Designing the revamped Fallout: Outbreak is deep in development. Design Documents, Scripts, concepts, and levels are all in the middle of development. The process has been much more better than what the project initially was doing.

fiction underdeveloped country in South America. The area is swarming with swamps and wild-lands where people live in fishing towns near the the rare sources of clean water. The area is foggy and humid causing a permanent fog over the area.

The player in on a peace core mission sponsored by several organization to improve their public image. While in the area, an unexpected outbreak occurs that infected several of the villages through the water supply. The player goes through several location spanning 3 chapters and 4 different locations.

Player Objectives:
The primary objective is to escape from the infected area and get back into safe civilization. Throughout the course of the game the player will unlock
flashback on key incidents in their life, reveal much more of their past.

Mods: from other authors from Fallout3nexus.com With Permission
Kasumi2342 :RE Camera
Alendor :Fallout reanimated
Einherjrar :20th century weapon pack
Nopheros :Laser crosshair

Recruited the works of EARACHE42 Amazingly detailed weapons pack as well as
olafreinhardweyer musical talents.
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