America in game also is present at a style 2 fractions Russia and a lot of weapon namely (ak47, ak-74+gp25, m4, mp5a5, desert eagle, beretta 92r, saiga12x, remington, rpg, famas, medkit, barret) Styles is made is very realistic namely from a wound at you blood current as can begin if to shoot at a head from any weapon you begin are dead and with a helmet you will rescue a head but not from àê47, barret.... At game there is a task for each map and for each party that they should make The game is similar on hl and cs but it(she) has features which are not similar to other games. In game the actions in 2008ã after the conflict Georgia vs Ossetia are at war and America has decided(solved) to attack politics Russia thus to begin new cold war and as has resulted in new war of Russia against America (NATO) The Earth in game not of a current in the street and in cities but also in underground buildings (Military confidential BASES) The game is made on 32 players as a fatal match

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