The purpose of this mod is to save the player’s time spent on the scanning minigame, to balance a few aspects of the game and to make the gameplay closer to the game’s lore.


  1. Jacob’s weapon loadout changed to assault rifle + heavy pistol due to his military training,
  2. non-combat storm stamina and regeneration 5x original value,
  3. like in ME1 shields don’t block powers anymore, making gameplay closer to the lore,
  4. second playthrough resource bonus increased to 500000, making planet scanning unnecessary,
  5. planet scanning speed is equal as when the scanner is not active,
  6. money bonus from imported savegame moved to second playthrough bonus category to make it available in NG+,
  7. Geth Pulse Rifle damage 2.5x of original value, this ups its DPS to the same level as the Avenger Rifle's (originally Geth Pulse Rifle's base damage and DPS are the lowest of all the equipable guns in the game),
  8. enemy shields and barriers (not armor) set as rechargable to remove player’s unfair advantage over AI,
  9. shields don’t absorb full damage on break anymore (example; before, having 1 shield point would absorb any ammount of damage on last hit before reducing health),
  10. added 20 top rated male face presets and 30 top rated female presets, faces codes from
  11. all ingame cinematics set as skippable. (NOTE: although all cinematics are set as skippable, some of them ignore settings from ini file and can't be skipped in game. Can't do anything about it, the game decides by itself in this case)
  12. logo cinematics disabled

Optional tweak in seperate Coalesced.ini version:

  1. health regeneration 100x slower to enforce medigel usage (NOTE: some players claim that one can't heal Shepard in ME2 with medigel. Of course you can heal him, you just need to buy Trauma Module upgrade)

Reasonings for above changes:

  1. Jacob is an ex-Alliance soldier. All soldiers are proficient with rifles. His original weapon loadout doesn’t have much sense and makes him underpowered. Jacob also uses an assault rifle in the Mass Effect Galaxy game.
  2. You can save time when running around outside of combat.
  3. This tweak makes almost all skills equally worth learning. It’s also closer to ME lore where shields and armor can’t block biotics and tech abilities, only barriers can.
  4. Scanning planets is fun during the first playthrough but I have enough of it now, when I finished the game and I’m playing it again.
  5. Scanner is slow, almost annoying. This tweak helps to save time.
  6. Originally when you repeat the game via NG+ you lose all bonuses from imported character.
  7. Originally Geth Pulse Rifle’s base damage and DPS are the lowest of all the equipable guns in the game. This tweak makes it just the same as the Avenger Rifle’s. This also makes Geth Troopers as dangerous as rifle-wielding mercenaries.
  8. If Shepard’s shields regenerate, why enemy shields shouldn’t? In ME1 every enemy’s shield regenerates just like Shepard’s. Having an unfair advantage over AI is not fun.
  9. This tweak makes shields work just like they did in ME1.
  10. Self-explanatory.
  11. Just to make it clear; the fact that cutscene can be skipped, doesn't mean that you must skip them. It only means you can. I'm saying this because some people think that this mod forces them to do it. It doesn't.
  12. Self-explanatory.


  1. Even on Insanity I’ve never had to use a medigel. With this tweak I still don’t have to because a good player will stay in cover when his shields are down, but using unity is now finally worth the cooldown on a few occasions. This tweak is meant to discourage recklessness. From the lore point of view, you are still healing on the battlefield as it is intended but no longer you possess a supernatural instant troll-like healing powers. Medigel helps clothing blood and closing wounds but it won't magically bring a soldier from near-death state to perfect condition in split second when in cover.
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Steps you have to do before starting to mod the Game:
- Back up your coalesced.ini [...\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked]
- Download Notepad++ and install it - DO NOT USE Word, Wordpad or notepad this will screw up your game releases binary/npp 5.6.6 bin/npp.5.6.6.Installer.exe/download
- Download Ruby and the script to fix the CRC of the coalesced.ini
install ruby and unpack the rb script to [...\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked] the place where you also find the coalesced.ini
- After editing coalesced.ini file, launch CoalescedrealCRC.rb script to get fix_Coalesced.ini file and remove "fix_" prefix

Steps based on Horendus Malaih guide from official BioWare forum.


Open Coalesced.ini file with Notepad++ or other advanced text editor like Scintilla Text Editor:

A. Utility tweaks:


Planet scanning is so slow. I wish I could rotate the planet faster when scanning.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXGameModeOrbital] section
- Increase ScanReticleMoveSpeed and ScanPlanetRotationSpeed values


Jogging slowly around takes so much time. I wish I could storm longer out of combat.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXGame]
- Increase StormStaminaNonCombat and StormRegenNonCombat values


I wish the corpses stay a little longer. It's strange that they vanish so fast.

confirmed not working
- Search for [SFXGame.BioArtPlaceable]
- Increase m_fCorpseCleanupFirstAttemptTime value


I don't like the pregenerated head models at character creation. Wish I could replace them with something better.

