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"It will bring the gameplay style from the street-war levels of the HL2, and EP1 single player to the multiplayer experience, then up it."
Adding many new features to intensify the team based, objective oriented, gameplay and taking the game in a grittier, more brutal direction.
- Oh and it'll probably be an IP loosely based on Children of Men

Playthrough example
You join a server and are greeted by the map's loading screen detailing your objectives and the map's layout so you're ready for battle as soon as it loads.
You spawn in your base, cocking your pistol; your basic weapon. Looking around you see a stockpile of weapons and supplies. So you go and pick-up some gear, reaching your hand out and grabbing the item, then stowing it away: an AK, a medkit, a syrette, and some ammo bags. You can already hear shooting, panicked shouting and cries of help and pain outside.
As you run outside you quickly observe the scene: a street, some cover across it; a car, a dumpster. You see a couple your team mates pinned down across the street, and one behind the car rolling in pain. You sprint towards the car to help your team mate, drawing fire as you run. Skidding into cover behind the car you thought you were safe but you see the blood puff out from below your vision; looking down you see the bloodstains on your body. So you move in slightly to get better cover and plunge a syrette into your arm to hold back the pain for a while. Your buddy's still groaning and rolling about; he's not bled out yet. So you check him over and help him back up, sure he's not quite up to full health but he's back in the fight for a while. He thanks you and starts to return fire.
Meanwhile the metrocops have moved up the street using cover and couple of riot shields, your team-mates have managed to get into a boarded up cafe, and are making a few hits on them, they got one down, but the bullets are just ricocheting off the shields. You here a ‘frag out!' and see a petrol bomb smash into the tight group of metro-cops: they won't be getting back up, flailing about on fire as your team pours rounds in from every direction. You look at their charred limp bodies with satisfaction. The team regroups, sharing out ammo, patching themselves up. The sector's secure. You clamber up on top of the car for a better view and pullout your map to get a better idea of where to go next.

Children of Men IP
The final IP will probably not be hl2...Although it will follow the theme of authoritarian police state vs resistance uprising!

The IP I hope to migrate to is loosely based on Children of Men, a book (with film adaption) where Britian is the last basition of civilsation after the world's population falls sterile. However there is division between government control and an underground resistance (providing skirmishes) and then when a baby is born and an immigrant town is raised to the ground basically an uprising starts (which provides greater scope for conflict).

The weaponry would roughly be:
Resistance: civilian hunting/sport and eastern block (come over with millions seeking asylum)
Government: police, MOD (Army etc) - police and armed forces merged as britain became more isolated and concerend with domestic affairs, withdrawing from foriegn commitments and quickly became a police state.

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RSS Articles

Hey, last time I hoped that I'd have a cool media release showing off features already in game and a few that I was supposed to code by now. However, like many teams on moddb 'sorry we just went back to school'...bla - except the team is just ME! so I had a couple of busy weeks at work, my birthday and getting ready for going back to uni. So not much modding's been going on :/ Well at least i've got a video of vaulting, how it should be/was and the recent bug that seems to have appeared over the last few weeks when I wasn't modding haha

On the topic of rate of development:
Obviously I need to change that October the 5th release date, I didn't commit anywhere near the amount of time i'd hoped to to the mod. It will pick up mid October once i've settled into uni and grouped up some artists! (shouldn't be a problem seeing my uni hosts Animex; there's more then enough games art and games design students about)

Once again I could really do with a bit of help in the following areas:
New animations! These are just WIP to cover new gameplay features that currently lack anims and don't make much sense/function properly without new anims, so DW if your not amazing, it'd still be great to get something :)
Player animations - desperately needed for new features such as the collapsing and helping up system and vaulting and climbing.
FP weapon anims - just some melee anims for standard CS or hl2 guns - the IP isn't even definate yet let alone the weapon arsenal.

Closer to what I had evisaged but still needs a bit of work.

