Intro: Fallout 3 Reborn V8 is a modification that aims at creating a more action-packed and intense Fallout experience. No more will you see an enemy shrug off a bullet to the brain. If you are tired of guns that feel like pellet guns, this mod is for you. If you want high-damage weapons, player needs and other realism enhancing features, this mod is for you. If you want vanilla Fallout 3, then why are you looking for mods?

Fallout 3 Reborn V8 is the eighth version of the Reborn mods for Fallout 3. It is likely the last version, as I am moving on to another, bigger project: "Under". I still have lots of work to do for V8 still, as it needs DLC mods, (most likely) patches, and perhaps a Hardcore mode. More news on "Under" will be posted at a later date, when something concrete is formed.


-Heavily modified immolation effect. When you're lit on fire, you now cry out in pain and your screen is tinted a bright orange.

-Grenades and explosives now can shell-shock you. Everything slows down, everything loses it's color, and the world goes a bit blurry.

-The Player House Terminal, which allows you to customize this mod quite heavily, and to your personal taste.

*Player needs that make your character hunger, thirst, tire, and need to excrete. These can be toggle on/off AND can be customized quite heavily.

-The Royal Wasteland Bank has set up ATM terminals throughout the wasteland, there are 7 total. Use them to store caps and gain interest on them.

-Jericho now actually buys new equipment and weapons with the 1000 caps you give him.

-The fake (and boring) default Fallout 3 weapons are gone, replaced by real-life variants, such as the AK-47 to replace the "Chinese Assault Rifle", the M4A1 to replace the "Laser Rifle", etc. There are no longer laser or plasma weapons, except some mounted on larger structures (such as vertibirds and
Liberty Prime).

-Cars and vehicles don't explode into nuclear fireballs with only a few bullets, seriously, who'd feel safe in a vehicle like that?

-The karma penalty for stealing items has been reduced from 5 to 1. Stealing a few items should NOT be as evil as killing someone.

-Various Karma rebalances, for example: killing Roy Phillips no longer makes you lose Karma. Giving the beggars water now only gives you a tenth of the good Karma you used to receive.

-The Personal Sanitizer now takes one Abraxo Cleaner per food or beverage cleaned, but totally removes any radiation from the food.

-New perks such as Chef and Solider.

-Certain perks modified to fit with the mod.

-Weapons have many changes, such as:
Different skills (RPG-7 uses Explosives skill, not Big Guns).
New, more realistic and varied clip sizes.
Damage increased GREATLY, much more realistic.
Fire-rate increases on certain weapons.
Certain weapons are now actually useful (Miss Launcher, MIRV, etc).
Weapon mods; now you can find modified weapons throughout the wasteland (Suppressor, ACOG, etc).
Bullet casings stay around a LOT longer, and can be seen from a greater distance.
Weapons have new firing sound effects that are much better, in my opinion.

-Totally re-done addiction system. I hated the crappy, luck-based addiction system, so I replaced it with a system that counts the amount of a drug you've used in a certain period of time. If you go over a certain limit, then you become addicted. Taking more of the drug when addicted is a bad idea, as it will only make it harder to kick the addiction later on, and there is no alleviating the effects.

-A book trade-in terminal at the Arlington Library, that allows you to swap a skill book for a different one. It also allows you to trade in rare books for more trade points then your average skill book.

-Wasteland Wave, a personal radio station that is accessible 24/7. You can now listen to 20 of your favorites songs as you roam the wasteland!

-Night vision goggles, which are a stealthy and effective way to light up your surroundings, while keeping enemies in the dark. Buy them from certain vendors.

-Centaur's actually carry some loot now, don't ask where.

-The Workbench, Laboratory, Vending Machines, and Infirmaries now all work very differently.

-Misc. items are now more useful, and have various weight and value rebalances, to be more realistic and fun.

-Severely reduced HP bonuses given when you level up or increase your Endurance level.

-Bottles can be refilled from sinks and other water sources. Unfortunately, there is no way to allow the player to refill them in the rivers/bodies of water.

-You can take Talon or Raider armor and disguise yourself with it. Be warned that drawing a weapon will destroy your cover, so don't think that this is a feature you can use to gun down enemies as their friends watch.

-Kids are now killable, if you have an issue with this feature, I suggest you watch your fire around children. Certain children, if armed, will open fire on you if you aggro them.

-Certain other NPC's have been set to unessential, killing certain people (such as Harkness) will cause you to fail any quests related to them.

-Robots and machines now take far more damage before they die. Robots are now truly fearsome opponents.

-Moira, Chief Gustavo, Flak, and Shrapnel now all have 100 Repair skill.

