Fairy Tale puts the Civilization IV nationbuilding, warring and strategy elements in a Fairy Tale world with witches, knights, elves and damsels in distress.

Beta testing may be considered concluded. There were no major errors found and we can now go on and continue building upon this. Download Version 1 now. Read more about the changes in Version One here below.

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V1. Update, February, 2010

*For game variation purposes, I added some new leaders. Two Vikings, one Collective, one Namyr and one Yatenga. These leaders also come with portraits of characters of mine from good old Morrowind. Yeah!
*Explorers can no longer enter rival territory without open border agreement.
*Corrected issue with the Crystallin gaining access to their longbowmen (Amazon archers) at research of Archery, which created imbalance.
*Added some more of SaibotLeih's units to the Crystallin. Gave them a superior Scout too.
*Added a Mounted Formation to the Yatengi, instead of Horse Archers.
*Redesigned the Royal Family. Now it is founded by The King at the completion of Monarchy (The Kingdom) and additional members are thereafter added upon subsequent techs.
*Added the Tech Court, which opens up The Queen for building.
*As a result of the Royal Family, I heightened research costs for Monarchy and Divine Right a bit.
*Removed the confusing Sid's Tips for all Techs and most of the units.
*Added the scenario "The Valley".
*Added the Angvina Civilization, along with proper leader and selection of units. They are a nation of people inhabiting the great southern rainforests.
*Included the map script Planet Generator 0.68. It has a tremendous amount of choices and creates truly beautiful, realistic and surprising maps!
*To conclude Version 1, I created the huge map "The World of Fairy Tale", which puts all Fairy Tale civs on one huge map of The Known World.

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