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The new version is the most ambitious from the mod made before because it adds the 5.0b features and some new but reducing the xml code from more of 70mb to less of 30mb. The reduction from the code was neccesary because I discovered how the global error/zero bytes savegame (both are the same problem) happened more times, the defreezer made by Smallpox/Freege did not run with this amount of code because the savegames were bigger, the mod ran slower and clearly the game could not handle it.

Now there are a list of changes at comparation with the 5.0b, in the next list, you can know because I have made them.

-Turrets with movement at spaceships. I have removed all them because the hardpoints code for them was huge. If I add 20 turrets with movement at one unit, I will have 53,7 kilobytes from xml code, if I make this for 20 units, I will have 1074 kilobytes from additional xml code, now if I make the turrets with movement for 100 units, I will see 5370 kilobytes, at the end, a huge code which the mod can not handle. However, if you want know, the hardpoints code from all the 5.0b hardpoint files had 4,06 megabytes and it was too much big..... Now the hardpoints code is 1.65 megabytes, a lot smaller than the previous version.

-Other big part from the reduction of the hardpoint code was delete all the repeated code at units and share more code between them. It happened too much with the ground units, fighters/bombers and other special units from the mod. However, there is not a lost of quality, even the quality has been increased because many problems were fixed and there are some new features as a Laser/Ion mixed shot at Bombers. If you have played the X-Wing Alliance game, you will know how you can fire both weapons at sametime at some units.

-The amount from galactic conflicts and campaigns smaller but I have deleted GC which they have not sense as many variants from Clone Wars and other variants with different size of planets. Thanks to this, the code from GC is smaller of 6 megabytes when it was before higher of 15 megabytes.

-Units and other additions from the mod. There is not reason for repeat again many parts of code. It can be made with variants easily. Thanks to this more of 20 megabytes were reduced to the half or less. In fact the process of reduction will continue but these changes take time for realize them fast and easy at few time.

-Fleets, in the 5.0b there were more fleets which you can build them as units. Now most of them have been changed and now when you build the fleets, you will receive the units from the fleet. They are not longer units which you spawn at a battle with a ability from a command ship. However, some units as the batallion commanders can spawn some special fleets.

-Load troops at starships, in the 5.0b, you could load troops at starships and you receive a special batallion commander with a special command ship. However, it was strange and difficult, at the end, it was a featuree very few times used and by this reason, I have removed it but I have made better the normal batallion commanders with new landing crafts.

- New units. There are not a lot of new units at comparation with other releases from the mod but there are a few new units.

*CIS Super Tank.

*CIS Defoliator.

*Empire Imperium SSD.

*Black Sun Randecliptic.

*Black Sun Faragut Destroyer.

*Black Sun Venator.

*Rebel Bulkwark Deuce.


*Chiss Tyrant Missile Cruiser (White skin).

*Loronar Strike Cruiser MKII.

*Procurator Cruiser MKII.

*Turbulent Star Destroyer.

-New textures, there are thousands of new texture upgrades made by Nawrocki this year.

-New skirmiss resource points, there are three additional mines, from crystals, gas and the resource containers. They are special points for build resource points where you can win additional credits. Some of them were made for planets where you should see asteroids as Bespin by example.

-Better space skirmiss mode. I have improved how it runs with many new additions in maps and some new maps. Now you can win to the IA easier and it is more fun.

-There are three additional tech levels controlled by three space stations and one new ground structure. Depending from your point in the story from a campaign or if you have reach some trigger, you will be able build these structures. You can know how unlock them in the different GC here. There are many guides about how use the different new features from the mod.

I use these new models from Warb_Null with changes in the skins made by Nawrocki and several additions as death animations for all them.

-New heroes. There are new heroes which you can find at different galactic conquest.