-The weapon repair system is now more open and realistic, for example: a Dart Gun can be repaired with a Toy Car.

-Personal Mark VI Turrets can be bought from vendors.

-Gates in Little Lamplight can now be blown open, with enough firepower.

-Pickpocketing is far easier, as I've bumped up the min/max success chance: (was 5-85 %, now is 25-100%).

-The effectiveness of repairing items has been halved.

-All the wasteland critters and monsters now deal FAR more damage. A feral ghoul does 75 damage per swipe, and Deathclaws can easily kill with one swipe of their claws.

-Traps are far more deadly.

-Eyebot explosions are larger and more damaging.

-Falls are more damaging, your legs take more damage, and you can get hurt from lower heights.

-Characters no longer go flying when they get shot, instead they crumple to the ground in a more realistic manner.

-Fixed several NPC inventories by removing Skill Books, to prevent exploits.

-Max level raised to 100, and it is now a bit easier to level up. You can also skip through the level-up screens without selecting skill points or a perk. You only get a base of 5 Skill Points per level-up.

-Selling items gives you considerably less caps, to prevent you from becoming a millionaire by level 10.

-Loot has been redone to add more semi-useless stuff, and to tone down the ridiculous amount of amazing loot you stumble across in the wasteland.

-The medicine skill can multiply the effectiveness of meds by up to 5 times, instead of 2.


mojodajojo, for the mesh that is used to allow killable kids:

daformat, for the script and book model used for the portable turrets

odin_ml, for his Shells and Slugs modder's resource

Short Fuse, Twinkie Masta, Spezz, Kimono, Vunsunta, Strykerwolf, L0RDN00B, for the P90 model/sounds

Antistar, for his Dragonskin Body Armors

HeroinZero, for his weapon models/sounds

Qwerty and The Expert, for the FN-SCAR model and texture

Zealotlee, for the ACR, MP5K and MP5 models

KRIGos2, for the Dragunov SVD model

Dude719 and Toxa01, for the RPG-7 weapon

Alexscorpion, for his Barret M82 model

LoneWolf, Silvio Dante, Twinke Masta, for the USP .45 model.

RedrogueXIII and Einherjrar, for the AA12 model.

RedRogueXIII, DeadPixel, SilentAssassin12, Greg_Boyington, and GOTTCHA, for the TDI Vector model.

DEIMO5, for the Ingram M10, RPK, and M249 sound effects.

Twinke Masta, Millenia, FxDarkLoki, southparkkids, and Einherjrar for the AK-47.

metallicalec, for the M4A1 models.

Lonewolf/Shrike and Einherjrar, for the AWM model.

Vashts1985, Flamshmizer, Malignant, Millenia, El maestro De Graffiti, and Racer445, for the Desert Eagle models

Honnou and Alexscorpion, for the G3A3 texture.

caioaa95 and KDStudios, for the Mk48 model.

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Reborn V9 Alpha Preview Reborn V9 Alpha Preview Reborn V9 Alpha Preview
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79 comments by Slayer_2 on Jan 21st, 2013

Details and features I'm debating (some of these are pretty huge):

1: Vastly reduce the amount of firearms, make melee combat more common and ammo very rare and expensive. Also, working on allowing you to "hold up" human AI (who don't have firearms) and make them surrender so you can rob/knock out/restrain/kill/enslave them. How well it works and how easy it is will hopefully depend on the NPC's aggression and stats.

2: Add in more complicated features for food and aid items, including more variety, need for any followers you have following you, milking brahmins, uncooked food spoiling, eating animations and sounds, and more.

3: A few more weapons and variety in that department.

4: Wounding/downing and animations for incapacitated NPC's for non-lethal wounds.

5: More in depth healing and wounding system for the player.

6: A dynamic weather system with rain and snow.

7: A temperature need, your player can get too cold or hot (up for debate).

8: A mood stat that affects your other stats to some degree (also up for debate).

9: A recoil system for conventional projectile weapons.


10) A suppression system for both AI and player, so you can pin or be pinned down by weapons fire.

11) A blood loss system. Getting cut or shot can make you start to bleed out, which needs bandages or a doctor to stop. Blood level will be monitored in the player needs display, and will slowly regen over time while not bleeding out, or can be instantly replenished with a blood pack.

12) Reading skill books may give you a short topic to read about, and can be kept afterwards for more reading (but no knowledge gain)

13) I'm working on changing the workbench, re-doing the recipes and items to be more useful and realistic. Now finding V2 and V3 schematics makes the items more effective and deadly instead of giving you more or in better condition items.

