Feast of the damned is a mod for Amnesia which take about 20 - 25 minutes, with screamers, new music, run time and puzzle time. Enjoy ! This mod is available in French and English.

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Since you told us it is going to be a troll story full of jumpscares, I'm not going to rate it a low score simply because it was a jumpscare story. But...


- It was scary sometimes
- A few creative areas


- Level design is boring and repetitive (with exception of the big grunt head part)
- 80% chase of monsters are in chase scenes
- Only key quests
- No story at all except for a brief description
- Low creativity (when it comes to quests, story etc)
- Short


Boring, repetitive and if you hate jump feasts and troll humour, a huge waste of time.

3/10 - Bad

For a troll mod, this was actually pretty good. Some of the scares actually got me and i liked the length.

Jumpscare fest. Not really my kind of custom story.

Very funny

Well, it was fun to play.The musics are good, the scripting is good and it fits it's role:humor.

C est trop flipant mec super good jobs veriy good

This map is awesome ! Keep working like this !

annoying... running around... search for a clue... not funny at all.
could be made a little bit user friendlier. sry for my vote, but like i said. :/

awesome bro

I just finished this story in 1 hour. it was an awesome experience. how ever there where a few bugs with the AI. But I still enjoyed ever last bit of the story

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