With my changes for the campaign AIs, the story will feel more as it is supposed to, in my opinion ;) This is no real mod for FA, you only need to replace files of your FA installation. Easy installation and lots of fun changes ^^

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Interesting additions and changes that make the campaign more fun and more varied. On every level some stages are harder to overcome while others are easier. Nice mod. :)


Easy: I've had so much fun with the missions on hard and now this hard work mod comes along that not only adds more challenge to the enemy AI but makes the friendly AI more fun.

Amazing work of art


Excellent mod! Adds a who;e new level of realism to the entire campaign and also makes allied and enemy AIs much more of a challenge in campaign games!

This mod does exactly as advertised, it fixxes the AI and maps to be better in every way. The creator is kind and willing to listen to what is wrong if you find a glitch, A must download if you love the campaign.

Much better AI, much better Campaign!

Excellent mod and highly receptive to feedback. Recommended for campaign lovers!

To think such a mod has been created, I've played plenty of RTS's but with this mod, you can see and play with the realistic views of the campaign, making the missions harder in some points, easier, and even challenging, 10/10.

Makes the AI sooooo good. i personly always loved ai helpers in rts games and this makes them not only awesome but useful as well

its great it balances the campaign

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