First Strike is a Star Wars total conversion modification for Battlefield 2142. The goal of First Strike is to totally immerse the players into the amazing universe of Star Wars by presenting the most accurate representations of famous Star Wars locales, weapons, and characters, and combining them with exciting, fast paced gameplay and features new to the Battlefield scene. Within this mod you'll find yourself as a soldier of the Galactic Empire or as a freedom fighter for the Rebel Alliance. You'll fight across lovingly detailed recreations of various Star Wars locations with a wide array of weapons and vehicles.

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Feb 8th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

i love this game cause i like star wars and we can pilot...!its very cool!:D

anicet74 says
7 anicet74

Dec 30th, 2011 0 people agree 5 people don't

only 7/10, there is too bugs!!!

RevanShan says
10 RevanShan

Dec 20th, 2011 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

The Star Wars shooter right now.

Renorick says
10 Renorick

Nov 11th, 2011 1 person agrees 1 person doesn't

Mod is fantastic! What Battlefront 3 oughta be! (If lucasarts would quit AXING the damnded project!)Handles great! On the ground AND in space! Wish there were more mods like this!

DukeOfJudea says
10 DukeOfJudea

Aug 18th, 2011 0 people agree 2 people don't


joshino says
10 joshino

Jun 23rd, 2011 0 people agree 0 people don't

Best star wars mod out there and a more tactical modern alternative to the great GC mod for bf 1942.

Wulfburk12 says
10 Wulfburk12

Oct 10th, 2008 0 people agree 0 people don't

Just started playing and i gotta say it is way better than Battlefront 1 and 2!!! Feels just like the original trilogy, perfect!

BrandeX says
9 BrandeX

Apr 18th, 2015

No review provided

coffeesoft says
9 coffeesoft

Apr 11th, 2015

No review provided

Raibert says
8 Raibert

Nov 6th, 2014

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