Final Fantasy 7. The perfect game?

Proving popular with countless generations of gamers, despite its age, inspiring fanart, fiction, a series of spinoff games and even a full-budget movie, it's tempting to fit Final Fantasy VII with the title 'Greatest. Game. Ever'.

And I'll agree, it's an awesome game - but, as much as I love FF7, as much I enjoy playing through it over, and over, there's always been a nagging suspicion: could it be... better?

Let's be honest. The battles can get a little too samey, there's little incentive to experiment with materia, and the game can all to easily be bested by simply attacking and spamming Cure-All. We've all heard horror stories about players who have managed to push themselves to the Northern Crater without even grasping the basics of the materia system.

This mod - this rebalance - seeks to address these issues, altering enemy statistics and AI, nerfing overpowered skills whilst promoting others that have been neglected, introducing new tactics, creating cunning and entertaining creatures, and overall making battles far more exciting and engaging.

So, what exactly will the rebirth mod feature? Work is still in progress, and I intent to keep certain features secret until release, so as not to spoil matters, but the mod has the following broad aim in mind: to promote a more strategic mode of gameplay. You won't be able to mash attack to get through REBIRTH. You'll have to keep your wits as sharp as your sword, and think carefully about every choice you make through the entire game.

I think you'll love it.

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3 comments by Yojimbo_Beta on Mar 17th, 2012

Contrary to popular opinion, Rebirth didn't die, it just got put on the back burner for a while. Since Christmas 2011, I've been working on a PSX Disc One beta to be released as a demo / early version sometime around the end of next month / May 2012.
As proof, here's a video of me fighting the Materia Keeper, here called a Hexadragon to hint at his ice-weak, fire-absorbing elemental affinities. Rebirth's enemies are divided up into a small number of memorable classes with particular weaknesses and resistances, and often renamed to hint at those classes. It's just one of the things that (I hope) will make Rebirth a fun mod to play.

The disc one demo will include

  • New materia and magic, including the much-desired water, wind and holy spells
  • Rebalanced limit breaks
  • Completely new equipment, with an emphasis on double-edged 'sidegrades' rather than 'upgrades'
  • Enemies with more intuitive status and elemental vulnerabilities
  • Stronger creatures and a noticeably increased difficulty
  • More steals and higher steal-rates, finally making steal useful.
  • The new 'disease' status, where Poison stops creatures from healing
  • The 'defence break' mechanic
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Rebirth v1 - Disc One

Rebirth v1 - Disc One

Apr 15, 2012 Demo 11 comments

At last! Rebirth v1 / Disc One has been released! This download includes a PPF patch for the NTSC PSX release.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Midgar Demo

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth - Midgar Demo

Jan 1, 2011 Demo 9 comments

You've waited and waited, so it's high time you got something in return! Here's a patch for the NTSC (American) PSOne version of Final Fantasy VII. The...

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inflim May 14 2011, 12:23pm says:

I have been playing since yesterday (Little amounts) and got to dons mansion. Up to now i think the game is a little too easy.

Started the game by putting in back row, tranq and then killing, as soon as barret appears i stole from every enemy giving a good stock of items.

Once tifa joins her limit on the second boss takes too much, with constant potions she kills the boss quickly.

Now i have aerith stealing from hell houses gives speed drink (500 gil each) i dont think im going to run out of gil.

Ill post more when ive finisehd the demo, as in ways i believe this game may be improved or how difficult it is.

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luketok May 12 2011, 6:31am says:

Just started the demo this evening .. and I gotta say .. The first reactor is pretty hard .. but I got past the boss .. now I'm in the process of escaping (First meet Aeries) and have no potions left .. and the soldiers and their dogs are destroying me .. Just a small suggestion .. this part should not be this hard .. I know the demo is for more advanced players who understand FF7 and have most likely beaten the game a few times, such as myself .. But I am still finding it .. a little overkill .. by the time I steal a potion .. my characters are almost dead anyway .. thus defeating the purpose of having an extra potion (by needing to use it right away)... I just hope it gets a little easier .. been seeing your vids on Youtube more and more .. and I love ..LOVE.. the meteria mods and such .. so I have high hopes for this ff7 Mod .. Keep up the good work :)

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Dark_Ansem Feb 23 2011, 5:26am says:

a source of inspiration you are :D

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Wiweeyum Jan 6 2011, 1:33am says:

Just got my emulator all set up and stuff. I actually DIED during the first boss fight. No bugs thus far, and I've liked the in battle dialog. Getting used to the amount of strategy necessary to stay alive, but am enjoying it a lot thus far.

