Imagine, a Hollywood producer got his hands on the game. The result would be similar to what the Cinematic Mod is: a graphics blockbuster, redesigned to the typical game to movie adaption with an orchestral soundtrack and beautiful people everywhere.

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Makes the games feel modern

if only it's a graphic enhancement mod it would be great. visual enhancements are really great. some times you feel like you are playing a next-gen hl game. but gameplay and map changes hinders this mod from being great. also it takes almost 50 GB of your hard drive after installation! so you'll need a big space for this. also those pornographic visuals on the walls are disgusting and definitely doesn't fit in half-life universe. I'm not gonna complain about those infamous hd models because they are optional now. you can choose originals. if those downsides are okay for you, try it. otherwise don't bother downloading and installing it. you can just look at the scrrenshots.

This mod is proof that games can be art!!! HL2 was a great game that made ripples in games entertainment. This mod brings the atmosphere of Half-life 2 to life. Everything feels so grey yet very much alive! Each character loos beautiful, every gun fight feels like it could be your last, every citizen who helps you on your quest, reminds you of the bleak future the combine have brought upon humanity and highlights the weight Gordan carries.

The new visual customization makes for a unique experiences that most remakes do not offer! The level of love and professional craftsmanship that has gone into this mod is seen in every beam of light breaking in through the walls and shining through the skylight. Every speck of dirt that stains the HEV suits visor. Every spark and flash as bullets fly to their targets. Out standing 10/10!!

The latest version (2013) is a nearly 20GB download plus nearly 50GB install. On top of that it uses this terrible out of place music instead of the original soundtrack, and the new characters look nothing like the originals, this is a problem for a narrative driven game. Sure you can use the default models with the new textures and turn off the music but that seems to be missing the point for an overhaul mod like this. Additionally the new take on mapping is basically just to cram unneccessary details into every corner. More trees, more random tat, it adds nothing artistically and makes the World seem to busy and confused.


Almost everything in this mod is optional : music, ironsight, HD characters, graphics enhancement (bloom, enb, sweetFX, lens flare...). So what are you complaining about ? Best mod I ve ever played, thank you FakeFactory.
PS : the "Alyx HD" is great.

I feel as if Cinematic mod has garnered very vocal critics and quite a devoted group of fans. Both of whom have a very intense love it/hate mentality that initially made Cinematic Mod in general feel unapproachable, another thing that kept me away was the initially cumbersome installation that turned me away, not to mention the ungodly size of the files.

However, after finally caving in to downloading a torrent when I watched a playthrough on youtube, I wasn't necesarilly disapointed, and I found myself having fun playing through a new version of Half-Life 2 with general ease.

The new graphical effects can be tuned to ones liking, and the new level details really bring a new level of realism to the levels that I particuarly enjoyed, heck, I even liked the optional orchestra music that has drawn some ire from critics.

As a big fan of Half-Life, I understand some finding many of the options to be rather blasphemous regarding the skins and design choices in the game (some of which I happen to agree with, I didn't like the additional crude graffiti that had nothing to do with City-17 or the combine) and playing through some levels left a sour taste in my mouth after finding some routes changed for the worse rather then for the better.

For the most part, it is still Half-Life, just with plenty of changes that may be rather divisive. While I liked the attention to detail (Highway-17 featured some of my favorite changes, with old Latvian military bunkers dotting the countryside) there are some blemishes here and there regarding design and I can't help but feel turned off the the perverted skin-choices for Alyx (I do like how FakeFactory finally caved in and made a more lore-friendly Alyx in the end of his long run). In the end, this mod started as a personal pack and ended up as a 52Gigabyte mod file that pushed Source to it's limits, and it was something I was finally glad to play from start to finish.

Some may be turned away from the changes (many of whom are optional), but others may find another excuse to play Half-life once more like I did :)


Superb mod. Tremendous work done regarding details, re-texture and gameplay. Adds a dark/realistic feeling to the game. It is a pleasure to the eye. Although bloom effects might be exaggerated, especially outdoors, there a lot of tweaking options to choose from to get the perfect image. Been playing the whole HL2 saga for 40 hours, feeling that first time playing HL2 sensation, congratulations to the staff for such a fine accomplishment. With the exception of a few bugs which were easy to has been a very sweet melancholic ride ;) Keep up the good work !

I'm new, and the policies apply, so EIGHT!



I just gave it a 10\10 to **** of the haters, havent played it still.

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