First Strike is a Star Wars total conversion modification for Battlefield 2142. The goal of First Strike is to totally immerse the players into the amazing universe of Star Wars by presenting the most accurate representations of famous Star Wars locales, weapons, and characters, and combining them with exciting, fast paced gameplay and features new to the Battlefield scene. Within this mod you'll find yourself as a soldier of the Galactic Empire or as a freedom fighter for the Rebel Alliance. You'll fight across lovingly detailed recreations of various Star Wars locations with a wide array of weapons and vehicles.

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great mod , perfect sound fx and graphics.. just a few lil things that keep this from a 10. ai tend to all jump in fighters so some maps its just a giant dogfight instead of any ground combat at all.. and they follow single paths around the map making it a vast wasteland basicly but a well designed one and very accurate. all in all a great mod

A very well-built built mod, with some exceptions. A handful of the maps are horribly Imperial biased, and with singleplayer, the NPCs are far too accurate, even on the lowest difficulty setting. That being said, it looks, feels, and sounds great. Just wish that those balance issues weren't so.... unbalanced...

I read the first strike wikia page regarding weapons. Pretty impresive however the MG-19? rifle name changed to RT-97c heavy blaster rifle as of 2008, at least that what wookieepedia says. Also the tenloss disruptor rifle(according to star wars records)has an effective range of only 20 meters. Now thats just me. Im not complaining i just like to nitpik for canonical inconsistencies. Anyway great mod

I was really looking forward to the console game of this and disney ****** it so im really glad at least we get some part of this game even if its just a mod it still looks great


As im not a Staw Wars fan I have enjoyed this mod, but I would have enjoyed it more if there were any more campaigns and a true BF mod support, because it´s not "easy" to play a BF2142 game, especially it´s not easy to set it up.

Maps are the thing were this mod really fails, because there aren´t really epic maps, at least for me. This mod would be 100 times better if it approaches the Titan mode code, to replace the titans with Star Wars assets, yes.

Also Jundland Wastes map, is the ONE, it´s epic to have both giant vehicles and try to get the enemys one, also hearing your squadmates talking about it is awesome. Obviously space maps are unexpected and cool, but Im so noob on them, so I don´t like them at all, but I appreciate them.

Plus, some map´s objective aren´t clear, there should be more in-game tips or some tutorial vids, yes. And weapons and gadgets are some better than vanilla game, especially the giant portable infantry shield.

Finally, I don´t remember exatly, but in some maps there is a horrible balance between each team´s vehicles, and in some others there isn´t cover for infantry like small objects and boxes, it´s designed well, but not finished well.



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