FinnWars is about Finland fighting against The Soviet Union in WWII. The USSR insisted having land areas from Finland to secure Leningrad’s safety in 1939. Finland didn’t agree on these demands and a war begun. The first war between these two happened in 1939-40. The war raged 105 days during wintertime. Finland succeeded in maintaining its independency though losing some areas. The war was named the Winter War. In the summer 1941 Germany attacked The Soviet Union and asked some assistance from Finland. Finland and Germany were brothers-in-arms though not exactly allies. Germany gained access through Finland with this agreement and Finland had material and military support from Germany. For example Panzerschrecks, Panzerfausts and StugIIIs. Germany was eager to accomplish operation Barbarossa and the Finns wanted areas back that were lost to the Soviet Union in the Winter War. Hitler insisted loyalty from Finland so that it wouldn’t sign a separate peace treaty without Germany’s...

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Very good map with finnish touch which make it idividual.:-)

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