This is a Mod for the PC Version of Fallout: New Vegas.

It adds an all new campaign selected from the New Game tab on your Main Menu.

This mod only requires a copy of New Vegas, right out of the box*.


- Careful Attention to Detail in 2 Unique Paths Full of SPECIAL Choices -

Vault 18 Facebook Photos of the WeekVault 18 Facebook Photos of the Week

- Vast Fallout Lore-Inspired Story to Explore and Experience with Rich Characters & Quests-

New Game StartNew Game Start

This is a near Total Conversion for Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: Project Brazil adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a quest to a hidden complex in the ruins of Los Angeles. Along the way you'll discover a pitched battle between the Survivalist Army, the New California Republic, and The Super Mutants, which shapes the politics and events leading to the NCR's invasion of the Mojave. The story takes place in 2260 - many years before the "Courier" awakes in New Vegas, while the Enclave struggles to rise again on the West Coast.

The Mod branches off from New Vegas right from the New Game menu. The game will be released in chapters, with the first release containing 3 parts. The full campaign will contain 16 Main Quests and several side stories, all related to the player's journey through Vault 18 and the wasteland of San Bernardino. Their choices at each stage will shape the next, creating 2 plathroughs worth of unique content.

The download of the First Installment comes with a custom installer package containing a few optional add-ons for your game, like the REVELATION Interface, and DLC compatibility patches.

The game features several hours of new exploration and game play, with each branch of the story telling a new tale for repeat playthroughs.

2. Features

An Alternate Start in Vault 18 with a New Player Character and Main Quest.
A New Intro Video to really give it that "New Game"feeling.
An Ornate Main Quest Line with Compelling Side Quests rich in Fallout & Character Lore.
Hours of Voice Acting recorded at pro-quality in Radian-Helix Media's Tucson, Az Studio.
A Very Large Worldspace in California - The Black Bear Mountain National Forest.
An Epic War between The Super Mutants, The Survivalist Raiders, and The New California Republic.
A Pirate Radio Station DETH 981 with 2 New DJs and Quest + Crafting + Perk Unlocking Segments.
A News Radio Station called NCRPR - New California Republic Radio - with quest updates in the News.
5 Potential Human Companions and 2 Robot Companions available depending on player choices.

[This mod has nothing to do with the country of Brazil. No, seriously, it's not The Country of Brazil. I swear. Project Brazil is a working title. The artistic form and story themes are heavily influenced by the Monty Python veteran Terry Gilliam, and the classic 1985 film "Brazil." It's also a throw back to Black Isle Studios, if you're into Irish Myth. You can read more about us on our fan-run Wikipedia Article. How cool is that?]


Download the latest version of the First Installment.

Install Fallout: Project Brazil using the BETA 1 Installer Package.exe

Use Fallout mod Manager or Nexus mod Manager to open the 7zip file. Or manually install.
Make sure you have installed the game to the correct directory where New Vegas is installed.
Make sure your installer is Run As Administrator.
If you have DLC installed, also install the F:PB DLC Control Plugin in your options.

Using your favorite Mod Manager, apply Archive Invalidation.

Check ProjectBrazil.esm in your DATA tab on the Launcher, or your Mod Manager.
Also check F:PB DLC Control Plugin.esp if you have DLC installed.

Play. Comment. Rate. Vote for Mod of the Year 2013. ;)

4.Team - Cast & crew

Click Here To View the f:PB Cast And Crew List

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9 comments by Thaiauxn on Feb 6th, 2015

New Year - New Resolve.

So 2014 pretty much blew past in the blink of an eye, and while a lot of work was done, we kinda fell off the rails there for a while. But! We've been back online for a while now and began making progress. We have the story in the GECK, some interesting new plot twists, and a long way to go.

We have handsome new characters! Now with FCO compatibility!

New Bad guys!

More Unique Story Locations!

We finally have an excuse to use this place during the Boss Battle!

And this sign~!

If you were to go back to 2011 and tell me that in 2015 I'd still be working on Fallout: Project Brazil, I'd probably have a heart attack. That is a long time to be working on anything. But, as history shows, here we are.

We are currently down to just two coders, one of which is our venerable RickerHK from the 1st Installment, and our other mate only drops by every few months or so. We lost Freddie to the responsibilities of real life, along with Marco.

