hope Sea Weapons

Forgotten Hope Sea Weapons

2 years ago News 20 comments

A lot of new naval vessels for the US and Japanese. No.101/103-class landing ship + LST + Mogami (1943) + Musashi + Super Yamato.

New Japanese AT weapons

New Japanese AT weapons

2 years ago News 7 comments

Because it increases loading times a lot there hasn't been a new handweapon for FHSW in a long time. Now the FHSW devs have found a solution and present...

Paul & Oscar

Paul & Oscar

2 years ago News 3 comments

Two new airplanes for the Japanese airforce: Aichi E16A1 Zuiun "Paul" + Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa "Oscar"

RSS feed Downloads
Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 1/2)

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 1/2)

1 year ago Full Version 12 comments

This is the installer for Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 1/2). Make sure to install Forgotten Hope + Mappack 6 first.

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 2/2)

Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 2/2)

1 year ago Full Version 12 comments

This is the installer for Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.552 (Part 2/2). Make sure to install Forgotten Hope + Mappack 6 and Part 1 first.

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6

Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6

1 year ago Full Version 5 comments

A new installer for the Forgotten Hope Fan Mappack 6 which is compatible with the Origin and CD version of Battlefield 1942. This mappack is required...

Forgotten Hope 0.7

Forgotten Hope 0.7

1 year ago Full Version 2 comments

A new installer for Forgotten Hope v0.7 which is compatible with the Origin and CD version of Battlefield 1942. Forgotten Hope is required to be able...

Post comment Comments  (520 - 530 of 737)
Gangstaboy Apr 28 2012 says:

when will FHSW v0.5 be released?? i hope somewhere next month

+1 vote     reply to comment
eYe.ris Creator
eYe.ris Apr 29 2012 replied:

They didn't give us a specific date but said that they only have 1 or 2 more news left before releasing it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
PFCDaddyCool Apr 24 2012 says:

I thought the new release (0.5) was dated for april! but i guess the developments in new tanks are a little delayed:(

+1 vote     reply to comment
eYe.ris Creator
eYe.ris Apr 25 2012 replied:

FHSWman (=main dev) was sick for a few days which causes some delay.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Superheavytank Apr 23 2012 says:

I think the dev team needs to work on the KV series,KV-3, KV-4 and KV-5 would be good tanks to be in the mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Whitennerdy Apr 20 2012 says:

Maus....nuff said

+1 vote     reply to comment
Phenixtri Apr 17 2012 says:

Really really great expansion to a great classic mod. All I can say is that its nearly flawless. Just in the future you might want to smooth out those weapon animations a bit and if possible add iron sights and this mod will be spot on.

+1 vote     reply to comment
NorthKoreanWehrmacht Apr 13 2012 says:

Can you make the Ratte tank smaller its too big. It should be about the size of the MTT from Star Wars.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Saladofstones Apr 20 2012 replied:

I think the idea behind it was just upping the scale so you could have the big battles inside.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Superheavytank Apr 13 2012 says:

T29, Hmmmm... I want T30(Basically a T29 with a hatch on the back of the turret to eject shells and a 155mm gun)

+1 vote     reply to comment
tom111 Apr 13 2012 says:

I think the next tank that goes in is the german Ratte

+1 vote     reply to comment
eYe.ris Creator
eYe.ris Apr 13 2012 replied:

Ratte is in the mod already. :P
You can see it partially on the top picture on the far left.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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