Five Elite Mercenaries are send to an Island in middle of the 1980'. The Task: Find and Eliminate a local Drug Baron. Features: new Physic, real Sunmovement, Day/Night Change, Hunger/Food system, realistic (!) Weather system, Light/Dark viewing system for AI, 5 different Fractions on the Island. Complete Realistic simulation of nearly all things, including Sleep. New weapons, new Vehicles. Vehicles driving system is now exact (!) like GTA IV , FireSystem,... this mod is Heavily inspired by GTA, IGI, FarCry.

opcl level snow inside camp

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the video should only show the new weightlimit system but i forgot to interrupt the recording *g*
what is new:
every difficulty level have now a weight limit. for example the easiest,
-tourist mode have max 15 kg , the second one,
-tourist without Visa have max 20kg.
i think i can motivate player with this system to try a higher difficulty level.
the qustion was: what happens if the weight limit exceed by picking up a new item or weapon?
i decided to drastically slow down the player. thats what you see early in the video:
player is in touristmode, max weight 15kg, but player have 21kg. a message appears which
tells you that u have 6kg to much load. the weight calculator on the right frame of the screen
turns to red. beside this you can see the actual allowed maximum weight for this difficulty level.
i think its the easiest and intuitive method.
its the last addition i have done in that topic, its already to complicated. for example in simulation mode
the player speed is calculatd out from:
carried load / weight, Fitness/training, health and allowed max weight (but in simulation you are not limited,
eg you have 70kg "free" which is surely enough).

so, next new thing is the weapon handling if player is running, just look byself. idea was, as mentioned before,
first realised and released by Szczekus. it looks now more naturally, will also add more weaponswing during sprinting and less if you are walking.

also new: not really noticable without knowing the background:
as i enter the building from very thick fog and snowfall the effects immedately turned off inside the hut.
i programmed a global indoor-switch off outdoorparticle effect routine.

about the level and structure:
dont judge to hard, this camp is only 50% finished and very empty (atleast all props are missing).
buildings by spider, cheelzero, pvcf, xisle team (the hangar which i retextured to the nice hall at beggining).this level is the "i love IGI 2" level XD that means sneaking, intrudin