It's 2214, and you're a Landraker, a guard of Lockport, New York, the hub of trade in The Sanctuary of Niagara. The Sanctuary of Niagara is a paradise, a thin strip of clean land along the clear Niagara river, caught between the irradiated cesspools of lake Ontario and lake Eerie, and the smoldering craters of Buffalo NY and St. Catharines Canada.

Twenty years after the Great War, Vault 76 opened and it's inhabitants, the citizens of Niagara Falls USA and Buffalo NY, took stock of the situation and immediately began to rebuild with their G.E.C.K. In 2198, they founded The Sanctuary of Niagara, a republic ran by a board of elected representatives, judges and the overseer of Vault 76. He made quick work militarizing his people and taking ownership of the cities of Niagara Falls USA and Niagara Falls CND, and built a chain link fence as a symbolic declaration. In the following years The Sanctuary used the G.E.C.K. to purify the falls and monopolize clean water. As their ownership was tightening, however, trouble came from the east.

The Third York Republic had been founded by the residents of Vault 97, which housed the people of Rochester NY. After a year Vault 97 had lost lighting and air circulation, and within 10 years its residents had clawed out. They wasted no time trying to find other survivors in New York, and after failing to reach other vaults and discovering New York City had been destroyed, the survivors overthrew their overseer and formed a democracy, and began their slow march through the state, finding sane ghouls and lucky people who survived in their basements or homemade shelters or untouched country homes. By 2200 The Third York Republic established a permanent congress, house and supreme court in Albany, and it's government was unanimous in its decision to finish unifying New York, and to bring it to its former glory by any means. To The Third York Republic, America was dead, all that mattered were its own people.

The Third York Republic discovered The Sanctuary of Niagara, and Vault 76, the only Vault in New York which had a working G.E.C.K. It was decided that Niagara had to be acquired, so they opted to take over Niagara through political influence. They annexed the colonies Roosevelt Beach, Newfane, and Wrightes Corners with eyes on Lockport to control the region's trade.

Before the war, no vaults were built in Canada, so most Canadians in urban areas died. However, an unofficial fallout shelter had been built before annexation in Welland. About 1,000 Canadians survived in the Welland Shelter, and in 2199 the New Canadian Regime was formed. Distrustful of Americans and bitter from the war, the New Canadian Regime was a military first and a republic second. In a single year every surviving Canadian in southern Ontario was recruited to the cause, and brought to Welland, their capital.

The Sanctuary of Niagara banned all ghouls, so a colony began on grand island in 2202. By 2206, Grand Island became a democracy of farmers and tradesmen, distrustful of government. Criminals and the abused fled the other factions and found a common hatred for powers on grand island. With some technology stolen from The Sanctuary of Niagara, several of these people founded their own new Tonawanda, dedicated to Independence and survival, not rebuilding. (there are also 3 lesser factions at play. There are raiders, wanting anarchy, there's Tesla Niagara, the actual faction beneath the falls who control the power generators, and the Brotherhood of Steel, who are despised for being outsiders and are persecuted as if they are the enclave.)

Over the years tensions continued to grow between these forces, and in 2208 the small colony of Sanborn ordered a peace conference between all forces in New York. Tonawanda, Lockport, The Sanctuary of Niagara, and The Third York Republic all signed. The New Canadian Regime held out.


It's 2214, and you're a Landraker, a guard of the Brahman Traders of Lockport, New York. One day your fellow guards capture a spy, a communist, and you realize there is a vast network of commies at work in the Niagara region. Any city could be in on it, all you know is the commies are after a weapon of mass destruction, and absolute control of the clean waters of Niagara Falls You set out to find the commies, their kingpin, and secure the status quo and tense peace of the region, and if you fail, the forces rising to power could start a new resource war, and destroy the only chance they have at a survivable future.

Still irradiated and much further from healing than the Commonwealth, the Niagara Wasteland is filled with tough enemies, large dungeon-type cells and little ammo, medical supplies or weapons. Without companions for much of the game, you'll be on your own, an army of 1 in a world that feels turned against you.


(Image source: Google Earth)

Fallout Niagara Begins in The New York Wasteland (1.) and the areas around grand island (2.) and Niagara Falls (3.) will be the focus of the mod's story and experience. The Ruins of Buffalo (4.) and the region of Welland, Canada (5.) are lower priority and focus, but will also feature in the mod. In sheer size, Niagara is a bit larger than Far Harbor.

In addition to this overarching story line, there will be side quests and random dungeon-type-places to explore. I am and will continue to try to make each location feel unique, original and interesting, and am looking at 50 to 100 specific locations (think all the places in far harbor and all the places in nuka world).

There was a lot of great stuff in the Fallout 4 artbook, and it has served as my main inspiration for some locations in the game, some planned mutants and several characters.

(Pictured: Concept art which inspired a player home, 2 pieces of concept art depicting mutants)


This mod is a passion project of mine and, while i hope to have a workable build by late 2018, this is just a hope, there is no release date and I cannot promise that the project will see the light of day at all. That being said, I will try to post more information and updates regarding the mod every month or 2, starting with January 2018.

Reach me Here:

Fallout Niagara [A Fallout 4 New-lands Mod]

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PROGRESS: Progress has been slow but steady. Focusing on indoor and separate cells, I have most of the walled city of Lockport and it's buildings ready for navmesh, along with a few buildings from some of the northern towns. I'm still working on my new textures and will hold off on screenshots until next month when they're (hopefully) done, but even then I don't wanna show too much. Also I'm still not sure I'm good at lighting yet soooooo we'll see if I can't improve at it before then. This project is obviously smaller than, say, Fallout Cascadea, and I'm only shooting for a Far Harbor-esque scale, so I'll try to avoid showing too much throughout the project.

So, for now, let's talk a little about the region of Niagara Falls. In the years since t war, vegetation has begone to overtake homes and empty towns. The Niagara Falls region is beautiful. There's no question. The county of Niagara, NY, is home to beautiful nature and architecture, and I've been thrilled working on a place of such beauty.

Much like Boston, the cities of Buffalo, Niagara Falls and even Lockport are vertical in the classic stonefaced east coast sense. Brick buildings that take up little square footage extend high up, with small rooms and a smart use of space.

However, its only once you leave the cities that the county shows its real gems of architecture. Yeah, there are a lot of classic farm houses, but in Niagara, Queen Anne homes are in abundance. Elegant trim, turrets, and each is distinct. These homes are a joy to build.

Real Niagara House

Then there are the factories. Mostly Tesla, some competition. Unlike the sterile space-age factories of F4, I'm going for a more cluttered, tetanus type feel.

The lands around might be cesspools and the cities irradiated husks, but the land along Niagara river truly is a paradise, with trees and growing things that don't want to kill you. Of course, there are plenty of things that do, but they are the minority. Traveling out from the river, the land slowly dies, until, not much further east of Lockport, you find yourself back in the wasteland.

Of course, like Besthesda, there are real buildings and elements from the location I'm bringing into the game, along with some fictitious, exaggerated, and wholly interesting locales. It's my ultimate goal to make every building and every town of the comparatively small map feel distinct.

To help bide the time, if you're interested, below is a Pinterest board of several images which inspired this project, for you to check out and feel the inspiration I feel now. Leave any questions you have below!


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Good luck and keep it up m8ty.

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