This is a Mod for the PC Version of Fallout: New Vegas.

It adds an all new campaign selected from the New Game tab on your Main Menu.

This mod only requires a copy of New Vegas, right out of the box*.


- Careful Attention to Detail in 2 Unique Paths Full of SPECIAL Choices -

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- Vast Fallout Lore-Inspired Story to Explore and Experience with Rich Characters & Quests-

New Game StartNew Game Start

This is a near Total Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: Project Brazil adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a quest to a hidden complex in the ruins of Los Angeles. Along the way you'll discover a pitched battle between the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic, and The Super Mutants, which shapes the politics and events leading to the NCR's invasion of the Mojave. The story takes place in 2260 - many years before the "Courier" awakes in New Vegas, while the Enclave struggles to rise again on the West Coast.

The Mod branches off from New Vegas right from the New Game menu. The game will be released in chapters, with the first release containing 3 parts. The full campaign will contain 16 Main Quests and several side stories, all related to the player's journey through Vault 18 and the wasteland of San Bernardino. Their choices at each stage will shape the next, creating 2 plathroughs worth of unique content.

The download of the First Installment comes with a custom installer package containing a few optional add-ons for your game, like the REVELATION Interface, and DLC compatibility patches.

The game features several hours of new exploration and game play, with each branch of the story telling a new tale for repeat playthroughs.

2. Features

An Alternate Start in Vault 18 with a New Player Character and Main Quest.
A New Intro Video to really give it that "New Game"feeling.
An Ornate Main Quest Line with Compelling Side Quests rich in Fallout & Character Lore.
Hours of Voice Acting recorded at pro-quality in Radian-Helix Media's Tucson, Az Studio.
A Very Large Worldspace in California - The Black Bear Mountain National Forest.
An Epic War between The Super Mutants, The Survivalist Raiders, and The New California Republic.
A Pirate Radio Station DETH 981 with 2 New DJs and Quest + Crafting + Perk Unlocking Segments.
A News Radio Station called NCRPR - New California Republic Radio - with quest updates in the News.
5 Potential Human Companions and 2 Robot Companions available depending on player choices.

[This mod has nothing to do with the country of Brazil. No, seriously, it's not The Country of Brazil. I swear. Project Brazil is a working title. The artistic form and story themes are heavily influenced by the Monty Python veteran Terry Gilliam, and the classic 1985 film "Brazil." It's also a throw back to Black Isle Studios, if you're into Irish Myth. You can read more about us on our fan-run Wikipedia Article. How cool is that?]


Download the latest version of the First Installment.

Install Fallout: Project Brazil using the BETA 1 Installer Package.exe

Use Fallout mod Manager or Nexus mod Manager to open the 7zip file. Or manually install.
Make sure you have installed the game to the correct directory where New Vegas is installed.
Make sure your installer is Run As Administrator.
If you have DLC installed, also install the F:PB DLC Control Plugin in your options.

Using your favorite Mod Manager, apply Archive Invalidation.

Check ProjectBrazil.esm in your DATA tab on the Launcher, or your Mod Manager.
Also check F:PB DLC Control Plugin.esp if you have DLC installed.

Play. Comment. Rate. Vote for Mod of the Year 2013. ;)

4.Team - Cast & crew

Click Here To View the f:PB Cast And Crew List

Links to our Friends, Articles, and Heroes:
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18 comments by Thaiauxn on Jun 15th, 2015

May 31st, Project Brazil celebrated 2 years of being live on the internet. Like last month, storyline progress as been made that isn't directly visual, like scripts and quest design from RickerHK and Seddon, or dialogue editing from NoNoodles, Mark, and I, which we can't exactly show you without spoilers. But we also have a ton of 3D art from Tau34RUS, Dragbody, Camboy, and myself.

Camboy & Gabi have helped us create more character refinement to our Companions and Heroes. Take a look at these outstanding works of art, which you can also view on our fan-maintained wikia admined by Benedikt!

Ben Kurtz

Companion - Ben Kurtz

Companion - Jen Hale

Companion - Kira Mann

Companion - Johnny Matheson

Raider Warlord - Juan Marxson Elsdragon

Shi Warlord - Kieva Nanjima

Bishop Family Mob Don and NCR Senator - Paul DuVille

All of these cool characters will be fully fleshed out NPCs in F: PB's lore friendly storyline. Their amours, faces, and weapons shown here are all going to be available in game as well.

Elite Shi Armours

Elite Shi Katanas (also comes in rusty flavour, and sexy new Batman Black!)

Elite Vault Viking Armour, for all your Society of Wasteland Anachronism Needs.

Vault Viking Shields (also comes with My Axe!)

Awww, dem new Vault Suits from Vlad Essev without dat saggy 2009 ass!

There's actually a lot more than this, but this news post is long enough! XD

If you're saying to yourself - damn! These look like they'd be at home on Fallout 4! Well, you'd be right. :p All of these are designed with a modular system in mind and created with PBR textures (saved as last-gen DDS files for GECK,) meaning when we get our hands on the F4GECK, we can rapidly implement these according to the same dynamic system you can watch here in this E3 footage. Because I am a modular fanatic. I might keep an arcane sacrificial alter to Joel Burgess.