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EtDiesIrae Jan 6 2011, 2:19am replied:

The reactor 1 is the more difficult part of all the demo. Steal items, put you characters in second row and use defense vs scorpion or dieeeee,xDDD

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Wiweeyum Jan 6 2011, 4:15am replied:

Yeah, I need to get out of there now, and I'm stuck with very little health and no items. Looks like I need to rethink my strategy and start over.

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EtDiesIrae Jan 4 2011, 6:06am says:

Final Feedback
Shinra HQ Feedback

Part 1: Assault (Aeris rescue)

Two monsters need a little changues.
Robots guardians that lose his armour need more evasion (use magic or he dodge your attacks!).
Hammer robot need a little bonuses. I think in give him more Hp and health regeneration: Put in groups of two opponents: if you don’t kill fast one, he disappears and recovers all his live points. Maybe add an explication of this when you fight the combat?
Grenadiers are fine.
Sword dance is correct, but don’t have anything special in this point (grenadiers also can confuse you): why don’t remove them from Shinra Hq and put him in 5 reactor? That gives to the reactor variety of enemys. If you do thah, decrease his stats a little.

You change the Mayor password? Bad guy! xD (for me ok!)

Dude: I don’t know if is possible, but for do more interesting this part: if you take the option of assault Shinra Hq for the principal gate, block the posibility of use the menu in the elevator part. (You don’t have time for heal in this crazy situation! Really?)

BOSS: Data Error scene 456 code 32 two times when I use fire with Cloud agains the Boss. Is a problem of camara: if I’m intruding an order when he us fire, the game don’t crashes. The boss idea is correct: you need to attack the egg for stop the attack of the boss. I think that one change is neccesary: when the Boss lose half of his Hp, he only do “recover egg” when you destroy two or more egg, not one.

3 class soldiers: Really fine! His sleep + aero spam combo is a nasty surprise.

PD: Nanaki is fine

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EtDiesIrae Jan 4 2011, 6:09am replied:

Part 2: Sephirot comes
-Bio pod is correct. Dude: if possible add to sacrifices a chance of cover (in the same way of cover materia) physical attacks to Biopod? I think that this is interesting (and is a sacrifice!)

It’s bosses time!

Hundred Gunner: Upgrade the damage of “wave artillery”. 3 turns of charge for 80 are ridiculous. Upgrade to 200 (¡or more!) for force to player to use “defense command”

Heli Gunner: He needs more Hp. Completly fine in the rest.

Rufus:Black Nation is fine and the Rufus Leader addition correct. I think that Rufus need anything special: a final attack equal to Reno, recover health (or health status) when he laught or maybe a chance of cause silence?

Road Boss: Fire 2 and fire 3 wheel is correct. I think that his physical attacks needs an upgrade: The easy option is increase his strentgh, but i think that more interesting choice is add a chance of slow or confuse to his individual attack. If not, this battle are only a attack+water+cure spam.

Others considerations:
Reduce a little Barret Hp. I understand that he is the resistent character, but he doubles Cloud,xD
Tifa is correct after the reactor 5 mission. He has low Hp, but his limit is really powerful and she don’t die in only 1 attack, xD
The most difficult part of all demo is reactor 1. That is....strange. I think that monster of reactor 1 need to give more potions or be easy of stolen. Add a defense explain in scorpion fight.
Change the stolen materia in sewers by other water materia. I don’t need two stolen, but two waters materia are useful in “shinra levels” and I can’t buy it in a store.

Thanks for you work. You have a fan in me with this demo. Good luck with this project from Spain!

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EtDiesIrae Jan 4 2011, 6:28am replied:

I forget two interesting ideas:

1) Add 1 tent in the start items: that give to noob players a good chance to complete mako 1 reactor.

