The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

This mod is no longer available as the server has shut down. Thank You to all our Supporter's over the years.

Features in FlyByU Freelancer Server Mod v0.70b

*] 15 Power Plant Upgrade, 14 Armor Upgrades, 10 Shield Generator Upgrades, 5 scanner Upgrades, 3 Tractor Beam Upgrades.

*] 23 new Class 10 Guns/Turrets, 5 new Capship Turrets, 5 new missile pods.

*] Tweaked weapons Color, Damage, Rate of Fire, Range, Power usage. Missile and Torpedo Turn Rate Adjusted to hit a lot more often. Code weapon Turrets have been added as well. All mines have increased speed to 160 and 180 for the seeker mines. (Mines, Missiles, Cruise Disruptor track targets like they have Magnets in the Nose now). Weapons color has been tweaked they look very nice with the Real Space feature.

*] Cruise speed 425, flight speed is now 80 for VHF's and Frighters 90 Medium-Heavy Fighters & 100 for Light Fighterrs.

*) Fast Docking

*] Ships Added to mod. Armored Transport, Liberty Cruiser, Rhineland Gunboat, Hammerhead II, Dagger II, Dragon II, Valkyrie II, Sabre II, Wolfhound II, Mule II, Rhino II, Defender II, Sobek.

*] Max Missiles, Mines is 100

*] Ships, Weapons, Missiles, Mines, CM's, and Equipment can be bought at any level or reputation. If you can land on a base you can buy whatever you like if you have the credits for it.

*] All CM's, Energy Missiles, and Energy Mine do not use Ammo. (Simply Turn Them On) or continue to Launch them with your favorite buttons of choice. Energy Mine is a very powerful mine to have on your side. Also 5 Energy missile launchers to choose from.

*] Shipyards are very important now. You can only buy Power Plant Upgrades, Scanners, Tractor Beams, Armor, Shield Generator, Thrusters, CM's etc... there.

*] NPC Freighters/Transports will drop all cargo.

*] All ships have improved handling. They all turn pretty quick now including freighters.

*] Real Space and it looks very nice.

*] Player levels go to 40. However, Player Level has nothing to do with this Mod.

*] Sight range increased you can see stations, planets, trade lanes etc... from a longer distance now.

*] Fire jump-hole effect.

*] Loot-able Nomad turret that works on all ships except capships. Must kill a Nomad Gun Boat or Nomad Fighter to get them.

*] Regenerative Nomad Armor, (Loot-able) It regenerates so you do not have to use as many Nanobots. New is the Order Hybrid Armor similar to Nomad Armor

*] Nomad's have Loot-able Countermeasures, Scanners, Thrusters, CD's, Shields, Weapons, and Pilots.

*] 3 new shields that are like the nomad shield except you can buy these at Planet Toledo. There are 3 classes: Light Fighter, Heavy/Very heavy Fighter, & Freighter.

*] 6 new Capship shields now sold on shipyards.

*] All Player Freighters the max cargo now 1200 for the Humpback & Dromedary. 1800 for the Rhino 2, and 2500 for the Armored Transport.

*] We have cap ship encounters in the mod as well, with Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Gunboats and Fighters. Factions with Cap ship Encounters are: All House Military, Nomads, and the Order. (Nomad Fleets do not have the Battleship)

*] The Navy fleets are very powerful. They also carry Navy Officers, and a Fleet Commander which is worth a lot of Credits.

*] Order weapons have been improved they are now class 7, 9, & 10

*] 2 Billion+ is the new limit for credits on Character. Players also have a bank they can use to store credits on there account. It is good for all Characters for that account and allows you to share Credits with all Characters.

*] All Military Bases now have high paying/high level missions so watch what mission you take as you may not survive.

*) 12 new Nomad wrecks in 7 Nomad Infested Systems with surprises on them, and 14 other new wrecks in the other NPC systems. You will have to find them on your own. That is a total of 26 new wrecks have been placed, and one additional Nomad* system opened up to hide the best one in. (In addition, some Vanilla Wrecks have had some Weapons or Commodities changed or increased)

*) The Nomad Home World system is open moreover, it is very populated, to put it mildly. (If you enjoy fighting Nomads, this system has got to be your target destination)

*] Beefed up all ships Armor, Bots/Bats, Cargo. All ship can use Class 10 weapons. Info cards show info for all ships.

*] Adjusted the system lighting to make it more comfortable and bring out the textures in Bases and ships.

*] All factions have loot-able pilots.

*] Added many new Jump holes.

*] Made NPC shields loot-able. These shields are not the player shields. They only regenerate at 5 point per sec so are useless to the player but can be sold (Do not make the mistake of mounting one of these just because it is a Class 10, and you have only a Class 5. You WILL be Sorry. Sell it as suggested.)

*] Lights are now brighter and look very nice with the Real Space feature.

*] NPC's now take loot. So make sure you grab it before they do or you will have to kill them to get it back.

*] MP Start: - Ship = Patriot - $10,000 Credits - Armor - Shield Generator - CM - Guns: 1xShield Buster - 3xGuns - Class 1 Shield - 20 Bots/Bats. So you will have a nice start.

*] Roll Baby Roll is now in mod. Gives the player the ability to roll and perform other complex maneuvers while in cockpit mode. Not a substitute for the current control system, Just an extension of it.

*] Open Single Player is built into this mod. Meaning you can play it in SP mode without the storyline. You start with a Startracker and $10,000 credits. You have normal Freelancer start relations with everyone.

*] 3 New Bases added The Osiris, Prision Station Mitchell, Juneau Shipyard

*] Planet Primus & Gammu now have Ship dealer and Commodity dealer

*The mod will use FLMM v 1.31 to activate*

FlyByU's Freelancer Server Homepage

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Excuse me ........ but how to download the mod ??

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How do I install the mod? I'm new to mods for Freelancer.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FlyByU Creator

Watch this but I recommend to use FLMM v1.31 it is far superior.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thanks for a great mod! Hope you continue to expand on it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
FlyByU Creator

FlyByU's Freelancer Server Homepage-->

Go to this link to find forums and support for mod and server.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

new ships?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
FlyByU Creator

Thank OP

Reply Good karma+2 votes

good work

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