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Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Beta Bug List (Mods : Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod : Forum : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Bug Reporting : Fallout 3 Reborn V8 Beta Bug List) Locked
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Aug 17 2010, 9:59pm Anchor

i started a new game when i installed reborn
i did everything in catman's tutorial this morning then started a new game. had just enough time to get to lvl 2 before work.
the saves seem to be working but now i cant load a save game unless i quit to desktop first, otherwise it crashes to desktop...

found a bunch of powered armor and vanila weapons btw...

Aug 17 2010, 10:42pm Anchor

budhead, are you sure you don't have other mods installed? You're the first person of thousands of people playing this mod to experience these issues.


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Aug 17 2010, 11:17pm Anchor

thares a fey others installed but am only running yours
but this is the way my luck seems to go with beta's. i alwayse seem to find the real oddball bugs.
for example i am currently running around with the weapons from your gunship equiped as normal weapons.

Aug 18 2010, 12:01am Anchor

Hmmm, what else do you have installed? And is your game updated to the latest patch?

That's not a bug, you just went to the QA test cell and picked them up out of the AC-130U ammo box. You need a cheat to get there, so it's your own fault :P


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Aug 18 2010, 3:37am Anchor

lol true
my other installed mods are: CALIBR.esm, CALIBRxMerchant.esp, CFWRloadlastEVE.esp, CFWRv4.esm, and The Bunker.esm
game is up to date

Aug 18 2010, 11:09am Anchor

i know its not either of the CALIBR mods as i have them installed and they work ( when not active)
as for classic fallout weapons i think thats the problem, as that happened to me.
CFW might have overrided some of reborns items, or vise versa, and so the only way to play either of them, in my mind is a clean install of fallout3.
also if your not already using fallout mod manager get it here use it to install mods, activate them and start fallout 3 all without any chance of a game crashin override ;)
hope this helps

Aug 18 2010, 1:10pm Anchor

Budhead, if you have a mod called "classic fallout weapons" installed, it's not really that surprising that you're having issues with the weapons, as there are likely two weapon models competing.


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Aug 18 2010, 8:13pm Anchor

got "Eugene" as a loot drop off of a raider...

ill try removing the CFW mor and see how it works

Edited by: budhead

Aug 18 2010, 8:55pm Anchor

Ok, first off, it's not "Eugene" anymore, it should be called "M249 SAW (High RPM). That mod you're running no doubt changes the weapons, causing massive conflicts with my mod. Fully uninstall ALL your mods except Reborn, and the problems should cease.


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Aug 29 2010, 6:00pm Anchor

First of all, you've done very impressive work on uniforms and weapons and I didn't start a new game ( hell no, everything from 0. to build :D ) . I've noticed that some BoSteel and Outcast B are wearing vanilla helmets,in result they have a (standard for vanilla) big head. SuperM are almost always attacking me with no weapon,since the weapons are very powerful it's very easy for me to end there lives, Bug? RPM on weapons are to fast,lowering for ~10-15% would be better. When I see a wasteland,cities/camps the new weapons and uniforms(there are work of art,but) doesn't fit in, they look to good for that era of no factories,government... And I noticed this is more a Bug for me and not a suggestion that BoSteel has dark blue and Enclave(something like that) have black uniforms and there are are very similar on 50m in front of player,could you add on dark blue BoSteel uniforms something like Military Police markings (white belt,white line on helmets and similar)? Anyway mods is very good.

Aug 30 2010, 1:44pm Anchor

I just got to the part where Dad dies trying to stop the Enclave from taking Project Purity, and I noticed that Colonel Autumn still carries a 10mm pistol. I also encountered Tesla Troopers in the Taft Tunnels (lol). I have all the DLC installed right now, so that's probably cause of the power armor on the enclave, so I'm going to remove the DLC and see if it still happens. I'll post here if I still encounter the bug. Also, I was in the Citadel Lab and I found a weapon called the ICBM targeter. It says it used mini nukes for ammo, but when I fire it all it does is fire a quick laser burst, and then nothing happens. Is this a left over from testing, or do I need to be less impatient and wait a few minutes for something to happen?

Aug 30 2010, 2:10pm Anchor

Foxfort: thanks, I didn't make the new models, though, I simply used them with permission. The wearing old helmets problem is because you didn't start a new game, same with the unarmed muties.

The RPM on weapons is actually not too fast, you're just used to Bethesda's BS. Currently the RPM's are too slow, but any more, and it would be a little hard on your ammo.

As for things looking too good, remember that the NUCLEAR war took place 230 years ago. Not only would everything likely be destroyed beyond repair, but after 230 years of being in a nuclear wasteland, nothing would be in operating condition. You might say that Fallout 3's vanilla weapons look more realistic because they have some dirt and scratches on them, but I'd bet a million bucks that after the nuclear bombing, never-mind the 230 years of sitting unprotected in a wasteland, the weapons wouldn't be in operational. If you're gonna bend the rules of reality, you might as well look good while doing it.

