"Ferench Estate - Awakening" is a part of the new adventure of the game "Amnesia The Dark Descent". At present this is on my "drawing board". Action year 1848,Hungarian rise against absolute ruler's - the Habsburgs. Your name is VLADIMIR and you are deserter.You and two of you companions are hiding in the old "Ferench Estate". During centuires the place earned fame as very gruesome and spooky.Nevertheless you decided to take risk hopping that "deserters hunters" knowlege of the horror past of the Estate will save you,that this, will make them not to enter the propety. VLADIMIR, you made a BIG mistake. What to expect? 1. Compact story 2. New sourandings and music 3. New objects 4. Mysteries 5. Location in detail 6. Sense of gruesomness Ferench Estate "Awaikening" is first of the three projected parts of "Amnesia", the game of the adventures". First part is allmost ready. The test of logic of heppenings to do. Adventures is only in Polish version, but who Knows?

"Ferench Estate - Awakening" -  Polish version.

"Ferench Estate - Awakening" - Polish version.

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Posiadłość Ferenczego - Przebudzenie. Przygoda ukończona. Wszystko powinno działać bezproblemowo. Jak by co dajcie znać w komentarzach.Przygoda...

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Released Jan 20, 2013
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