- Search for [SFXGame.BioSFHandler_NewCharacter]
- Replace MalePregeneratedHeadCodes and FemalePregeneratedHeadCodes with the ones you want

B. Difficulty and balance tweaks:


I don't like the new global cooldown system. It forces me to use only the most efficient skills on higher difficulties and forget about less efficient but effective ones.

confirmed not working
- Search for [SFXGame.SFXGameConfig]
- Change UseSharedPowerCooldown=TRUE to false


Why guncentric classes have easier time in ME2? I'd like to use class powers on higher difficulties but im seriously limited because shields block powers. Wish I could change that.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXGameConfig]
- Change bShieldsBlockPowers=true to false


Insanity difficulty is still rather easy to me. I wish enemies could have more health/shields and Shepard less.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty_Level5]
- Increase EnemyHealthMultiplierLow, EnemyHealthMultiplierHigh and EnemyShieldBonus values
- Decrease PlayerHealthMultiplierLow and PlayerHealthMultiplierHigh values


Insanity difficulty is still rather easy to me. I wish enemies could use their powers more often. Shepard's team cooldown should be increased.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXDifficulty_Level5]
- Decrease EnemyPowerCooldownMultiplier value
- Increase SquadPowerCooldownMultiplier value


I've mined only rich planets and still I have plenty of minerals. There's too much of them to encurage scanning more planets.

- Search for [SFXGame.BioPlanet]
- Decrease PlacedMineralsPool and optionally EezoMineralsBase with ScanBarMaxMineralSize values


I like the new ammo idea but I wish thermal clips wouldn't be so sparse.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXDroppedAmmo]
- Increase PctAmmoGiven value


Having to reload weapon makes the combat more dynamic but I don't like picking up ammo. Wish I could reload but get infinite ammo.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXWeapon]
- Change bCanDropAmmo=true to false
- Search for weapons [SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_*]
- Change bInfiniteAmmo=false to true


I don't like having an unfair advantage over the enemies. In ME1 enemies regenerated their shields. I wish they regenerate in ME2.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXShield_Base]
- Change bRechargeable=false, bFastCoverRegen=false and bAbsorbDamageOnBreak=false to true
- Add bRechargeable=false, bFastCoverRegen=false and bAbsorbDamageOnBreak=false to [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy] and [SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy_Player] sections


Auto-regeneration feature takes away the challange from game. Not even once I really had to use medigel.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXModule_DamageParty]
- Decrease HealthRegenRate value or change bHealthRegenerates=true to false to turn it off completely


I'd like to take Jacob on a mission but I find his weapon choice useless. Why can't he have an assault rifle. He's an ex-Alliance soldier, all soldiers know how to use a rifle.

- Search for [SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData]
- Change Jacob's LoadoutWeapons_Shotguns to LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles in HenchLoadoutInfo=(className=SFXPawn_Jacob, Weaponclasses=(LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols,LoadoutWeapons_Shotgun))

C. Non coalesced.ini tweaks:


How can I disable logo movies?

- Open ...\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Movies folder and rename BWLogo.bik and ME_EAsig_720p_v2_raw.bik to BWLogo.bik.old and ME_EAsig_720p_v2_raw.bik.old

Plenty of other changes are possible, I just listed the ones that I think are worth to mention.
Please let me know if you find something not working.

I'm not responsible to any damage this might cause to your computer and/or for legal issues from bioware/EA. All modding happens at your own risk please not further than im not affilated with any programs listed in this thread. By using this guide/the download links i provided you agree with this statement.

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Flash's ME2 Mod v1.01

Flash's ME2 Mod v1.01

5 years ago Full Version 8 comments

The purpose of this mod is to save the player’s time spent on the scanning minigame, to balance a few aspects of the game and to make the gameplay closer...

Flash's ME2 Mod v1.0

Flash's ME2 Mod v1.0

5 years ago Full Version 0 comments

The purpose of this mod is to save the player’s time spent on the scanning minigame, to balance a few aspects of the game and to make the gameplay closer...

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Tymathee Aug 8 2010 says:

Only issue i'm having is the map in the lower right corner keeps flashing and its bugging the heck out of me, not the flashing but the noise...i wonder if this is cuz i changed the default for it?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sarthis Aug 10 2010 replied:

I believe you are Tymathee from EiR correct? It's noTrace :-p

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gyrannon Aug 6 2010 says:

I wonder why no modder will just put a little program into their mod that allows the player/user to select/deselect a change in the game, or at least a lil INI file that allows the same, just instead you gotta put "0" or "1" (o to turn off and 1 to turn on)???

Make things easier for both the modder an the user/player - no more complaints or whining about his/her work, just praise. Would be nice, plus if its installed an this program is in it - then temporarily deselecting all changes would be just the same as temp uninstalling it, just saves a heck of a lot of time (depending on how long it takes to install & uninstall).

