The Floris Mod Pack is a compilation of a lot of mods for Mount & Blade Warband, combining the best and adding even more.

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awesome mod, I really regret of not having downloaded before.


This mod really improves the gameplay, making it more interesting AND comfortable to play (faster decisions / actions with actions automatisations.. )
I wish we will have it again in Mount and blade warband 2! ;D


A simple best.This should be bought by taleworlds and transformed into m&b 2 bannerlord.

This Mod is the best mod i have ever played for Warband

It is so awesome! Best modpack you can imagine. Only thing missing is a Historical accurate map, like in the Europe 1200 modpack.

This mod is adds in what should of been put into the base game and more.

THis is one of those EPIC, almost perfect mods that scream, 'DOWNLOAD ME NOW! DOWNLOAD ME NOW!". This is the mod that i play the most out of all my mods, and i have a sh*t ton of them. Words cannot describe how awesome this mod is. It is an unfathomable description of epicness. The reason why this mod doesn't get a ten. Is because of the annoyingly amount of troops, bandits have. Sometimes they have up to 3k per war party. Luckily the character Floris can attain and raise over 2k of professionally trained troops, and he owns them hard.

Great mod, needs V 3.0

Very Very good mod, keep this all up friends :)

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