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MULTIPLAYER MOD FOR Warband 1.153/ 1.154

A Hardcore Survival Multiplayer Mod for Mount&Blade Warband

We are going to remade Extra Invasion into a Much smaller and content-free mod which will only contain our Chinese artworks + OSP mods without any use of game models. It will be a Full Invasion mod based with only 6 factions against 5 Invader factions with over 66 maps to play.Then no one has the right to post s*** ever to our mod

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Guide on install Extra invasion
Guide on hosting server/The New Server Config?
Solutions to fix bot's late spawning/ How to fix bots spawn so late? (Extremely important to hosters)
Game crash/stuck/ Game not loading/ not working/ game crash when map changed/Lag?
Features of the mod/ What does this mod offer?
Highest Settings you can play without CRASHING/ Extra Invasion Factions List
What is Extra Invasion Single Player like/ Single Player Troop Tree?
Extra Invasion Defender and Invader factions list

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(If the download link in filefront is dead, made an account in moddb, then choose other mirrors when you press download)

Extra Invasion was named by Arch3r the mod maker of Full Invasion, this mod is also known as 'Crazy Invasion'. It is a total conversion/ Crazy/ Most Random/ Enhanced version from Full Invasion/ Largest Multiplayer Mod on Warband's history, It is a Co-op Multiplayer / Single Player mod (Alpha just for the lul don't take it too seriously) for Mount&Blade Warband, strange creatures are invading the lands, defend your motherland against hordes of demons, aliens, monsters, mutants, zombies, creatures, barbarians, goblins, orcs, uruks, humans, giant robots and many many more . Take the role of a survivor from over 12 factions and try to survive as long as possible against endless waves of evil invaders (20 Invasions), the mod features various maps (66+) with various factions to play on, everyone is unique and the game is very challenging.

Invasion adds a new Multiplayer Gamemode and along with some Native factions. In this new gamemode, called "Invasion" players work together to see how many waves they can survive. The bots spawn in waves and get progressively harder as the players beat more waves. After 2 normal waves the 3rd wave is a boss wave. The boss wave is harder than a normal wave, but all players respawn after the whole boss wave is defeated. If you are a fan of Full Invasion/ Hornburg/ Invasion mod, then this is a must play for you

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Extra Invasion

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