This is a Mod for the PC Version of Fallout: New Vegas.

It adds an all new campaign selected from the New Game tab on your Main Menu.

This mod only requires a copy of New Vegas, right out of the box*.


- Careful Attention to Detail in 2 Unique Paths Full of SPECIAL Choices -

Vault 18 Facebook Photos of the WeekVault 18 Facebook Photos of the Week

- Vast Fallout Lore-Inspired Story to Explore and Experience with Rich Characters & Quests-

New Game StartNew Game Start

This is a near Total Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: Project Brazil adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18. You'll discover a pitched battle between the Survivalist Raiders, the New California Republic, and The Super Mutants, which shapes the politics and events leading to the NCR's invasion of the Mojave. The story takes place in 2260 - many years before the "Courier" awakes in New Vegas, while the Enclave struggles to rise again on the West Coast.

The Mod branches off from New Vegas right from the New Game menu. The full campaign will contain 16 Main Quests and several side stories, all related to the player's journey through Vault 18 and the wasteland of San Bernardino. Their choices at each stage will shape the next, creating 2 plathroughs worth of unique content.

The download of the First Instalment comes with a custom installer package containing a few optional add-ons for your game, like the REVELATION Interface, and DLC compatibility patches.

The game features several hours of new exploration and game play, with each branch of the story telling a new tale for repeat playthroughs.

2. Features

An Alternate Start in Vault 18 with a New Player Character and Main Quest.
A New Intro Video to really give it that "New Game"feeling.
An Ornate Main Quest Line with Compelling Side Quests rich in Fallout & Character Lore.
Hours of Voice Acting recorded at pro-quality in Radian-Helix Media's Tucson, Az Studio.
A Very Large Worldspace in California - The Black Bear Mountain National Forest.
An Epic War between The Super Mutants, The Survivalist Raiders, and The New California Republic.
A Pirate Radio Station DETH 981 with 2 New DJs and Quest + Crafting + Perk Unlocking Segments.
A News Radio Station called NCRPR - New California Republic Radio - with quest updates in the News.
5 Potential Human Companions and 2 Robot Companions available depending on player choices.

[This mod has nothing to do with the country of Brazil. No, seriously, it's not The Country of Brazil. I swear. Project Brazil is a working title. The artistic form and story themes are heavily influenced by the Monty Python veteran Terry Gilliam, and the classic 1985 film "Brazil." It's also a throw back to Black Isle Studios, if you're into Irish Myth. You can read more about us on our fan-run Wikipedia Article. How cool is that?]


Download the latest version of the First Instalment.

Use Fallout Mod Manager or Nexus mod Manager to open the 7zip file. Or manually install.
Make sure you have installed the game to the correct directory where New Vegas is installed.
Make sure your installer is Run As Administrator.
If you have DLC installed, also install the F:PB DLC Control Plugin in your options.

Using your favourite Mod Manager, apply Archive Invalidation.

Check ProjectBrazil.esm in your DATA tab on the Launcher, or your Mod Manager.
Also check F:PB DLC Control Plugin.esp if you have DLC installed.

Play. Comment. Rate. Vote for Mod of the Year 2013. ;)

4.Team - Cast & crew

Click Here To View the f:PB Cast And Crew List

Links to our Friends, Articles, and Heroes:
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Fallout 4 beat us to release, which sucks. I had the day marked as "D-Day" on my google calendar, and as the gmail popup goaded me, it came and went without a whisper. If you ignore the explosion of pretty much everyone I know playing it, it was uneventful. :p I haven't touched Fallout 4. I don't even have a PC that can run it. I won't until after BETA200 is released for you guys.

We're still hoping to release in December.

Right now our big issue is wrapping up the transition between the Raider Main Quest and the NCR, should you decide to betray Elsdragon and/or Escape the Raiders, either through Combat, Cunning, or Stealth. And then we will script the first part of Main Quest 03 (which is virtually identical for Raiders and NCR players) then skip to Main Quest 05, the final boss, where Seddon has already begun blocking out the major battle scenes there.

Part 2/4: Scripted Scenes

These "cut-scenes" play out in-game, with your controls free. You can wander around and explore as the NPCs go about their business. I hate it when the video aspect take over the game, so we let you actively roam as these go on. That introduces a lot of potential bugs, but it's also more immersive to me, and it helps it feels as though your Vault Dweller is more than just the PC, they're part of a living world.

You can read more about our progress on the Design Documents Found Here. In the mean time, you can keep track of us on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. We've got a thriving online community centred around each one.


Brandan Lee
Project Leader

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for November Part 2

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for November Part 2

2 weeks ago News 4 comments

With our leadup to a very rocky BETA this December, we're starting to see the vision crystallize out of the mist. Here are some samples of the quality...

