We need modellers,Coding,mapping if you can please help icq 657-250 or e-mail maxarena@mail.ru

FireGuns 1.4.3_0003 was created go download now!

we have server

this mod about war Georgia vs Ossetia and NATO army say what Ruussia army must go away bat Russia troupse don't go and NATO attack Russia
in game 2 Faction Russia and NATO in mod many weapons:USP,Deagle,mp5a5,famas,mac10,m4,groza+gp30,ak-47,l85a1,SVD,Hand Greande,Smoke Grenade,Flash Grenade,Spas 12)
i create mod i won't create realistic mod example:
bullet 5.56 don't kill you in head if you have helm bat 5.56 kill you in head if you don't have helm
bullet 7.62 kill you in head if you have helm

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