Story: In the future, scientist Kurt Mullins created his Super Twin (Experiment 04) within the Data Cloning Institute laboratory using advanced cloning technology but his real body died unexpectedly. The Super Twin was Mullins' exact clone, which had the most unusual of characteristics; he was near-superhuman, in addition to being physically immaculate. This Twin was immediately imprisoned in a special holding facility by DCI. It was the hope of the company that he would be a powerful military weapon. Super Twin had all of Kurt Mullins' memories, locked deep in his clouded mind. DCI assured him that the loss of his memory was a temporary side effect of the cloning process. They quickly attributed it to a flaw in his creation process. However, this attempt at deception proved unsuccessful. It took little of his superior intellect to come to a decision. He was going to escape.

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Dasaki says

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I had only played the first 5 minutes of the mod. While I enjoy full game mods, I will say that there is a certain art to making a mod of a game good. There are some good points, but the game shows many flaws that could be easily gotten rid of.

Firstly, and this is a big one, leaving the player without any clue as to what's going on at the very start of the game is bad, especially if you are trying to do a survival horror style of game. being led around by some woman who holds no attachment to me as a player, and instantly killed off by some nega-reskin of G-man leaves MANY bad impressions on me.

Secondly, there are some programming quirks and anomalies that should be worked on, if they are anything but a mechanic in the game. NEVER lead a player on using gimicks such as invisible walls, and forcefields WITHOUT first giving a good reason. It's obvious this use to be the main character's home before he was killed and cloned, but without physical evidence of his past, the player is left wondering why his home is full of all this randomness.

There are probably more, and once I get around to trying the mod again, I'll mention them in this review. Hopefully this mod gets worked on some more.

Before I leave off, I'd like to note a few good points.

THe music and amvbience is nice, and all of the implemented models, including the first character you meet, textures and level design made for the mod all look quite good as well.

Put simply, work more on maintaining the mechanics of the mod, before trying to make it look any better.

Best of luck.

(more to come later)


ZicMook says

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I loved it, I thought everything was freakin beutiful, it crashed when i walked out the door, (Dunno if that was supposed to happen or?) but other than that i loved it.


A decent code but a senseless, boring and pointless walk through a dingy house with nothng to do. Another arty 'game' trying to tell a story through disappearing characters and floaty objects.

When i played it for 9 minutes is was good but after that exciting climax there was no ending
and it's also crap to see a mod without an end
just dull




Like your game for that i will rate it 10/10 was really cool like the other content




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