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for September October, and November

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for September October, and November

3 weeks ago News 10 comments

We've emerged from the other side of a 2 month long modding binder that took some of us around the world! New loading screens, news, and more.

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for August

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for August

3 months ago News 16 comments

Tons of new progress reports from our various team members on our quest to beat Fallout 4 to release!

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for July

[Fallout: Project Brazil] State of the Mod for July

4 months ago News 14 comments

New progress update on the main quest, addressing some rumours, and wasteland art update!

RSS feed Downloads


1 year ago Full Version 26 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 3 1 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager to install.



2 years ago Full Version 12 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager.



2 years ago Patch 1 comment

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 PATCH - Fixes many bugs, refines some dialogues, avoid common crashes, optimizes a few areas, and updates quests.



2 years ago Patch 9 comments

This is the tiny patch to the 101 or 100 version, if you downloaded in the first 4 days.



2 years ago Full Version 16 comments

No updates required. This is the full version for first time users. If you haave 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, get the 1.1.0 Patch which will be out shortly if it isn't...



2 years ago Patch 6 comments

OLD - ARCHIVED, use 1.1.0 to update. Terrified of <spare> squirrels and want Robot Robin Williams to pop a bazooka up their tiny furry asses? Project...

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Guest Jul 23 2015 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 23 2015 replied:

That's weird. I've never heard of that one. Rossman should be there. What do you do leading up to that?

+1 vote   reply to comment
Volatile_Stovel Jul 24 2015 replied:

Ok sorry, I've just realised what the issue was.
After I had just reunited with the robot dog, I left the lab to find some blood splatters on some boxes, and after wandering about for a few minutes resorted to watching part of a playthrough to proceed. I skipped through some of the video in order to get it done quickly and what I saw in said playthrough was a guy lying on the same boxes (so naturally I assumed something had not loaded in correctly). And in an effort to gain some more info for this reply, I watched another playthrough in order to provide an accurate reference, in which I saw a pathway (through the tunnel) that I was not aware existed, following this new path led me to new story quests which again led me to the aforementioned boxes, this time with the character lying next to them. So ultimately in my haste to continue the story, I inadvertently skipped too much of the playthrough, to a point that married up perfectly with my in game position.

Thank you for the reply and sorry if I caused any trouble.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 24 2015 replied:

That's complicated! :p

Glad you fixed it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
rafmc1989 Jul 21 2015 says:

Great work!

+3 votes     reply to comment
Thrandy Jul 20 2015 says:

How is the feeling when your N0.1 xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 20 2015 replied:

Ask us again in October. XD

+2 votes   reply to comment
Guest Jul 18 2015 says:

Will there be another beta before the official final release

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 18 2015 replied:


+2 votes   reply to comment
TheEmptyPumpkin Jul 2 2015 says:

Just played through the WIP again, brilliant as I remember it. A question though. Google Drive stuff suggest that there may not be a Romance arc for Kira. Is it possible that this may be added later? There seems to be plans for Jamie and Jen but not Kira, and shes one of the first options you come across doing the Nerd Star run.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 2 2015 replied:

No, there won't be an option for Kira, and if you try to pursue the one that's there it results in disaster. Kira was abused after all, and emotionally traumatized. The best romantic relationship you can give a person like that is her freedom, which is what she wants, and needs. Trying to take that away (by force or by persuasion) is always destructive and painful for both people. That's the lesson behind her character. That letting go is often a good decision.

+3 votes   reply to comment
scullionus Jun 26 2015 says:

This mod is absolutely brilliant! the first part of the game while your in the vault is really in depth and brilliantly laid out with a great story progression, and it's not easy. If you want to be a good guy and get all the companions you will need to do the quest several times. If however you want to be the bad guy and don't care too much about companions it's not too hard. The second part (when you leave the vault) should be noted right now that it is unfinished, many buildings and quests are unaccessible as yet so I'd suggest you start off at doc mitchells unless you feel like checking out what is to come.

To the developers, You guys rock keep it up!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Jul 2 2015 replied:

Thanks man! Working on Part 2 now.

+2 votes   reply to comment
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Project Brazil has to be one of the most hopeful mods ever. If it were to be picked up by ZeniMax, and offered as a DLC - I would pay for it tenfold. This is honestly one the best mods I have ever played, with an amazing storyline and astounding voice acting, very professionally-done. The new Enclave "Patriot" uniforms are amazing, and despite my personal enmity against America, I wear one often. I guess I can coldly state "I wear this as a big fuck-you." Even in its current state, this is incredibly…

Jun 5 2013 by TB-755

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