If you still think PBR is something your mom gives you on Rye, let me show you:

The Geck, Last Gen Rendering.

Marmoset 2, Physically Based Rendering.

Physically Based Rendering is a scene lighting method that attempts to accurately replicate real world reflectance values. The difference is night and day, and according to Fallout 4's E3 coverage, I'm fully trained in all the tools they used to make the art assets for F4 - in fact, I've been using them to make FPB's new levels & art, saving a copy as PBR (you know, just in case F4 ever came out) and a copy for the GECK.

As you can imagine this is taking a long time to implement and create. With Fallout 4 now announced for November 11th, 2015, we are on the fast track to finishing this Mega Mod, and we're committed to doing it for New Vegas. 4 years of work has locked us into this groove. We'll always be a New Vegas game. There's no hope of porting it over, and doing another 4 years on the mod would kill us.

You can read some of our thoughts from me on this Kotaku Interview.

We're aiming to release before Fallout 4; but, we reserve the right to miss that date, if, we decide that it's not ready to leave the nest. We don't release broke shit.

Nathan contacted me on Facebook for an off the cuff interview last week. In it I laid out our general plans for attacking Part 2 Development.

Each month from now to October, we will be finishing a quest with RickerHK, Seddon, and Richard. Our friend NoNoodles is going to be coming in to assist us with filling in the empty wasteland with minor NPCs, and I'm begging Jokerine from Boom to the Moon and Black Mesa to drop by the help us decorate some of our still very vanilla looking ghost towns. I mean, they're supposed to be abandoned ghost towns in raider country. :p But still, they need some decoration besides Raiders. Jokerine is the best modder to help with that.

For the curious, this is our Main Quest Timeline that shows how time passes during the two main quest threads. It also shows our remaining quests to implement.

Where we are in this timeline is a bit of a scatter shot. There is a ton more to this chart than how simple I made it look. Off to the left is the knot of A Night in Pinehaven (the legendary quest that has stumped so many of you when it was still a Work in Progress placeholder in the 131 wasteland.) ANIP is now done, and Lost Roads, which you can see here as the stick leading into the first branch, is now done as of this week.

NCRMQ01, and SVRMQ01, are both around 65%. NCRMQ02 has some work put in, so I'll measure that at 10%.

With the new armours done, and the new wasteland elements going in from me, we are at ~85% complete in the new visual art category. Story wise? 35%.

Voice acting is going to be Hell Month. :p starting October 11th, we have our first voice actor returning to join us, flying in from Spain just for us. We have an 5 1/2 hour recording session booked at the studio. Each companion has 4 hours of voiced dialogue. 4 of our Main Quest heroes: Silverman, Elsdragon, DuVille, and Kieva, have 10 hours booked to record.

Needless to say, all of this dialogue is being recorded live, in person. I only plan on using 2 actors from the internet, recording remotely without direction. (You don't have to send in your resume or beg me to voice act. :p I've got it covered. I'm doing it all local.)

That's a long haul in 5 months time, but with our volunteers newly invigorated, we're seeing much better progress. Still a lot slower than I'd like, but we all have day jobs. >_ < The curse of indie and mod development. I can't wait until one day we can do this full time as our real, only job. Making an income, meeting deadlines, finding investors all that ball busting labour dedicated to one goal.

Next Month, I plan on having a new video to show you with these new 3D assets full implemented, and some of our first batch of new voice acting. We might even do another interview if asked.

You can read about our progress on the Design Documents Found Here. In the mean time, you can keep track of us on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. We've got a thriving online community centred around each one.


Brandan Lee
Project Leader

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Dec 8, 2013 Full Version 22 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 3 1 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager to install.



Jul 19, 2013 Full Version 12 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager.



Jul 19, 2013 Patch 1 comment

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 PATCH - Fixes many bugs, refines some dialogues, avoid common crashes, optimizes a few areas, and updates quests.



Jun 7, 2013 Patch 9 comments

This is the tiny patch to the 101 or 100 version, if you downloaded in the first 4 days.



Jun 6, 2013 Full Version 16 comments

No updates required. This is the full version for first time users. If you haave 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, get the 1.1.0 Patch which will be out shortly if it isn't...



Jun 1, 2013 Patch 6 comments

OLD - ARCHIVED, use 1.1.0 to update. Terrified of <spare> squirrels and want Robot Robin Williams to pop a bazooka up their tiny furry asses? Project...

Post comment Comments  (580 - 590 of 719)
theSeventh Sep 1 2012, 6:01am says:

Zombies? You played Fallout 3 so you know feral ghoul were like zombies and that was terrible idea!!! I have to ask about something. Why Enclave doesn't wear Power Armors? To make them even more casual than Encalve from Bethesda game? How can I feel in danger when I know those guys who ruled a world I can kill with knife? And the most important question. If "Brazil" will be so big and so complicated and the mod will make player able to play New Vegas without configuration, doesn't it mean game will lunch 30 minutes on weak computers (like mine)? Because NV need 10 minutes to lunch.

