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In the turn of the 22nd century World Resources are running out, causing the world to divide and become a waste land, three superpowers form and start to fight over the last remaining resources in the world

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Dec 5 2011 Anchor

I am a storywriter and i have a story that has yet to be reviewed but part of the mini-factions depends on my story being accepted. I first became acquainted with the thought of a mini-faction back when i was working with Tiberium Eclipse, a mini faction does not have enough diversity in units and structures to be a full playable faction and therefore are not normally playable, but can be used, by capturing their structures much like what you can do with the forgotten, but to a greater extent. so i have 3 ideas on Mini-factions 2 of them are based on my story. the basics of what you need to know is the US has gone through a revolution, neither side has really won, America just lost, and mostly lies in ruins, as such the american government has lost all power, but rebel forces don't control the US either, mostly there are warlords that control regions of the US, life is a struggle, but much of Americans once vast military power lies dormant, no longer in use by warring factions

the first is US Government Forces, of all the mini-factions they have the most advanced technology, they feature air fields that station F-22s and A-10s (i would kill for an A-10 that isn't a support power), the airfield also stores M1-A2 Abrams tanks, and contains supplies for the production of US marines. most government stockpiles are now abandoned, some of the old soldiers live in settlements nearby, they no longer have the will to fight for the US but they may be persuaded to fight once more in return for a new home.

Secondly US Rebel Forces, as rebel forces were not reliant on Government coordination many of their centers are still run and operated, mostly by regional warlords, soldiers can be hired as mercenaries for multinational powers that have interests in the US. their base features AH-64 Apaches, Hummers, both military and converted civilian units, Humvees equipped with avenger stinger turrets, as for infantry they produce rioters, rioters are very interesting as they can be customized to fit the users needs, equip them with either guns (starting with handguns, and upgrading to assault rifles and shotguns) , Molotov cocktails(can be upgraded with nails(for fraging) or stronger explosives), or knives (which can be upgraded to butcher knives and swords).

Third Middle Eastern forces, as the middle east is rich in oil reserves it will become a hotbed of conflict and the People, and nations of the middle east will use troops to defend their own interests. they tend not to take sides, and will often attack anyone who gets close to what they prise, which is often Water reserves, they feature Scorpion light tanks, Merkva medium tanks, rifle militants, RPG troopers and suicide bombers. if they had an aircraft i would pin it at either F-4 Phantom or Bell H-1 Iroquois (Huey) gunship version.

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