this mod will replace the fallout factions with that in warhammer 40k it aims to replace everything in Fallout 3 to Warhammer 40k

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Crash in Vault 101 Redonax Redonax - read

Nov 28 2014, 4:09am

No Ig Armor OberstEisen OberstEisen - read

Apr 21 2011, 2:31pm

Ork crash ChielScape dreadlord_33 - read

Nov 5 2010, 12:10am

Tyranids vats target NOOBITO DarkWolfV - read

Oct 6 2010, 6:35am

Gloves and armour problems dreadlord_33 DarkWolfV - read

Sep 3 2010, 7:27pm


if you have come across any IN-game bugs that need fixing post them up,