Warning for Desura users: you need to manually make a backup of patch.dat and patch.fat file in your Data_Win32 folder inside Far Cry 2 directory just to be safe. Mini-mod aiming to decrease costs for weapons and upgrades, increase damage, reduce recoil and reduce weapon degradation, while not taking away the immersion and realism already present in Far Cry 2.

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Vey nice weapons correction from vanilla FC2, with the reduction of muzzle reaction and increase in range & power. For example the AR16 with scope should of had the longest range & with a 3 round burst the least amount of muzzle reaction of all the assault rifles. With the vanilla AR16 if you didnt get a head shot you could pump almost a whole magazine into the enemy before their downed. The new upgraded AR16 is now my favorite assault rifle.

Overall you have greatly increased the enjoyment of playing this game ! Thanks for taking the time to make FC2 much improved !


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What could this man not do with an SDK? Great mod, thanks a lot for sharing it!


Its on good way, but now is not perfect.

I enjoy the cheaper prices for things and the increase in weapon damage (especially increase in stealth suit). Great job. Finally a mod. Hopefully we'll get to do more things to help improve this game further!


Thanks, would you happen to post how much weapons cost so I can make sure that it worked right for me? :P


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