14) Venomous animals can now poison you and you will need to find a doctor or anti-venom before the symptoms kill you... or worse (working on hallucinations). Some poisons will cause only minor issues, by larger stings and more potent doses can kill.

15) A little boat and ferryman on the Potomac that will take you around locations situated on the river, for a fee.

16) Alien weapons can flesh off of humans (skeletonize).

17) Blood and bleeding system with BP and blood loss possibilities.

- Various bug fixes and tweaks since V10.

- More stuff I'll add later, but those are the big ones

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Fallout 3 Version 10.2 Patch

Fallout 3 Version 10.2 Patch

Feb 9, 2012 Patch 19 comments

So quickly after V10.1, someone already found another bug in Anchorage. This is the fix for it. Whoops again.

Fallout 3 Version 10.1 Patch

Fallout 3 Version 10.1 Patch

Feb 6, 2012 Patch 1 comment

A quick patch to fix a bug that wouldn't allow you to enter the Anchorage Simulation.

Fallout 3 Version 10

Fallout 3 Version 10

Jan 28, 2012 Full Version 50 comments

The V10 mod file. This is pretty much what Reborn was supposed to be like from the get-go. REQUIRES YOU TO ALREADY HAVE V9.0 (no need for the patch) INSTALLED...

VATS Enabler Patch

VATS Enabler Patch

Jan 5, 2012 Patch 8 comments

This patch will enable VATS on any version of my mod. Hell, it will likely work with ANY mod that disables VATS. Install instructions inside. Warning...

Fallout 3 Reborn V9.1

Fallout 3 Reborn V9.1

Nov 16, 2011 Patch 22 comments

The V9.1 patch for Fallout 3 Reborn. Requires V9.0 installed BEFORE patching. Mostly bug fixes and tweaks, but contains an experimental weapon modding...

Fallout 3 Reborn V9.0

Fallout 3 Reborn V9.0

Jul 1, 2011 Full Version 173 comments

Version 9.0 of Fallout 3 Reborn. The successor to V8.0, and likely the last version in the Fallout 3 series.

Post comment Comments  (1870 - 1880 of 1,941)
rexflinter Jun 18 2009, 9:47am says:

The only way to play this is on very hard or hard mode, but that braught up some frustrating combat situations. With mines, grenades and missiles being more powerful, I found I was killed by a lucky enemy's grenade toss more then I wanted.

Also, with guns doing so much damage to me, I was tempted to use cover. The game was never built for the player to use cover in firefights, and it shows in this mod. I spent some time dropping behind cover and 'popping' shots at enemies, but I found it quite futile. The enemy AI was never built to handle 'realistic combat'; the AI is able to 'see through walls', or in other words it becomes locked-on to the player character, waiting for the exact moment the PC become visible to shoot suprisingly accurate shots. (In vanilla F3, the tactic here would likely be to keep sustained fire on the enemy while taking various health items to prevent immidiate death. As health items in this mod heal of a prolonged time, this tactic is less effecient.)

My final complaint is the many possibilities of mod/game conflicts. Most noticibly, and the best example of what I mean, you one of Moira's missions to get irradiated. Fully completing the quest gives the PC a 'mutation' as a reward: crippled limbs regenerate when the player is at 'adv. rad poisoning'. Obvious conflict there. Go ahead and test the outcome with this mod activated.

Those are my most dire complaints for your mod. This mod, in my opinion, still needs work. It has plenty of cool ideas in it, but you need to work more on the execution, and make sure it's playtested as much as reasonable. Good luck on future versions.

+1 vote     reply to comment
rexflinter Jun 19 2009, 1:16am replied:

I'll go ahead an retry the mod on hard mode instead of very hard.

Honestly, though, I'm confused as to how the armor system works. Could you give a more detailed explanation on the changes you made? I think I'd appreciate the mod more if I know what the numbers (such as DR) mean with this mod on.

I think what you could with grenades is change the splash damage at different distances. Most of a grenade's damage is from shrapnel from the metal casing, as opposed to the actual explosion, right? So, it wouldn't make much sense to blow my leg off unless I was standing on it. Instead, could you give it a larger splash, but do less damage? I think this would be a good change, not only for realism, but it would make the grenade a more effective outdoors weapon.

Also, it might be on your agenda to get rid of the VATS. As you know, VATS is only useful at close range, and I think for most players, when the going gets tough, VATS is essential. It's also to hard to hit the boatflies with VATS, anyway. Instead of getting rid of it, I think you should lower the overall AP, so at most you can only get two or three shots off (with a higher agility score). If that makes agility less useful, you could balance it by increasing agility's other benefits. On the other hand, getting that one or two more shots with VATS might make a high agility essential.