That leaves us with a bit of a problem, since I, Brandan Lee, am not a programmer. I chose to play a 3D Art & Designer cross class character and rolled a 4 on programming. That means that after Level Design and Quest Dialogue Writing are finished, I get to sit on the bench and be a cheerleader.

When I open my email in the morning, my heart either soars or gets crashed depending on whether there is a team update waiting or not.

Never have you seen a lad more happy to get a wall of text on Christmas morn'!

Currently, the story of F: PB in the GECK is just... it's just too damn big. It is a VERY deep story, 7,000 lines including part 1, encompassing 15 Main Quests full of major branches, 5 Companions, and about 8 side quests! It took Steven and I months to finish getting the text alone into the engine, and I'm still missing a chuck that's in the form of Google Documents and not in the GECK. I recent brought JoshBadWriter on board to help tackle it.

I assembled it as though it were the best game we could possibly make. I ripped it apart, I minimized it, I cut out the 3rd installment, and hacked and slashed until it was this:

This is the first part of the 2nd Installment, the famous "A Night in Pinehaven," which starts right out of Vault 18. This is where all the decisions the player made in Vault 18 get summed up. All the companions, the Enclave vs Wasteland Scouts, and the player finally grows out of their Athlete / Nerd bracket and becomes a Warrior / Scientist.

There are 6 possible companions, and we decided to account for them all right here. WE had to distill 6x6 combinations (36 variable sets) down to 12, and then we got it down to just 9.

I did a poor job of documenting this late in March, so it left Rick in a tight knot of established variables and condition checks in the dark. That was my bad. We went through a serious burnout phase that lasted the remainder of 2014 after this monster hit us. I'm kicking myself for designing this thing, no matter how cool it is. Damn.

It then connects to the next part:

This is the 2nd Installment Main Quest Story Line Flowchart.


"Nothing lasts forever, Aku! Your evil days are at hand!"

We decided at the start of the year to trim this down. The flowchart on the left shows all the content we had planned back when we had things like momentum and energy! :p The one on the right shows what we're going to do to get F: PB released this year. There are still major branches and lots of details, but it's more on par in scale to the 1st Installment.

I'm bringing GePalladium from the Vanessa Mod on-board to take over the companions, so Rick has better time handling the Main Quest.

The story on the left was designed with Project Brazil being a really significant mod team in mind. I wrote all the dialog and planned the quests to be done by new coders that would join after the huge thumbs up from Bethesda and Obsidian. After all, we got a lot of promises from some really incredible people.

For all the work we did, we were really well rewarded with positive reception when the 1st Installment launched. We had a lot of time, since I was unemployed through a big stretch of it at the end after leaving Crystal Sky, and the other team mates were pretty settled. But that help we were banking on? Never materialized. Lesson learned there.

That was okay, because the team was still together. We didn't need new folks anyway.

Since the first installment was my yardstick, I figured that we learned a lot, had better managed our assets, and had laid the foundations to make the rest of the game stitch together fluidly - the next part would be a breeze. All the levels were done, all the characters ready, and the story was written and edited... so there was no more waiting for assets to move down the pipeline! Smooth sailing, right?

Mmm, not so much. Real life had other plans. Between some of us being put in the hospital and others getting big day jobs, keeping up with F: PB was a real bear. So we all decided to take a break and recuperate.

I actually took some time off to build some star-ships for a new indie Role Playing Game game I plan on announcing after F: PB is finished:

But, after a good long vacation, we're back on the horse. After Fallout: Project Brazil is on track and we have more programming to show, I'll update everyone again.

You can read about our progress on the Design Documents Found Here. In the mean time, you can keep track of us on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. We've got a thriving online community centered around each one.


Brandan Lee
Project Leader

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Dec 8, 2013 Full Version 20 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 3 1 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager to install.



Jul 19, 2013 Full Version 12 comments

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 FULL is the only file a first time user will need. Use a Mod Manager.



Jul 19, 2013 Patch 1 comment

FALLOUT PROJECT BRAZIL BETA 1 2 0 PATCH - Fixes many bugs, refines some dialogues, avoid common crashes, optimizes a few areas, and updates quests.



