First Strike is a Star Wars total conversion modification for Battlefield 2142. The goal of First Strike is to totally immerse the players into the amazing universe of Star Wars by presenting the most accurate representations of famous Star Wars locales, weapons, and characters, and combining them with exciting, fast paced gameplay and features new to the Battlefield scene. Within this mod you'll find yourself as a soldier of the Galactic Empire or as a freedom fighter for the Rebel Alliance. You'll fight across lovingly detailed recreations of various Star Wars locations with a wide array of weapons and vehicles.

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Anywhere [OLD] Programmer at First Strike Development Team

programmer first strike development team anywhere programmers first strike is a star wars total conversion mod for bf2142, in the new year we are looking to complete one of our most challenging projects to date, a map which will accurately recreate that most iconic of star wars battles, the battle of hoth. we are currently looking for coders who can help with the complex job of scripting game mode specific events, and developing in game functionality specific to this map, this should prove to be an interesting challenge and will further first strike's reputation for being able to stretch the game engine far beyond what it should be capable of, along side our already impressive space maps and mile long in game imperial star destroyer asset. further projects may follow after hoth is completed, but one thing at a time. if you feel you have the skills and the passion for all things star wars, head over to our forum's recruitment area and fill out the application form for a chance to be a part of the best in game recreation of the battle of hoth.

Anywhere [OLD] Coders at First Strike Development Team

coders first strike development team anywhere programmers the star wars total conversion mod first strike is hiring. we're looking for a number of coders with experience using the battlefield engine to help us with a number of future projects on first strike. our star wars mod is ramping up to really get cracking on our next release which will feature the battle of hoth amongst other iconic star wars locations. hoth will be the big one, with work already well underway on this particular project we'll be looking to recruit experienced coders who can help facilitate some of the more complex game mechanics we're hoping to achieve on this map such as scripted events that emulate the events as they played out in the battle of hoth in the movie, and tricky jobs like achieving a reasonable way to disable walkers with rebel snowspeeder tow cables within the limitations of the engine. this mod has already achieved things with the bf engine that many thought were not possible, we're hoping to recruit some programmers with the vision and talent to continue with that tradition and work some more wonders within our chosen engine. there will also be interesting work available to be done on other maps which have yet to be revealed. if you're interested head over to our forums and the recruitment area which can be found here: and show us examples of your previous work, and tell us a little about yourself. we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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