Tell me what you think. Like I said, I'm going to retry the mod. If I find any more bugs, I'll let you know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 20 2009, 3:35pm replied:

Honestly, I usually only play on Normal, I only gotten to Level 18 on Very Hard.

The armor works with a health-based system. For example, if you have ever played Quake you'd know what I mean. All armor either gives 75% or 50% protection from damage, depending on the type. Power Armor and some special armors give 75% protection while stuff like Vault Security Armor gives you only 50%. The protection percent determines where damage is sent when it's taken. Lets say you are wearing a suit of T51-b Power Armor and you get shot by a weapon that deals 20 damage. If the armor has 10000 health (in its best condition) you will have 75% DR. The 20 damage is split into two parts: 5 damage goes to your health and the other 15 is sent to your armor. Now your armor is at 9985 health and probably 74% DR. Understand now? The best tactic with Armor is to aquire power armor ASAP and keep it in the best condition possible (Moira and Flak can now repair things to 100%)

The dismemberment caused by weapons is not controllable, all you can do is toggle it on/off. I thing the large damage radius is realistic as the shrapnel would be very deadly in real life, perhaps far more than the concussion from the explosion. But I'll consider toning it down.

It is indeed, but if I get rid of VATS, it'd be in the mod I'm developing called "Reborn: Hardcore". No HUD, iron-sights, no VATS, no fast-travel and no waiting as well as slighty more deadly weapons (compared to my normal Reborn mods). Also I may be modifiying the wasteland to remove Rads, add some green and make a few other modifications (its been 200 years, no way radiation would still be present).

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it... watch out for those pesky frags :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 18 2009, 10:16am replied:

I have read over what you have said and will now answer your complaints. There is at least one more version coming out, so don't think of V4 as the finished product:

Issue #1:

I have never had this happen, but even if it did, I would have to say its realistic. In real life grenades are deadly, and I can hope my mod has managed to simulate that. However, I may increase the fuse time of the grenades in later versions. Truthfully, I never die playying Fallout 3, maybe I'm just a nerd.

Issue #2:

This isn't Gears of War. I'd LOVE to have a cover system, but that'd take so much scripting, new animations and in fact, its probably not possible. I find the best way to take on enemies is to snipe them out or get in their face before they have time to react. As mentioned before, I never die in Fallout 3, so I can't really help you.

Issue #3:

Now this is a simple fix, I could disable Moira's mutation, or the 600 rads poisoning. Maybe if I'm skilled enough, even disable the effects of 600 rads if you have the mutation. I dunno, I'll see what I can do. It is important that you guys tell me when there are issues like this, as I may have taken a different path in the story than you.

It is indeed still a work in progress. If you're getting killed too often, turn the difficulty down a notch, its supposed to be fun, not a virtual ***-kicking.

+1 vote   reply to comment
rannoch Jun 27 2009, 7:54am replied:

version 5 sounds good,if its better than the current one i cant wait!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 27 2009, 3:17pm replied:

I think its better than the current one, however thats a matter of opinion. I guess you'll have to wait a few more days to find out.

+1 vote   reply to comment
heft Jun 14 2009, 12:28pm says:

this mod is kinda easy. all enemys are dying pretty fast but
i can take lots of damage without dying.

how about making a hard mode or something like that?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 14 2009, 8:23pm replied:

Change the difficulty to Very Hard then :P

+1 vote   reply to comment
OhNoItDaPoPo911 Jun 13 2009, 12:05am says:

Ive been playing the mod for a couple days now and i have to say, GREAT JOB!!!. I love that the C96 actually does damage now. But i'm having some trouble getting the dlc to work. I copied the esp files over and am getting the radio signals but the travel icons on the world map arn't showing up. Any idea on how to fix this?

+1 vote     reply to comment
OhNoItDaPoPo911 Jun 13 2009, 8:25pm replied:

nvm it was just me being an idiot. Still AMAZING JOB!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Whitsel Jun 10 2009, 9:29pm says:

Good job, dude. The game feels like how it should feel(unforgiving) now, but it also feels pretty balanced at the same time. Well done! :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Jun 10 2009, 9:53pm replied:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it. I only hope you will try out V5 when it comes out.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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Theres nothing better then waking up and getting out of your cold steel vault to a brand new fall out, this mod can barley be called a mod in my opinion this is more like a brand new game. The only thing from what I saw that was untouched was the scenery and back ground every thing else was ether replaced or done up to the point where you could not tell what it was before hand. This mod brings a whole brand new harsh and fun environment to Fallout 3. The one thing I really loved about this mod was…

Nov 26 2010, 10:05pm by EvilElmo23

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