Admiral Ardus Kaine
General Titus Klev
Dark Executor Vill Goir
Dark Executor Xecr Nist
Dark Executor Zasm Katth
Dark Executor Tedryn-Sha
Admiral Feyet Kiez and the SSD Whelm
Barón Ragez D'Asta
Lady Feena D'Asta
General Vota
Ennix Devian

Rebel Alliance:
General Airen Cracken
Admiral Hiram Drayson
Lar Ndigo

Black Sun:
Grappa the Hutt
Yull Acib
Sol Mon

-All the campaigns have been fixed and now they can be finished without problems.

-The size from the unit positions around and in the planets have been reduced. It helps a lot the movement of units between planets which they are very close. Other change is the planet text, I have changed the position where it is showed and the size.

-I have removed the rotation from planets when your zoom is far in the galactic mode, it will help if you have lag. If it was a small mod with few more units and few more additions than the original game, I would add easily the high resolution graphics without think how eveything will run at same time. But when it is a huge mod with the biggest amount of units, I want add more in the future and I have made the highest amount of additions in the world, I must be more conservator with the computer resources or probably nobody, even myself will be able play the mod because it will would be a big monster which no one computer can run it. Personally I want continue playing my mod with my computer from 8 years ago, a old Intel Q6600 overcloked to 3ghz with a old Nvidia GTX660. If the mod runs without problems at it, more people with computers from this era will play it without problems. This is the reason because I have not added somethings with too many details and I have reduced the detail from somethings.

-There are some new special Nebulae textures added at some planets by me and Nawrocki.



-I have added several new type of asteroid models, now there are ice, acid, moltenrock, iron, metal and other additional rock asteroids.

-New planets, there are 73 new planets, all with their customized space and ground map. There are some others with new maps or special changes. You can see here the complete list of new planets.
Liinade III
Selaggis VI
Jussafet Four
Corvis Minor
New Cov
Xa Fel
Qat Chrystac
Ord Trasi
Ord Cantrell

Most of these planets are divided at 5 galactic conquest from different eras. At least by the moment you will not find a GC with all them because I do not believe how the game can handle without a lot of additional lag all them. We would speak from more of 190 planets at sametime. Personally the best is probably play a GC with no more of 50/80 planets, the IA works better and the game runs without problems, remembering more to the original game and not to one thing overloaded.

-There are many new texture planets made by myself.





Ord Pardron.




-As usual lately, the mod is translated to Spanish, English and German. The German translation and a part from the English was made for this version by Hyuza. The older version was from Ulan Bator.

These are for me the most important features from the new 6.0 version of the mod Galactic Civil War. Obviously the mod has a lot more of things but you go to need go to on xmas and download it if you want see all them.

You can see the credits from the mod here.

Vol'Talkes - The AI War

Vol'Talkes - The AI War

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Vol'Talkes has been launched at Steam Greenlight. Now with the vote from the public, finally the game can be added to the Steam list.

The end of the Global Error and the Zero bytes savegame

The end of the Global Error and the Zero bytes savegame

News 6 comments

For many years, we suffered the Global Error in the original EAW/FOC game and at all the mods. Now thanks to Smallpox and Freege, there is a new tool...

Probably the future from many EAW/FOC mods

Probably the future from many EAW/FOC mods

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EAW/FOC is probably the unique game which it can be edited mostly and the unique where you can play a galaxy map, tactical at space and ground. By this...

New Challenge game mode

New Challenge game mode

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Avoiding settle for a simple edit of the original game and trying not to do anything that other mods have been made, at few words, making the mod more...

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FOC Alliance 4.7B

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Republic Ground units pack EAW/FOC 2014

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CIS Ground Structures pack EAW/FOC 2014

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CIS ground infantry pack for EAW/FOC 2014

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Playing as Empire, 'hard', 116 EaW GC; last night I had an amazing ground battle against those Rebel scum at Destrillion. Whoever did that ground map did an AMAZING job with the sandstorm (constant) on this 'planet'! I lost the battle and the planet, it was great fun!

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Nomada_Firefox Creator

Yes, if you can not lose some battles, game would not be fun.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ok i finnally got my computer to stop crashing the game, after i lowered the pop cap down to 30 the game runs better, although i have noticed that on the galactic map things begin to lag when the bigger ships are produced.

