Imagine, a Hollywood producer got his hands on the game. The result would be similar to what the Cinematic Mod is: a graphics blockbuster, redesigned to the typical game to movie adaption with an orchestral soundtrack and beautiful people everywhere.

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Convert Half-life 2 intro a Movie in 3D

PD: I recomend to play black mesa source, after play HL2 with cinematic mod and enyoy the HD experience, if you dont want HD models put the old ones.

Just great. The mods to characters won't be to everybody's taste, but as for the graphics quality, it doesn't get much better because there is no competition.

Some of the character models are very... odd and disproportionate to say the least. However, the extra detail put into not only the textures but also the environment is definitely very impressive and worth a second playthrough of the HL games.

This ought to be renamed "Fakefactory's Pornographic Mod" because that is exactly what this is. The dirty 40something year old man who made this seems to have a peculiar obsession with Alyx and Adriana Lima, as with every iteration of this mod Alyx is turned even sluttier than in the previous version, and is guaranteed to have the face of Lima to complete the sluttiness. And not only was Alyx affected, Mossman and the female citizens/rebels also were "enhanced" by Fakefactory's definition. They have all been turned into some kind of street tramps. Basically, all of the women in this mod look like they were designed by a socially awkward 14 year old with a hormone-infested mind. And the male characters don't look much better either. They all had ****** "enhancements" that make them all look extremely out of place with the Half-Life 2 universe, and some of them look completely retarded. Also, this mod adds ironsights, possibly to cater to the COD fanboys who don't turn away from HL2 the second they see it. Why don't more people realize that ironsights are cliche as **** and done to death? Basically the only redeeming value of this mod is that the mapping is very well-done, and it must have taken a while to get the maps back in working condition after decompiling them; but even then, the god awful character models in the "full experience" completely nullify anything good that this mod has to offer.

Es increíble el trabajo que habrán hecho para lograr hacer esta gran converción al juego, los efectos agregados estan muy buenos, las armas, todo!

Best Half Life 2 + Episodes Remake that ever be made. The newer version you get- the more props, textures, locations, eye-candy landscapes you will see. Level of details is colossal, some locations just look like takes from movie! Background level design is pushed to limit, bridges, ships, planes wrecks, large buildings, factories, trees and mountains- and even more! Some new locations, every location is evidently changed! Every weapon/character models are changed! Optional new models, effects, tweaks and music. Mod need very good PC. Its sometimes crashes and lags or shutter. But Source Engine is not ready for epic mod like this. I gave 9/10 because it deserves more. Don't rate it if you have weak PC- it's a mod that pushes to limit not only Source Engine but also your PC. Beautiful for eye, nice for play.

Reasons why some people don't like this mod:
-breaks vanilla feeling of Half Life 2, creating completelly new atmosphere (some may don't like this)
-needs modern PC to run smoothly (if your pc handles Half Life 2, that does not matter it will do handle this massive and resource-hungry modification!
-new npc models are indeed super hd, but some of them looks just terrible, unrealistic (Alyx after few plastic surgery), or too exposed (nudity, "ragdoll" breasts e.t.c.), however those are optional.
-some wall sprays decals contains nudity, primitive-vulgarity e.t.c. that might give feeling of realistic sprays, but it's just does not feel right in-game when you see ***** or vagina "art" on building's walls.
-classic zombie model is just way too bad :( (still optional)
-if you love HL2 soundtrack you might don't like the new cinematic music, remember that those tracks are optional to enable!
-there is NO blood mod of any kind provided (blood pools, smod-like ragdolls e.t.c.), that makes this aspect of game stays little behind the others game effects, particles, fxs.

Wow. Just, wow. This is Half-Life the way it should have been. Extremely high quality, brings the series up to graphics standards I bet you never through the Source engine could deliver.

Oh and BTW, I've already commented on this, but I don't want to hear your ******** complaining; if you don't like the music, or the models, or the fact that there aren't enough models, or whatever the fock else then don't download it and don't waste your time bitching about it. Seriously, once you've produced something better then, and only then will you have the right to coplain. Until then the mod is not only FREE but optional, so STFU. Thank you and have a nice day!

Damn man! With that mod old game like HL2 looks better than most of nowdays one. I know it need many PC power but that not a problem. ;)

Damn, I bought few days ago HL2 to play that mod!

Just one thing - I would recommend you to change some citizens sweaters textures. They only one thing that doesn't fit.

But still 10/10. :)

The best Half-Life 2 mod ever made. It makes the game more realistic, cinematic, graphicly better and also darker. Brings Half-Life Saga onto new level of Ecperiencegiving !!!


Don't let yourself fool by the ratings, this mod is a masterpiece. I guess most people are kind of bothered by the new look and feel of the game, but that's just how it goes. This mod is a Half-Life reimagination, not just an enhancement. And the new models you see in the trailer/pictures are just optional after all and disabled by default.

The mod itself is of such a high quality that it almost feels like I'm playing a remake of Half-Life 2. The new high quality textures, impressive skybox objects, awesome particle effects, gorgeous lighting, dynamic new background music, new weapons (not just skins, new handling and all), new difficulty level, the maps are full of new details and props, etc. etc.

Also a lot of areas have been extended or new small ones added. And everything is lovely detailed. In one of the coast levels for instance I've found a huge crashed passenger aircraft in the distance. The level design is still the same, but it still feels like an entirely different place.

The staging is holywood-styled and the mod is a masterpiece imo. The download is massive and comes with many requirements, like installing Source SDK etc. But it's not hard to do, there is a fairly fast torrent to download the whole thing and the installer does everything on its own.

It's for the base game as well as EP 1 and 2. And it's entirely free. I can only say =

Rating: 10/10

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