Follow Freeman is an innovative co-op mod for Half-Life 2. We are gearing up now for the imminent release of Follow Freeman Beta 3. After many months of hard work and collaboration with many other Half Life 2 mod teams and the wonderful help we have received from our community of Follow Freeman testers and fans who have all contributed in the true spirit of cooperation to the monumental amount of maps and features supported by Follow Freeman Beta 3 - thank you. Over 200 maps 35 weapons World Co-op High Scores Website In game economy system Vorti-Guns weapons shop Inventory multiplayer save and restore Co-op friendly inventory and many more cool features There so much stuff that we can’t fit it all in so here so please look at the description page.

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Follow Freeman Rave Theme

Follow Freeman Rave Theme

Dec 5, 2008 Music (5.52mb) 1 comment

A rave theme made by X-MING-X of Merciless Development. Expect to hear this song in one of our new Battlezones!



Dec 5, 2008 Music (2.63mb) 3 comments

The Disruptor song from Follow Freeman by X-MING-X.

Follow Freeman Public Beta 2.9

Jul 29, 2007 Full Version (651.21mb) 40 comments

This is the updated public beta version 2.9.

2.x to 2.9 patch

Jul 21, 2007 Patch (66.80mb) 4 comments

This is a latest patch for updating to teh very latest 2.9 patch. Change Log ---------- Initial - 20/JUL/2007 --------------------- Fixed crash on changelevel...

Follow Freeman Public Beta 2.8

Jul 14, 2007 Full Version (653.73mb) 0 comments

Follow Freeman is an innovative co-op mod for Half-Life 2. This is our first major public beta release (Beta 2) and contains a total of 76 maps all edited...

Follow Freeman Co-Op Demo

Follow Freeman Co-Op Demo

Dec 15, 2006 Movies (59.28mb) 0 comments

Get a flavour of what it takes to survive in the Co-Operative Mode of our Mod. This is Co-Op in the traditional flavour of Half-Life 2. It pays to keep...

Follow Freeman Racing Mode Demo

Follow Freeman Racing Mode Demo

Dec 15, 2006 Movies (25.67mb) 0 comments

This Demo video illustrates the mayhem available for gameplayers when playing our Racing Mode game option. It's every man for himself, against all...

The Trailer

The Trailer

Dec 14, 2006 Movies (14.41mb) 0 comments

The trailer of some gameplay

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