Jun 7, 2013 Patch 9 comments

This is the tiny patch to the 101 or 100 version, if you downloaded in the first 4 days.



Jun 6, 2013 Full Version 16 comments

No updates required. This is the full version for first time users. If you haave 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, get the 1.1.0 Patch which will be out shortly if it isn't...



Jun 1, 2013 Patch 6 comments

OLD - ARCHIVED, use 1.1.0 to update. Terrified of <spare> squirrels and want Robot Robin Williams to pop a bazooka up their tiny furry asses? Project...

Post comment Comments  (20 - 30 of 661)
theoneuntakenname May 16 2014, 9:08am says:

So I'm a little confused- what exactly was Part 3 going to feature that is getting cut (besides the obvious of Santa Monica), and what got moved into Part 2?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn May 16 2014, 4:40pm replied:

Originally, we had it so that the player's decisions in the San Bernardino valley would affect LA, and the player would run a final two missions in the ruins and end the game there, summing up the exodus of the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR recovery. The Enclave says goodbye by nuking The Hub with a MiRV, or the New Reno Gang bosses do it if they don't, thus our opening video's ruins.

Since it was just more work for everyone, and the lore-thumpers hated it anyway, I cut it, and decided to keep the entire story out in the middle of nowhere where there is a healthy hole in the lore and timeline. Now we have more lore-friendly mob-ncr-raider action out in this distant desert along I-15, and the game ends in Fort Daggerpoint with a final showdown between the Raiders-Enclave-NCR.

+1 vote   reply to comment
theoneuntakenname May 16 2014, 5:15pm replied:

Ah, good. Nuking an NCR city is too big an event, but I like the idea of the Republic delaying expansion eastward because of the Survivalists.

Can't wait for Installment 2!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 2 2014, 6:30am replied:

Too bad we won't see LA, would have been my Dream Mod :)
Well, nevermind, is there any helpul hints for making it?
I mean, what did you do during development (before cutting part 3), did yhou study some maps, done something in particular?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Boonie Apr 30 2014, 11:38am says:

Are there any consequences to beating the jock to death in a fistfight at the beginning of the nerd playthrough, severing his head, then parading it through the vault as a trophy?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn May 2 2014, 2:53am replied:

No, but it was planned. I built a jail cell and wrote the dialogue, but we didn't get around to implementing it. :p It would start the next chapter in the cell, you being released on accident and getting free. We also had a more in-depth Enclave story intro, where Chevy actually trains you and invites you into the secret plan.

There was a lot of stuff we could-shoulda, but with a team of 2 at the time it was kinda tough decisions.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest Apr 27 2014, 3:39pm says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

zeusred20 Apr 22 2014, 2:41pm says:

is this mod dead?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Apr 23 2014, 7:01pm replied:


+1 vote   reply to comment
zeusred20 Apr 24 2014, 8:25am replied:

oh great i just wanted to know because im a great fan of this mod

+2 votes     reply to comment
Firelord475 Mar 17 2014, 12:33am says:

The i'd wrestle a bear for you quest seems to be bugged or something, ive read every single entry in all the t2 monitors and nothing happend.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Firelord475 Mar 17 2014, 3:59am replied:

i redid the mission and it work now, but now it seems alot of the audio screws up near the end, that and one of the followers gets stuck in the run out of the vault cave (The nerdy one, forgot his name)

+1 vote     reply to comment
jerryhotwheelz Mar 14 2014, 12:09am says:

the Second Instalment is bug out like the door vault by pinehaven summit house on the map.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thaiauxn Creator
Thaiauxn Mar 14 2014, 4:41pm replied:

... No. Because there is no 2nd Installment yet. It has not been released. See 2 comments down.

+3 votes   reply to comment
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Project Brazil has to be one of the most hopeful mods ever. If it were to be picked up by ZeniMax, and offered as a DLC - I would pay for it tenfold. This is honestly one the best mods I have ever played, with an amazing storyline and astounding voice acting, very professionally-done. The new Enclave "Patriot" uniforms are amazing, and despite my personal enmity against America, I wear one often. I guess I can coldly state "I wear this as a big fuck-you." Even in its current state, this is incredibly…

Jun 5 2013, 12:16am by Taii_Owl

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