+1 vote     reply to comment
Flash. Creator
Flash. Aug 7 2010 replied:

Such program already exists but even without such program modding ME2 is as easy as edit "0" to "1", save and then click on script to fix it automatically. I explained it in tutorial. Being as easy as it is, people still prefer to just download ready mod.

Just check tutorial section, point 9. for details about tweaking regeneration. First time it might take you few minutes to read and download everything. Later it will take you few seconds to modify whatever you want. It's very, very easy.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Obrusnine Jul 30 2010 says:

Before I download this I would like to ask whether I can exclude certain changes. I would like a few, but not all of them. Especially since health falls much faster in 2 then 1. So, reducing my health regen by 100 times... Yeah, not gonna happen, lol.

+1 vote     reply to comment
kahlfin Jul 30 2010 says:

This mod is brilliant yet extremely brutal.
Im playing as a vanguard and the heavy charge is only useful in taking out very isolated enemies (as it supposed to be).
I found that the 'reave' supporting power is the best as it can heal you.
One problem is that out of combat healing is way too slow. After a battle, I sometimes had to wait for a minute or two before I healed back to an acceptable level.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Inuyashe Jul 3 2010 says:

Hello there.
One thing I have to say, I am digging this mod and its changes. My biotics are now much more useful and the Geth shields make them quite formidable foes!

One thing, though. I tried to edit the health regen speed, to increase it by just a tiny bit, but if I change the HealthRegen value in the Coalesced.ini, my game refuses to start.
Is it because of some of the other changes?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Flash. Creator
Flash. Jul 3 2010 replied:

That's how it's supposed to be. Geth shields and weapons are more advanced then human counterparts. The Geth were a pushovers in vanilla. Now it's fixed.

Cerberus started experimenting with eezo to create ultimate human soldiers - adepts and vanguards. Biotics are supposed to be very powerful. Jack damaged beyond repair a prison ship and punched through 2 Ymir mechs by unleashing her biotic powers, yet in game she is not impressive at all. That's due to game mechanics artificially limiting biotics. This mod makes the game closer to the lore and ME1. In ME1 shields didn't block the skills.

Read tutorial to learn how to edit ini file. You need a Ruby script to fix the file after editing.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Inuyashe Jul 7 2010 replied:

Aaaaah, seems I missed a few lines in your tutorial! Fixed now.

Also, I wasn't complaining, I love the mod.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DekklinOfDeath Jun 26 2010 says:

Hey flash, thanks for the mod. I got this primarily for change #3 so biotics and Adept classes are useful. I dont think the Geth pulse rifle should be so powerful. One of the biggest things about it is that it has absolute accuracy so it's a bit unfair compared to the Avenger.

One thing I wanted to ask of you is if you could make a small change to the ammo system. As it stands, you expend your heatsinks like ammo clips. Since they are supposed to be heatsinks, I was wondering if you could change it so that it slowly cools down over time. Keep the ammo system like it is, but have the "bullets" in the gun recharge slowly.

Just a suggestion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Flash. Creator
Flash. Jun 28 2010 replied:

It can be set to either cool down or work as an ammo. Can't work as both.

If you are for this change because lore dictates it I'd disagree.

Mass accelerator weapons generate enormous heat. Guns in ME2 can't dissipate the heat by themself anymore. In ME1 you could shot with a regular sniper rifle once before it overheated. In ME2, according to the lore, kinetic shield technology advanced enough to enforce the increase of slug velocities in guns. This increased generated heat to the level, that even one shot with any weapon type could overheat the gun. You can't just leave the gun to cool down by itself because even if the gun and heatsink are at "room" temperature it's still not enough.
Of course you can say that game also takes place in vacuum and on cold planets. Yes, but you don't have that vacuum or cold enviroment inside the gun. You need immediate, direct application of coolant.

That's how I explain it to myself. People try to undermine this design decision in game without even trying to compare the arguments for and against it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DekklinOfDeath Jul 2 2010 replied:

Is it me, or does it seem like the enemy shields have a shorter recharge time than even my own. I find it a bit annoying, especially when fighting the YMIR mechs, or god forbid, 2 at once

+1 vote     reply to comment
Flash. Creator
Flash. Jul 2 2010 replied:

Enemy shields have same recharge time as you do. When fighting tough opponents you have to focus and sustain fire on one enemy. After finishing the game 3 times with this mod on insanity I can say that there's only one tough battle because of enemy shield regen - final boss in Kasumi's loyalty mission. The rest is just a matter of breaking the habits from vanilla game where you could stay in cover as long as you want.

+1 vote   reply to comment
DekklinOfDeath Jun 30 2010 replied:

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I wouldnt want to go back to the ME1 days of waiting for heat dissipation

+1 vote     reply to comment
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