Feldpost Karten First card from russia => in the streets of Pleskau (AS1)

Report content in the streets of Pleskau / version 20140330 / AS1
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Ger / Rus 1941 in the streets of Pleskau Mission without flags: Conquer the city and take 8 districts. Your Officer Max Schultz must survive.

in the streets of Pleskau / version 20140330 / AS1

really fun map man, for some reason the skybox didnt appear and the tasks seem to have glitched, but other than that it was very fun good job ;)

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Hello friend! .. Thank you very much for this nice map .. but one question? .. Why do not you put the sky? .. Because if it is night you will have put lanterns with lights etc. .. in finally thank you very much for the map .. hugs!

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Yes, i agree with the above post, Very good mission and more of these are wanted by the community...

This is a good mission, however there were quite a few small issues:

- No Sky or environment set
- No buildings had visible interiors ( edifice's F2 mode in map editor )
- No objectives were displayed. ( no localizations for tasks )
- Some player soldiers were set to AI control and didn't show up on Players units bar on left side of screen....
- SOme mission Text was in german...
- Player controlled soldiers had no personage set and were not revivable with the include medics.....
- Night / day cycle for environment for added realism...
- Added images to reinforcement menu. eg squad icons, smg,rifle,mg,sniper units.
- added german flag to top of reinforcement menu...

I have a fixed version with all these issues and more fixed and other improvements also including, blood, smoke and sound effects...

If the original modder / author gives permission, i will upload for others to enjoy.... Also the original author can use my improvements as a template for future missions...

Keep up the great work and my only goal here is to help other modders make better mods and help them improve their skills by helping...

This is for the improvement / betterment of the MOW:AS community (IMHO)

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Great Mopar AUS ... Greetings things first .. also comment that when you order reinforcements (troops) .. eg not attack anyone but orders it remain static .. doing absolutely nothing ... if you could fix Friend Mopar would be GREAT! ... I hope and pray that you give permission the modder who posted this map .. thank you very much and goodbye hugs ..! .. thanks!

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Feldpost Author

Your comments and help offers are welcome.

Recongnizing that I mixed two testmaps with the result that all talkings and missions description are gone.
This will be corrected in the next version:
texts in english
environment set (ger seelowhights)
including standard reinforcement icons
descriptons for the mission objectives and their activation order
talking if you receive objectives and killrates

Feel free to send me more tips as I received from Mopar (standard name information!) to grow my scripting skills...

This map can be used for other battles. I think this should be normal in the MOW community cause in the war several battles take place in one map. Please give some credits if using and a link of your work would be helpful to find new battles quick. Thx!

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Feldpost Author

waiting for authorisation version 20130615.
credits to Mopar for work-over

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1 day from now :D

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good map but need skybox and maybe more ressources, a small income would be good cuz i find myself left later without units and ressources or i just have enough units to hold but cant call anymore to attack and i cant refill vehicles cause no ammo trucks /=

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Some of the cannons can't be spotted. - It's Called Infanterie in german or infantry in english, however spelling error. - The russians got japanese 47mm Typ 1 Guns in this mission... for some reason. - Also Type 2 57 Guns..... - And even in the Editor troops are spotted 1 time, and then they are visible for ever. Thats not Fog of War. Seems more like a Bug. I hope this list helps you to improve this mission. regards.

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Feldpost Author

Waiting for authorisation version 20130824.
Some changes initiated by Winsberg and merhabi - thx for the remarks.

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Feldpost Author

waiting for authorisation version 20140330

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