-1 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Sep 5 2012, 5:34am replied:

Opinions are like... And no. F:PB actually runs quite well. There will be a couple slow areas in Vault 18, but you get past them pretty quick, so it's okay.

+2 votes   reply to comment
theSeventh Sep 14 2012, 6:07am replied:

Does Nerd/Atletic change every dialogue of the game? I always thought Special system was enought for creating character. But still... man's personality isn't based on one thing. If My character is strong nerd can use skills based on strenght outside combat? Like helping someone carry something or armwrestling?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Sep 17 2012, 1:08am replied:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is still used in dialogue. Perks are also used. Athelete / Nerd only changes your current quest lineup, and some of your stats. Some characters will treat you differently, and you will sometimes be provided alternate ways of completing things.

+1 vote   reply to comment
theSeventh Sep 18 2012, 3:41pm replied:

Maybe the most important question. Classic Fallouts & New Vegas is based on New civilization towns & cities. This is one reason why Fallout is a tale about survive in post apocalyptic town. We always can choose Albert as our character and try to be nice guy. I just don't wanna see another game which is called "RPG" but 90% of the game is FPS. I know you want bring back old style of Fallout (like everybody else like Bethesda with big fail & Obsidians Vegas which was really close to time travel). BUT I HOPE THERE WILL BE NO SITUATION WHERE I MUST SHOOT SOMETHING!

0 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Sep 18 2012, 4:55pm replied:

Albert? And first off, it's Fallout. It is violent. I'm trying to make it so that you can avoid armed conflict, but it is hard for me to write and ask my team to script so many options. there will be times you will have to fight.

+2 votes   reply to comment
theSeventh Sep 19 2012, 5:19am replied:

So... I don't think the game without alternative ways of finishing quests can be called Fallout. Even in Military base we could reprograme Robobrains to fight mutants. Getting into that place was really easy with help of brotherhood. Is that hard to create Sneaky quest? Even in Fallout 3 there was only one non-optional battle (with radroach).

When I think about fallout Character I thing about this guy:

Even If world is brutal it doesn't mean, main character must learn about guns. That means world is complicated for person from vault. He/She can still his barter skill to get money to buy armor & when fight is only way he/she has company.

Yeah... There is no way to join team Brazil without ability of drawing or writing? I can write few scripts but probably the team has enough guys like that.

0 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Sep 20 2012, 6:44pm replied:

Our team, at the moment, Is me (Project Lead, Level Design, Writer...) RickerHK (Lead Programmer) Kaz (Programmer,) Seddon (Programmer). We get contributions from R.Dejesus and several others, but largely I do most of the work. I can say from what I've made, that you CAN avoid conflict in every situation, but you need to play it very smart, and very charismatic. Even then, you will not end up in control of every situation. By not fighting you'll get captured by bad guys, forced to do things your character may not want to do, and the only way to escape is to sacrifice your companions and make a run for it.

+1 vote   reply to comment
theSeventh Sep 21 2012, 1:39am replied:

It reminds me Ultima V, very dark game.

+1 vote     reply to comment
fairplayer916 Aug 29 2012, 10:59pm says:

hey i found this on the nexus and im very interested in helping out. im already talking to someone on facebook but thats goings slow thought this would be faster. let me know if i can do anything to help

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Sep 5 2012, 5:35am replied:

*checks facebook* hum... which message? I'm sorry, I get a lot of messages from people saying they want to help, who never respond again. :/ It's pretty much 9/10ths of my email inbox.

+1 vote   reply to comment
double0b Aug 27 2012, 7:13am says:

Hey are you guys still recruiting ? I'd love to do concept art for this !

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Aug 27 2012, 3:15pm replied:

Yes! Always! I'll send you a note.

+2 votes   reply to comment
double0b Aug 27 2012, 4:25pm replied:

Sweet !

+1 vote     reply to comment
Deadworker Aug 20 2012, 7:46am says:

i can't play it but im sure it will be awesome!!!! just freaking good work!

+2 votes     reply to comment
natula123 Aug 17 2012, 10:01pm says:

Heys guys,

Just wondering how progress is going? Still pumped for this. My friend got me onto this mod and it looks AMAZING! :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Aug 22 2012, 4:26pm replied:

We're doing alright! Got a bunch of important voice work in the game this week, and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in Vault 18. :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
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Project Brazil has to be one of the most hopeful mods ever. If it were to be picked up by ZeniMax, and offered as a DLC - I would pay for it tenfold. This is honestly one the best mods I have ever played, with an amazing storyline and astounding voice acting, very professionally-done. The new Enclave "Patriot" uniforms are amazing, and despite my personal enmity against America, I wear one often. I guess I can coldly state "I wear this as a big fuck-you." Even in its current state, this is incredibly…

Jun 5 2013, 12:16am by Taii_Owl

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