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Even though I wasn't planning to make a V8, it's easier than working with V7. Read below for more info.

Posted by Slayer_2 on May 25th, 2010

I was certain V5 was going to be the last version of my mod. Then it was V6, then V7, now I'm almost done V8, so I guess I really can't stay away from this game. First off, lets have a synopsis of what V8 does different than V7:

1) Weapons slots and ammo maximums are removed, they made modding the DLC far too difficult, and were generally unpopular features.

2) The needs system is getting a huge revamp, if it doesn't feel more... natural and realistic, then it will be dropped as well.

3) Some of what made V6 great will be back for V8. The mod will be even more realistic, it is essentially the Hardcore edition of V7. Weapon DPS can be up to 120 (on weapons like the USP .45) to 56 (for 5.56x45mm assault rifles).

4) Greenery will be back to torment the Fallout fanboys, thanks to a fix from Exvalid that gets rid of the stupid LOD's left behind by the burnt trees. Radiation will be left in the game, and made even more deadly, as I will remove Rad-X and Rad-Away, and a doctor visit will only get rid of 100 Rads. I may also add in "ghoulification", which will allow stronger characters to turn into ghouls at a higher level.

5) This time there will be DLC support, for CERTAIN. V7 made it nearly impossible with the weapon slots, and I'm far more motivated to spend my little modding time working on V8, as it is far more interesting and exciting than V7.

6) Various bugs and exploits have been fixed (such as the infinite skill book glitches).

7) The level cap is upped to 100, and leveling up is now slightly harder (it takes a bit more XP each time). Also, you can skip through the level-up screen without selecting a perk or using skill points. That way, us hardcore gamers can eventually perfect our characters.

8) Weapons and ammo are as close to the real thing as possible, there is even limited RH_Ironsights support for certain weapons.That means you'll be fighting with ACR's, M4A1's, AK-47's, RPG-7's, etc, instead of generic-named weapons such as "Missile Launcher", and the ever-so-incorrectly named "Chinese Assault Rifle". Ammunition includes the ever-so-famous .50 Caliber BMG round, the 7.62x39mm round, and the very common 5.56x45mm round.

9) Armor is being re-done, power armor is limited to the T51-b prototype, all the standard foot-soldiers now are equipped with military-style BDU's.

10) I am also working on adding in some air support to replace the Fat-Man and to add the sense of fighting with a larger group (the BoS). Currently, I have three things planned: Vertibird Gunship, an attack vertibird that uses an explosive 25mm minigun to mow down anyone standing in your way. Satcom Tactical Nuclear Strike, a bombardment called in with a targeting laser, that drops a satellite-fired ICBM on top of your target. And finally, Supply Crates that are air-dropped by an BoS vertibird. They contain several magazines of ammo, medical supplies and food.

This mod is NOT made with fanboys of Fallout in mind. There will be many drastic changes to suit how I think the game should be played. If you don't like green grass and the AK-47, I suggest that you stick with V7. As for a release date, very soon. I'm finishing up the weapons and armor. The environment is almost done, and V7 already laid down a framework for V8. Compatibility is also being tested with several mods. Till next time,


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Awesome_ninja May 26 2010 says:

Point 7) --> YEEEEEES! Thx...
now the full review:
point 1) --> Didn't liked that too much so I have to agree
point 2) --> I found that the system wasn't too bad, at times it felt a bit superficial, but still, it was pretty damn good.
point 3) --> Hardcore edition FTW!
point 4) --> Removing Rad-X and Rad-Away...fine, we'll just have to be more carefull of where we are stepping, and 100 Rads is not THAT much. I didn't got the ghouls part tho, what do you mean by that?
point 5) --> i haven;t even beat the main game yet, so doesn't really matter to me xD (but when I'lll beat it, and for everyone else, it would be very nice)
Crap, g2g to class, I'll finish the review later

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Awesome_ninja May 26 2010 says:

point 6) --> haven't seen it or did it, but less bugs is always better for a game
point 7) --> Oh my god....thank you so much, this is the best point of all of them!
point 8) --> IRONSIGHTS?!?!?! In mah Fallout 3?? Man...this is gonna be AWESOME! Please ADD IT! It will be a very different FPS experience!
point 9) --> didn't really got that point =S
point 10) --> Holy crap! Another EPIC feature!
MORE GOOD THAN BAD THINGS! Double thumbs up!
G2g in class again >.< ...

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 May 26 2010 replied:

Thanks for the review, I'll reply point-by-point below:

1) Yep, not worth the trouble.

2) I like it too, makes the game harder and more realistic, but if I can't get it a bit... better, I'm gonna drop it.

3) Hell yeah!