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i dont know if i said this already in here but i just cant see my comment

1-the venator lost(dont know if is on purpose)its 8 turbolaser on the sides making it very, very weak even been an outdated ship

2-both Neb-b, the venator and some other ships when they have their hardpoints destroyed they dont "die" but become invencible to ship fire making only fighters and superlasers able to attack then witch means long battles...

with the possible exception of these bugs i found your mod the best mod ive played for foc, everything that i dind like in the other versions have been corrected here

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Nomada_Firefox Creator

Strange because I have not problems with these ships. I know about other errors but they are not these.

Soon I will release a patch with some new things, specially one IA improvement for Black Sun, I suppose that you have not seen that when I play with Black Sun and it conquer a planet, it does not build stations or other things, this is not a error from the mod because it happens on more. I will resolve it soon.

By the moment I recomend you the turrets with movement addon, you will see a big difference on many spaceships. There are two versions, one with 6 fighter squadrons and one with 12 fighter squadrons.

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I've found out what's causing the massive slowdown on Space Battles, and it's not (like i thought) the large amount of ships on screen at the same time, although that might have added to it. I was playing a Skirmish, and everything was fine, but the slowdown started EXACTLY when the Empire sent 1 of the really big ships against me, i cant remember exactly what kind it was, it was about the size of an SSD, but looked more like just a vastly oversized ISD, and the slowdown only got worse when i sent 1 of my own SSD's out to fight it. Unfortunatly for me, and others in the same situation, i doubt there'll be an addon to remove all those like-sized ships, since they're a core part of the game, especially some of the Story Battles.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Nomada_Firefox Creator

You can test it.
With it you will not see at same time all the heroes with these super ships.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I dont think the addon did all that much, i tried 1 battle with a Space Cap of 20, but the Empire still sent, all at once, Admiral Giels Flagship (8 points) Emperor Palpatine (12Points), those 2 together meet the maximum, but they also sent Thrawn, Piett, Mara Jade, the Arc Hammer, as well as a few normal ISD's, VSD's and smaller ships.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The addon did make a difference, it was quicker, but it still lagged. They sent 3 big ships against me, 1 of which was the Executor, which didn't have a Pop Point... im assuming you left that out deliberatly, at a guess, due to the Battle Of Endor. I'll give it another shot, this time taking the Space Cap down to 30 from the standard 45, if that doesn't work, i'll try even lower, dont really have a choice if i wanna play this Mod with any degree of speed.

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Nomada_Firefox Creator

What computer have you? I suppose that I can not resolve more if you have a very poor computer. You can try low detail levels.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

2.4 Ghz Quad Core 6600
4 Gb Ram
GeForce 8800 GS

I've played Absolute Corruption 2.4 with this computer, that usually has a lot of ships, including the big ones, but i never had problems with it

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Nomada_Firefox Creator

Absolute corruption is very small mod if you compare with Alliance 2.3X.

I have the same processor than you with the exception than probably I have a fastest ram memory and one ATI 4870, probably you have anything making slower your computer. But on few words, I would not make the mod if it would run slow on my computer.

I told to other people, you can not play with programs runnig at same time like P2P.

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Highest Rated (7 agree) 10/10

(This review contains spoilers of what will be in the mod... but if you're gonna download it anyway, go have a read. =D) Download at, but first register. Nomada puts a hell of a lot of work and stays perfectly true to the Expanded Universe as much as possible in his great "Alliance" mod. Take control of units that date back all the way to the Old Republic, factions straight from the Clone Wars and definitely all the way to the expanded universe. The mod gives out what NO OTHER…

Apr 25 2015 by John_Radec

Lowest Rated (15 agree) 1/10

The maker of the mod have no respect for people playing it, and doesnt allow even to download latest version... And he bans people for critisizing mistakes!

But about mod. Its absolutely unbalanced and unstable. And there are no updates uploaded here... Yes, i know that they are on third-party site, but why would you post mod here then?

Aug 19 2015 by Xorras


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