"For King or Country" is a mod for Medieval 2: Total War that depicts the English civil wars. There are two factions: the Parliamentarians and the Royalists. The map is detailed and accurate for the time period. There are twelve historical commanders fighting on each side, and all of them have custom portraits and traits. Both sides have a range of units from Musketeers to pikemen, dragoons to harqebusier cavalry. Each faction also has 6 unique recruitable regiments of foot. Each regiment has it's own banner, coat colour and commander. The purpose of the mod is to simulate the first English civil war. The main aim is to accurately represent the two main factions, their leaders, their commanders and their armies. The mod aims to provide a unique battlefield experience by representing 17th century warfare, something that no M2:TW mod team has so far achieved.

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Great mod, a simple concept perfectly modded. The campaign map is large, with numerous cities. The units are lovingly modeled and the variation is good. If pikes and muskets warfare is your thing this is the Mod for you!


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