4) It's a minor change, but it makes you really have to watch your rads, instead of just popping a Rad-Away every so often. 100 Rads is pretty little, that's the point, so you might have to pay a few hundred caps to be cleansed totally. And by ghoulification, I mean at 1000 rads you have a chance to turn into, and play as a ghoul. I'm not sure if I want this feature yet, but it would be fun.

5) You haven't beat the game yet?!? :|

6) There are a few exploits people have found in Fallout 3, I'm gonna do the developers job, and fix those. I haven't found them either, they were on the Fallout 3 wiki.

7) I know, the low level cap always bugged me.

8) Only with some weapons, others need to be aligned in a 3D modeling program, and I don't have the skill to do that. A list of weapons with iron-sights support will be released sometime, weapons without it may act funny if you try to use the iron-sights.

9) Power and Combat Armors are being replaced by real-life military suits. Bullet-proof vests, camo, magazine pouches, etc.

10) You know it, it's time to drop the hammer :P

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Awesome_ninja May 26 2010 replied:

point 5) --> =( sadly yes... too busy finishing playthrought 2.5 in Borderlands and Mass Effect 2 with many other Source games and mods =S... Once I'll finish BL and ME2, I'll get full speed onto F3 =)

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 May 27 2010 replied:

Good idea. It's not that long of a game if you rush trough it, maybe 10 hours. If you do all the side-quests, tack on about 100 hours to that :P

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Maxen1416 May 26 2010 says:

Slayer_2 FOR THE WIN!!!
and Fallout 3 Reborn ULTIMATE WIN!!!

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 May 26 2010 replied:

Amen to that :D

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sbseed Creator
sbseed May 26 2010 says:

awesome dude, seriously awesomeness....all you need to do now is call in ground support from BoS guys and this mod will replace almost all of the ones i use regularly. this mod is boss.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 May 26 2010 replied:

You mean like troops are dropped off? It's possible, but when I played the mod that lets you do that, it kind of unbalanced the game for me, as it was too easy.

To quote Chris Smoove: "I'm about to turn an average game into a BOSS game!"

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dave_5430 May 27 2010 says:

Eh, I always tended to RP the weapon slots n max ammo anyway...

It'd be annoying not to switch to alternatives when you really need to and get a cap in yo *** for that x3

Can't freakin' wait, especially cuz of the ironsights and possibly added extra weapons (Damn do we need more weapons, Fallout 3's guns are incredibly amazingly BORING... BOOOOOOOOO RIIIIIIIINGGGG)

I was constantly converting modded weapons to Fallout Reborn style but after 3 releases and having to change it around again it got on my nerves so I threw it in the thrash bin (Along with the game 'cuz I was waiting for something like this to be released.)

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 May 27 2010 replied:

You would role play weapon slots? :P
That's creative.

Don't get the wrong idea, there will be PARTIAL iron-sight support, but only with some weapons. Maybe half of them, 3 quarters, at most.

I'm not so much adding weapons, as replacing all the old ones.

An yeah, I admit it, I have a problem sticking with versions. I always get twitchy and think up some new ideas that are too large to be shoved in an update. I also agree about throwing Fallout 3 in the trash. Without mods (and no, not just mine), it's pretty boring.

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Gen_Rhys_Dallows Online
Gen_Rhys_Dallows Jun 11 2010 says:

I never thought the words "hardcore" and "gamer" belonged in the same sentence, but this does look pretty challenging. I'll be sure to try it out.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Jun 12 2010 replied:

Hahaha, V7 is a breeze compared to V8. When that's released, I'm pretty sure that a few games will ignore it and go back to V7 :P

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Gen_Rhys_Dallows Online
Gen_Rhys_Dallows Jun 13 2010 replied:

I'm trying V7 at the moment, and it is pretty awesome. I've noticed that I haven't had to shoot anything in the face 6 times in a row to friggen kill it. Great work.

Also, I noticed a number of the added medical items just use the game's default images, like the Mentats box. Is there a way to add new ones? If so, I could probably Photoshop you a few.

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Jun 14 2010 replied:

I'm glad you like it, the semi-realistic weapons are a big part of this mod, but there are many other miscellaneous changes.

Yeah, I know. They also use the default model/textures. You're welcome to try your hand at making better ones.

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Nikey646 Jul 12 2010 replied:

^^ i'll give it a shot az well, and, i'll try to whip up a few weapons ^^ mabey even find a Few Models for Texturing for the game (won't be using Default, cause then they'll look new, unless thats wat u want ^^

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Slayer_2 Author
Slayer_2 Jul 12 2010 replied:

Alright, drop me a line at when you have something done, perhaps in time for V8.0?

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