The "Fall of Civilization" is a modification for Age of Empires III. The mod will reconstruct 14 Medieval civilizations across the globe in terms of appearance of units,unique units,and unique strength.

The mod has or will use some works or thoughts of my partner Huanglukuzhu and some other mods. I will try to contact the original producer prior to my using. I hereby profound my gratitude to Huanglukuzhu and other modders.

Thanks Tilanus Commodore for allowing me to use some of his work under the conditions of our agreement.

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To make this mod more focus on the most important powers at the medieval time, I made a new civilization list this week. The following is the list:

Eastern Roman Empire
Bulgaria Empire
Anglo-Saxon Kingdom (England)
Holy Roman Empire
Arabic Empire

As to the first draft, I deleted Spain, and added Goths, and Slavics were specified to Bulgarians. Venezia is a representative of all italian states and papal state, so it will still have unique units from all over the peninsula, like swiss guard which serves for pope.
The ages after age3 for Huns are correspond to the Hungary's history, although it is still an argument going on about how hungary was related to huns.

As a result of cutting Castile off, there are 4 civilized nations remained:
Eastern Roman Empire ( Roman Empire/Hellenic)
Venezia (Roman Empire/Carthage)
Persia (Seleucid Empire/ Parithian Empire)
China (Chou Dynasty/ Han Dynasty)

The ancient nations mentioned in the parentheses are the nation to revive. If you still don't get that, you can look at previous news.

Age up Choice for Civlized Nations system.

Age up Choice for Civlized Nations system.

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3 systems was designed in the FOC mod. They are Civilized Nation, Rising Nation, and Nomads.

Fall of Civilizations General Summary

Fall of Civilizations General Summary

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My goal today is to led you into the world of Fall of Civilizations, and have a general idea of what it is.

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You took out korea? :/ <from the mod>

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Kataphractos Creator

Oh... Sorry about that... because I have a 14 civs limit, so It's a hard choice. One of the reason I took Koryo out, which I should be sorry for, is my lack of Korean history knowledge. I sadly could not think of any unique units for Koryo other than the two which already existed in AOE2 & AOC.

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Turtle ship, Hwarang (very similar style to early Samurai EG mounted archers), archer units would been cadre of army/ very strong, Hwach'a (Ancient rocket-luncher/ fired arrows propelled rockets) then you had the holy armies of korea, mass Guerrilla-peasant/landlord soldiers and lead by monks who chased japanese and mongolians around. then yeah the fact that Korea was known then for having fortresses that could withstand stupid odds against them.. like 100,000 of mongolians being held up for nearly 2 years by 7.800 something koreans in a fortress despite constant onslaught by the mongolian forces, o and the fact that something crazy like only 2000 of the defending koreans where soldiers the rest where peasants that fled to the castle when they invaded the area.. but I guess you made your mind up either way.

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Kataphractos Creator

I think Korea would be a interesting civilization, I could fit it in as a choice of ally in the consulate of China. Moreover, I am planning another smaller mod, called <Asia At War> containing 5 Asian civilizations, and Korea would certainly be one of the main civilization in the mod.

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Are you going to get rid of the stupid third resource mechanic?

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Kataphractos Creator

What's that?

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Kataphractos Creator

Laptop broken down, works stoped for 2 weeks, and still can't work. Data and files were saved.

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Many things we could share now.

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Kataphractos Creator

Yes, and I now came out with a even newer Civilization list which I've sent you yesterday. I am almost finished with Eastern Roman, and just start with Bulgaria and Italy. I made the Genoese crossbow some weeks ago, which you may be interested in. You can find it in the images (I changed the hat and the shield for that). Both Boyar infantry and Boyar Cavalry may come out next week, as soon as I have the idea of what they looks like, but I don't know if they fits the russian boyar's figure.

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Kataphractos Creator

the basic time set is 486-1368, +- 50years.

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Kataphractos Creator

I made a little bit change on civilizations

Byzantine --- Eastern Roman Empire (I think it's just a change for a better name)

Slavics --- Bulgars (This change is for a better focus on Near-East conflicts, which Eastern Roman Empire is the center, and Bulgars was once a big threat for Romans. Besides, at that time, most slavic state didn't appear yet, Russia and Poland were built late 13th C. But I am considering put Slavics as a native)

Spain --- Castile (No big changes, just shorten its history, the time before Castile, Iberia was mostly controlled by moores.)

So now we have
Eastern Roman Empire --- 486-1368.
Francia --- 687-1368 (Later it becomes France)
Anglo --- late 5th c.-1368
Holy Roman Empire --- 962-1368
Bulgars --- 632-1368
Italian States --- 7th c.-1368
Castile --- 1035-1368
Turks --- 1037-1368 (seljuk Turks to Ottoman turks)
Arabic Empire --- 632-1368
Persia --- 486-1368
China --- 486-1368
Japan --- 592-1368
Huns --- 370- 451
Mongolians --- 1240-1368

the basic time set is 486-1368, +- 50years. Huns is a special one.

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