The new bug: When vaulting from the ground it's fine, when vaulting whilst in the air/jumping.. well:

Other 'progress'

Reworked Bullet penetration
I've had material density and bullet damage based penetration in my mod for quite a while but recently MindBlaster shared a more efficient design. We then worked through some of the problems with the code and shared a few other bullet penetration tid bits. On the whole, it's improved in the following ways:
-Uses fewer traces in the majority of cases
-Takes into account the entry and exit materials and uses the denser for fairer gameplay
-Closer to finding a decent determining/handling method for hollow materials

I've also revamped the health systems and collapse system.
Bleeding, Bandaging and Regen:
When you take more than 5 damage in a hit you rack up 'bloodloss', it decreases each time you bleed untill you have bled out all your 'blood-loss', the greater it is the higher the rate/flow of bleeding.
You can bandage yourself up to stop bleeding, you have an infinite amount of bandages but it takes a few seconds to bandage up and bandages have a cooldown period before you can use them again.
Once you've had a sufficient rest from taking damage (a few secs) your health will regen, the rate of regen is dependant on your health: the healthier you are the quicker you recover.
The OLD system:
- If you would have died and weren't overkilled by 30hp then you collapsed got given 25 health and bled out at a set rate.
The NEW system:
- The old system is changed so that it's only under 10hp overkill and you are given just 10 health and either bleed out at your bloodloss rate or get given a bloodloss of 10 to make sure you bleed out.
- Now if you take 80% of your current health in one hit you collapse, with this kind of collapse you can get back up once your stamina has recovered, however you may still bleed to death - obviously this is more likely the less health you have.

1st New/Dev Post :D

1st New/Dev Post :D

News 21 comments

Hey, I’m Blandr3ws the developer of Final Stand. This is the first proper news post, I’ve had a mod profile a little while so a few people have discovered...

Transmission 16265

Transmission 16265

Feature 13 comments

This week we briefly revisit Provenance, Emanuel apologises to Jailbreak! and Modular Combat is updated to v1.76. Oh, and Thomas returns from his 8 week...

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Dude, did you get the pullet penetration to work?

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DEAD... :(

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Blandr3ws Creator

My last update was on the 22nd of Sept, just over a month ago.

unfortunately I have not been able to update the profile or work on the mod at all :(

The reason being, I clean installed Windows 7 RTM from Microsoft Academic Alliance, moved back to uni and had no internet for the last 6 weeks!

With no internet I couldn't download steam and my games again so I couldn't really code as I couldn't test, and I only backed up my code files not the projects so I also need the create a mod tool from the sdk before I could get my code going again even if i didnt test it.

However the Virgin Media engineer should FINALLY be installing our optic this Friday (23rd Oct)
and so I should be back up to speed in a few weeks, uni working allowing...

I felt this needed to be posted to put any worries of this mod's death.

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you described the game being played to show off your gameplay... well done. Our minds form the video.

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tell me this mod didn't die, please...

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Blandr3ws Creator

Hey shadow, no it hasn't died. I've just been internetless!
hence i've havent been on steam for agges...

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Blandr3ws Creator

Btw, to anyone checking the page - i definately won't be working on the mod for at least a week.
I (clean) installed Windows 7 pro RTM (yeah retail version for free from Academic Alliance ftw!!) on a bit of a whim and to clean my pc up before i go back to uni.

So My pc (as of monday when i go back to uni) has:
No internet - a week or 2 i reccon to get a Virgin engineer in.
No visual studio
No steam etc
-No modding going down!
I had my code backed up already :) but forgot to backup the project files haha - but that one's is only an hour setback.

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Hmm I would like to see how this turns out dont let it die motha fucka -peenus

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I could be a concept artist. I can draw faces and I love to draw rebels.

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Blandr3ws Creator

Thanks for the offer, but I don't believe I/the mod currently need concept drawings. I've got a pretty clear vision of the art direction and the gameplay for the mod.
The only real concept art the mod will need will be for player models for the modeller(s) to use.
Also I hope to recruit from my uni ( we've got Games: Art, Design and Programming degrees at the uni so it should be plausable, I'm back there in a week or so) so the team can easily communicate/work together.

But at the end of the day anything is helpful.
The IP/setting will be based on the 2006 film adaption of Children of Men NOT HL2 as my sketches showed

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