A few hours after Adrian Shephard and his squat got scattered allover the Black Mesa Complex, headquarter sent a rescue team to search the lost crew.

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Great mod, definitely one of the best mods for HL!

- Very interesting background story!
- Excellent mapping and scripting!
- Some exciting epic scenes and places!
- Black Mesa feeling all the way!
- Good voice acting!
- Quite long gameplay (30 maps with puzzles / missions)!

- Some areas are almost empty, with very episodic enemies; and not so many monsters at all...
- No helping teammates for battles...
- Very poor weapons' using - only 6 of 20 OF weapons are avaliable...
- Soundtrack is used only in the beginning and in the final scene / credits...

I haven't felt compelled to give a modification such a high rating in a long time but man, this mod completely deserves it. At first, you might think this is just another Black Mesa mod, but it goes far beyond the typical "original character" at Black Mesa.

For starters, this mod has some of the best mapping I have ever seen in a GoldSrc modification. Almost every map feels like a work of art that stands out on its own. One unique aspect about this mod is how brushwork was used almost exclusively and was animated as much as possible. This man has done things with brush models I never even thought about. Not to mention the intricate connection of all the maps. Essentially, not one tiny detail was left out. Anything you think should move, did move. Any reaction you think the characters should have, the author made them do it.

The gameplay was alright, there was some simple gun play thrown with some interesting puzzles. There was enough variation between exciting scenery and fighting to keep you involved throughout the whole mod.

Some of the complaints I'd have are the voice acting could've been a little better, and there were some bugs that got in the way. For instance, I think the usage of Opposing Force's original dll brought back the dreaded, "standing on an elevator and getting stuck" bug. There were a few other annoying bugs, but nothing I would drag on about.

Overall, this mod took what I would normally consider a boring and done-to-death scenario, and brought a lot of originality and inspiring content to the table. A must play.

best gldsource mapping, original ideas of gameplay,
details, interesting script scenes...

this mod going to my top 10!


cutscenes and sctipting is awesome. unfortunately, there is alot of places to stuck/fall off the map

From a mappers perspective, this mod has such an incredible level of detail and tons of scripted events, which the author even managed to accomplish without any additional coding or use of the 'Spirit'-mod.

Fresh and new design blends well into the classic HL style, with additional - quite cheesy - custom dialogue!

The only thing that bugged me was the elevator, connecting the surface, service and the AM-spectrometer-lab, moving provokingly slow and trapping the player with the classic HL-bug on arrival.

Anyway, the author deserves a medal for this one-man-project, especially for the outro!


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