You've had problems confusing the enclave and the BoS? They look somewhat similar, I guess, but with Fallout 3's HUD system, I didn't think it'd be a problem.

FailerOfLife: Thanks for the report, I'll get on fixing that ASAP. The Tesla armor is a problem with me forgetting about it's existence when making the Beta. Thanks for reminding me to fix it. I will be replacing the Tesla armor with the Enclave Elite BDU.

As for the ICBM targeter, it is what was going to replace the plasma rifle, but I never got around to making it work. I forgot to remove it from the game, but I did remove it in the final version.


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Aug 30 2010, 3:42pm Anchor

SCAR-L can empty clip in 1.5 sec. thats to fast and some others (there are 3 or 4 weapons with to fast RPM), in reality minimum Full Auto fire for Assault rifles is about 3~4 sec. I'm having problem with ammo, while shooting I'm trying to use minimum ammo but on one simple click on some weapons almost whole clip is empty.
The Hud in game is as it should be OK,but when you watch with your own eyes can you get positive ID which one is enclave and which one is BoSteel 50m away from you? I have the same bug as others, 7.62 ammo is very hard to find.

Aug 30 2010, 3:50pm Anchor

I'm pretty sure the Glock 18C can't empty a clip in 2 seconds, never-mind the SCAR, which shoots slower and has a larger clip. Either way, if you'd read the bug list, you'd know that in V8.0 there is a fullauto/semiauto toggle switch on most weapons. Same with 7.62mm ammo, if you read the list, you'll see that the rareness issue has been fixed.

I can usually get a positive ID easy, unless it's night, but then my HUD will tell me that my target is either hostile or friendly, and you can use that info to guess whether it's BOS or Enclave.


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Aug 30 2010, 4:00pm Anchor

I found one other error while I was going through Vault 87, but I also encountered this with other Super Mutants and Super Mutant Masters. They don't equip the FN SCAR-L even though they have one in their inventory and they have ammunition for it when they die.

Aug 30 2010, 4:12pm Anchor

Don't get me wrong, I really like your mod,it's very good.
SCAR-L is really firing to fast,I've tired before post,it does (in my case) firing to fast, 1~2 sec. and clip is empty.
HUD is telling me who is friendly and who is hostile with no problem,but I'm aiming towards reality with no HUD and you can't be sure. Outcast are red and that's it,but BSteel needs some easy eye catch markings.

And I started a new game,and i noticed without Bloody Mess perk that enemy to easy fall apart,after 2-3 shots in torso, and after that head,legs,arms just fall apart. In beginning it was fun,but now is boring one shot and his in several pieces.

Edited by: FoxFort

Aug 31 2010, 2:52am Anchor

FailerOfLife: That's strange... I'm gonna check this out. Turns out that you found a bug indeed, nice work! The issue is that the SCAR-L is not in the Super Mutant weapons formlist, meaning that they'd never equip it, as they aren't human, and need to be told what weapon to equip. Congrats again for the find, thanks for the heads-up :D

Foxfort: I understand, but I don't think you understand that this is the hardcore realism mod :P

That means high (and realistic) fire-rates on fully automatic weapons, although V8.0 has a fire-mode toggle.

Again, friendly fire is a problem that real soldiers face all the time, good luck telling Taliban from marine at 300 meters. I find it to be no problem, but I can see about making a patch for it. Honestly, the vanilla power armors are hardly very different.

The Bloody Mess perk sucks. It's not my mod, it just sucks. Nothing I can do about it, expect recommend you don't bother with it. besides, whats a 5% damage increase when most guns kill with one shot?

Edit: nice find, Catman.

Edited by: Slayer_2

Aug 31 2010, 11:21am Anchor

i know a way to remove the over the top gibbing from the bloody mess perk......

Aug 31 2010, 10:54pm Anchor

One more Colonel Autumn bug. He still carries his unique laser pistol when you go into Project Purity's control room after the final battle.

Aug 31 2010, 10:55pm Anchor

I already fixed that one :D


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Sep 1 2010, 5:19pm Anchor

IS there an easy way to know that i have updated to the new V8

Sep 1 2010, 7:44pm Anchor

Yeah, can you buy air support from your player house terminal?


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Sep 1 2010, 8:41pm Anchor

ya i can

i read in the description for V8 that u had added the 92fs in the game to make the deagle rarer, im not sure how how often i am supposed to find it but i was was just wondering

Sep 1 2010, 10:18pm Anchor

You should find it quite a lot, especially on Raiders.


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