Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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Now that the V8 Beta has been uploaded, I'm going to fill people in on what is different with this release. Read below for more info.

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Alright, so the V8 Beta has been uploaded, and I see a lot of confusion over what is going on with this release. To put it simply, the V8 Beta is open, meaning anyone can download it and play (no password protected .zip file). My goal with this is to get a quicker and more efficient response from you guys on any bugs you find in the V8 Beta. I will then fix them and release V8.0 when I feel that the worst of it has been fixed. After that, any other issues will have to be patched in V8.1+

Another reason I'm making the V8 Beta open, is because I have very little modding/gaming time anymore. My summer has been crazy and quite busy, so I want to get V8.0 done as quickly as possible, so I can start work on the DLC mods. Also, I'm gonna start working in two months (hopefully at an EA Games studio), which will cut my gaming time down even more. I'm going to post some simple points below for anyone testing the V8 Beta/looking forward to V8.0 and the DLC mods.

REPORTING BUGS: It's important to report any bugs or issues you find in the V8 Beta here: V8 Beta Bug List Forum Thread. Make sure you read the bug list BEFORE you post in the thread, I want to cut down on multiple reports as much as possible, as it just clogs up the thread and makes things less efficient.

REQUESTING FEATURES: If you have a feature you'd like to see in V8.0, post a thread about it on THIS board. If it's reasonable (no Halo Fallout ideas, please), and it can be done (sorry cover system), then I'll consider it, and add it if I feel that it fits with the idea of Reborn.

V8.0 AND THE DLC MODS: Before I can start work on the DLC mods, I NEED to have a stable, bug free version of V8 released, otherwise the mods will inherit the bug, and I'll need to release patches for both mods. With 5 DLC's, and the actual game, that's SIX whole patches, and I'd rather not do that. I'd estimate that V8.0 is at least two weeks off, depending on how quickly you guys hunt down those bugs, and each DLC will take at least a week of work.

That's it for now, guys, I hope this post was helpful, if you want to help out, go download the beta, and start posting those bugs! Till next time,


sbseed Creator

sweet, seems like your getting faster and faster at modding the game...awesome, looking forward to the release.

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Slayer_2 Author

Probably, I am learning lots of new things in the GECK, practice makes perfect, right?

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sadly I am on (forced) vacation and I don't have Fallout 3.... I'll try it ASAP tho =)
EDIT: WTH it posted my comment here -_- ... I have to admit with "practice makes perfect" tho xD

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Slayer_2 Author

Forced vacation? You poor soul, you :P

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