Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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Jun 27 2010 Anchor

Hey, this isn't really a suggestion i just didnt know where else to asi. but anyways I've got Fallout 3 on PS3. I normarly play PC but mine broke and is getting fixed so i started playing fallout again. I never really noticed how good the game really was and i want it for PC when it gets fixed and i was looking through the mods for it to see if there are any good ones and when i saw this i heard angels singing!!! This mod sounds fucking Great. And so I looked online for the game and at gamestartion the Game of the year edition which has loads of DLC's on it is only 3 quid more. and i wanted to know if this mod will work with all the DLCs. I think I would rather have this mod than play vanilla DLCs. Cheers!

Jun 29 2010 Anchor

Well, right now I played with Reborn on Operation Anchorage and I spot, there features of Reborn Mod not work - no bleeding, no shell shocks, no headshots :( I hope in the Pitt, Lookout Point and Mothership Zeta it will work.

Jul 1 2010 Anchor

In V7, there is no DLC support, but V5 has mod support, and V8 (not released yet, but soon), will support the DLC at some point :)

You can still play the DLC, but it won't "fit" with Reborn, and most weapons will be very underpowered.


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Jul 12 2010 Anchor

there are how ever previous reborn mods that are for the DLC's


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