This is Firey Explosion Mod for Supreme Commander Forged Alliance. Well, I guess that it's quite obvious what this mod does. I tried to make explosions look more eye-candy while retaining some realism. This is my first attempt to make a mod, so there are still some features I would like to add, but dunno how. Anyway, this mod only alters effects, so it shouldn't clash much with gameplay mods such as 4th Dimension or Experimental Wars.

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New aerial destruction function
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Nope, that isn't a graphical glitch...
....I think.
As I probably have mentioned before somewhere in the comments, I'm trying to make planes lose some of their parts when they are shot down in air as part of a bit more elaborate destruction mechanics in the game. However, the problem is that currently this function depends on the number of visible parts the aircraft is made of, as it makes some of them invisible to mimic destruction. That means that planes which have a single model for a whole plane are not exactly on the friendliest terms with this function. It turned out that this function mostly affects UEF aircraft, few Cybran planes and a few airboats of Aeon Illuminate. Still, the function in quite early in development, so it might undergo some changes.

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