2) A better option that decrease Barret Hp is do a important decrease of his magical defense: that give to the player a interesting choice for his party: Barret becomes a solid rock vs physical opponents but really weak vs magical attacks

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Yojimbo_Beta Creator
Yojimbo_Beta Jan 2 2011, 2:36pm says:

The demo download had a few bugs, and has been taken down briefly.

In the meanwhile, download the latest patch from

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EtDiesIrae Jan 3 2011, 3:43am replied:

First, sorry for my english level.

I'm actually playing rebirth. (wall market first visit). This is my feedback:

Reactor mako 1) Correct and fine. Maybe can be difficult for noobs players, but I really think that is fine (and fun!)

Reactor mako 5) Ok. The subway and underplaque part are correct (no floating fish enemy?) but the reactor 5 no. For oneside, only exist a challenge (engynners+mech, equal to reactor 1). That is bored. What happens with other vanilla enemys? (red hound, red engynner and green-smoke-machine) I'm sure that this part becomes more interesting creating two different challengues with this enemys (maybe red hounds alone and a combined challengued with red engynners and green-machines?) For otherside, airbust is easy: he need a serious Hp bonus, or more (and really more) frontal defense (more interesting choice, but more difficult to implement)

Slums sector 6: No thief? Why? Thief are a interesting opponent. The others enemys (hellhouse, etc) are fine.

-In slums, one challenged crashes.
-If you change cloud weapon in mako reactor 1, and after that, you change the weapon other time, water materia isn't equipped.
- The ghost blue materia in the menu!

But, in anycase, good job, I really enjoy this mod, and the final result can be awesome!

(I go to play more. when I complete the midgard chapted I return to complete feedback)

Good luck!

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EtDiesIrae Jan 3 2011, 8:44am replied:

I defeat Reno in sector 7 today, let's go with Feedback part 2:

Corneo Mansion: Fine

Sewers: Apps need to don't hit himself or is to easy with spam cure + attacks + Aeris limit. Sahagin are fine and interesting opponent with the royal guard. Cranck is out, but not problem with that. Maybe change steal materia by other? I don't need two steal. In one battle I see a bug: I can attack with weapons to frontal sahagin (out of range message)

Train graveyeard: Ghost are really interesting opponents. Chaplain weapon for Aeris are a great and correct addition, useful for heal and counter sleep. In general, this part is correct and don't need changes.

Support tower (sector 7): I think that Reno (equal to Apps) need a more interesting item for be stolen. He final attack are a little extra surprisse. Fine.

In general, I think that Tifa need a little extra Hp. She are really weakness to be a frontal character. Others guys are correct. Enemy variety is low, but battle are, in general, more interesting. I suposse that you intent to don't repeat enemys in different colours right?

Good job, more feedback in one or two days.

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Yojimbo_Beta Creator
Yojimbo_Beta Jan 3 2011, 1:22pm replied:

Thanks for your responses - this is always genuinely helpful.

* Sector 5: At the time, I thought duplicating enemies would give the player chance to 'master' an encounter, and be rewarded for it. But perhaps I need to add more variation...

* Sector 6: You're right. The thief is a pretty interesting enemy, not least when items are already scarce...

* Aps: Now you mention it, it's too easy to just tank until Aps kills himself. That's something to modify.

* Reno: Perhaps he should carry some sort of equipment? Maybe something relevant to the Shinra HQ?

* Tifa's supposed to be something of a glass cannon, but I appreciate that phoenix downs are quite rare in those early chapters, so I might boost her initial HP or vitality a little.

As I said, these insights are really helpful.

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EtDiesIrae Jan 3 2011, 2:50pm replied:

-Sector 5: One option is add the "underground" encounter to the reactor. At least, that give to the player two different battles. Other option is remove the engynner+mech battle from the reactor 1. That part can be really difficult for a noob, and have many different encounters.

-Sector 6: I understand that you think in put the thief enemy in corel prison. Ok with that, no problem.

-Reno: I intent to stolen his item 10 times. (more or less). For a bolt 2 item? Ohhhh mannnn. Make more easy to stolen, and fine.

-Tifa is useful thanks his "limit". But in the first step of the game (underground tunel) she can die in two hits. Upgrade his Hp is a option, upgrade the number of enemys with phoenix down is other.

Thank you for your work. I really enjoy playing this demo and i can't wait to the complete version. Tomorrow assault to Shinra HQ!

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