Enhances Floris Expanded mod, adding loads of minimods: extra WP points for each level, Mercenary Escort, appointed regulars as companions/heroes, Wagon System, Entertainment skill, Shield Bash, Endurance skill, wife as Companion, hire manhunters, and many, many more.

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Crashes while loading new game.


When i try to start a new game, it just turns into a black screen with the m&b cursor and i cant do nothing

its cinda weird when i play... is this not for the newest patch 1.143?

**** right now , not working at all , cant kill anyone , black screan 50% of the time on charcter creation , watched lets plays and the character creation is not even the same as that


vary ausome mod! new textures, new armor, and new attacks


Annihitor-The-Incred says

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A troll mod, don't download. All it does is make armor heavier so your character can't move. Lame.


Broken to all hell.

Good but still needs work. I do realize this is a beta so i fully expect this mod to get way better. Keep up the good work

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